Accounting principles | First step to Accounting Career

Accounting principles knowledge is  the first step to Accounting Career. An understanding of the Accounting principles Guarantees a success in the Accounting Career

We have already read about basic of accountancy and some thumb rules relating to Accounting principles

Concept of Accounting Principles

As This is a world wide fact, there are 3 Thumb Rules in Accountancy related to Accounting principles and in our earlier article, we have already read about  the 1st Rule of Individual Accounts. now let’s see further understanding  of Accounting Principles.


Rule No.2) Goods/Assets Account


Debit whatever comes in


Credit whatever goes out


All, you need is just remember this rule and apply a common understand what is coming in your business and what is going from your business! Once you understand this, you will be able what should be debited and what should be credited!

If you sold goods to Mr. Y on credit than here two accounts are involving in this transaction

One is Individual Accounts and other is goods account

So, debit Mr. Y and credit goods sales account for the amount of transaction

Now, look to the 3rd Accounts “Income and Expenses of profit and loss account


The rule for these kind of account is :

“Debit the expenses/loss and

Credit the Income/Profit Account”


If you pays Rs. 1500 towards purchase of various stationery then you have to debit the stationery account and credit the cash account.

More about Accounting Principles


In my next article I will classify the items comes generally under the three broad categories e.g.

1) Individual Accounts 2) Goods & Assets Accounts and 3) Income/Expenses or Profit and Loss Account


Accounting principles |The First steps in Accountancy

Once you understand the Accounting Principles, working with Tally will be easy for you. Try to create a company in Tally as per the instructions given in step by step company creation.