About Mahendra Rana

Hi there.

I am Mahendra Rana and I’m guessing that by now you may have read one of my blog post or may be  youknow me on Twitter or Facebook.

My Educational and work life

I stuided in Gujarat, Rajsathan, Karnataka and Gujarat and completed my school and college graduation. I have also completed  CA Article ship for 3 years during the period 1990 to 1993 and worked as an Audit manager with a CA firm in Rajkot  for 6 years and I gained extensive knowledge about Accountancy, Tally, auditing and office administration as well as various commercial laws during that period.

After that I worked with Many different company and industries including MNC company. I worked very closely with employees as well as management with all my company. I even interviewed, recruited and trained many candidates and make them expert in accountancy because I worked with real accounts in my day-to-day life and due to experience of more then 20+ years, accountancy and Tally are as easy for me like breathing in and out! It’s so natural for me that I can figure out any accounting issues even if it is being asked me in mid night!

My Interest, hobby and mission

Since my childhood, I am a crazy reader. I read and read. I read almost anything from science to sex, accounts to spy knowledge, suspense story, tech to agriculture and I love to learn things on my own. I learn typing on my own, I learn Tally on my own and yes, I learn accountancy during my college from the textbook (course syllabus) I read 1000 pages of Shukla and Grewal famous Accounting books during my college life

I am founder and CEO of I Vision Info Tech an authorised Tally sales and service Partner since April 2008. I learn a lot about making website, HTML, C++, some other programming and even as on date, I am extensively learning Ruby on Rails along with my 9 to full-time job as Manager Accounts with one SMB company in Mangalore.

I have to admit that all these learning is worth of and sooner or later it pays back much more. You can’t stop learning for lack of money. I remember I spent a huge borrowed sum to spent on my cyber care when I was not in job and haven’t any business to do and that time, I borrowed money from other people and spent that heavy money after cyber cafes to surf net, chatting with people and 3 years later it rewarded me 10 times 🙂


Why this site is for?

I teach lessons in leveling up your business and your skill.  I offer extensive training, system setup, customised software and solutions to meet your business requirements

My work has led me through all of these paths.  I’ve dealt with all the same challenges, like:

  • Training people in accounts who may or may not  belongs to commercial background
  • Accounting system setup and training to enable the automated task for error-free and speedy work.
  • Some  people to whom I trained are managing entire accounts department even though they are non-commerce students.

Most of the things I publish here dive deep into those functions.  Even if you’re just getting started, I hope the things I share here can help you plot your next move.


My Vision and My Mission

During my tenure of job, I had interviewed more then 200 peoples in finance and accounts department. Most of them claims accounting and Tally knowledge and experience and some of them even show me their various coaching certificates/experience certificates. I really never look those certificates. I ask them do they really know the accounts and Tally and answer comes affirmative! I again ask if I gave them a blank a real purchase invoice will they be able to pass the purchase entry with invoice and all details as per the invoice ? again the answer comes to affirmative!

Now I give them the computer system  and ask them to start Tally software and create a new company and give them a real purchase invoice and ask them to pass the entry

95% of them fail. Most of them even couldn’t create a company properly!

Some of them able to create company but doesn’t know how to configure vat/excise etc

Some of them doesn’t know how to show inventory with unit and how to post a purchase entry with units and rates


So, what was wrong with these guys ? Why in spite of experience and coaching certificate they can’t pass a simple purchase entry?

It wasn’t the fault of those fellows. It was the fault of the work environment where they were working. It was the fault of the training which they were getting.

They were getting training/working with a pre-configured environment/set up where they have just repeatedly to press enter keys/selecting a ledger enter the amount and save the voucher.

So,  what I feel, that these guys capabilities is just limiting in working like as an operator and they are not able to explore their hidden capabilities.

This why I started this blog to help those fellows to understand the logic of doing something




how to solve problems on our own?

how to enhance our performance and increase our salary and productivity?

So, if you really serious to learn Accounting with Tally.ERP 9 then you are at the right spot. I don’t believe in the certificate. but I give you the extensive training and knowledge which you won’t get from anywhere else. and yes, you don’t need to think about your educational background just follow me and follow my tutorials and you will be able to manage accounts on your own.

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8 thoughts on “About Mahendra Rana

  1. Your blog is awersum!
    I am a newbie as far as tally is concerned – have lots of money byaking incorrect/surplus payments due to improper accounts. I am sure that I will be a perminant resident at ur blog! Probally I will set it as my home page!!

    As of now I am setting up my tally – various ledgers, stock groups and stock item. Once I am ready I will be posting my queries. Kindly help!

  2. Dear sir,

    can u plz give me an example of cash service tax transactions in tally 9.

  3. Dear Mahendrasinh Rana, thank you for sharing your accounting experience with us through this blog. I have searched your site tallynine.com and I think it is good source of not only young and fresh accountant but all those who are doing professional accounting work. Keep it up.

  4. Vinodji,
    Thanks for your valuable feedback.

  5. Am new to tallyerp9 and want to set it up in the hotel I work in?

  6. Aakash Sonejee says:

    Sorry Sirji I forgot to mention My Serial No 7xxxxxxx

  7. Thanks Akash,
    I will check it and will let you know the solution at the earliest

  8. How to print icici new cheque book date format