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Please Note:

Every  Authorised Partner* of Tally Solutions earns

the SAME margin on the sale of Tally.ERP 9

Buyers Beware of Low Prices!

Some realities you may face:

1. You may be able to buy a copy of Tally.ERP9 at   below MRP. In case you require additional services, you may need to pay an extra sum for   those services.
2. Since every Partner earns the same margin for a sale, no Partner can offer you a lower price.

3. When a Partner offers a discount on MRP, you can expect inadequate help, service or ability after the sale even if the Partner promises more.
4. Some Partners assume that you (or your employees) are familiar with the Tally product, and will not need any help to

install and keep it functioning and it is harmless to make empty promises.

Look before you leap:

1. Even though there may be some familiarity with the Tally product, buyers often need guidance to keep pace with

advances in technology and new features. To take full advantage, it helps to get the guidance of Partners who are
trained on it.
2. When you buy, please recognise that LOWER PRICES imply LOWER EXPERTISE. In many cases, it may also

imply lower ability to offer the value (that is, the seller actually does not even want to attempt giving you any



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3. It is sometimes possible that skills within your organization make it seem unnecessary to depend on your
Partner, hence making it seem harmless to buy at a lower price. However, to re-emphasize, it is always advisable to

stay abreast of technology & capability advances and your Partner is best geared to assist.
4. In every other case, please be careful and suspicious about any ‘low price’ offer. Please understand that there is no  other way for the seller to earn a margin (that is, there is no way for the seller to have ‘purchased at a good price,
therefore selling at a good price’).


Be cautious when the product is offered at a lower price
ŸThe full ‘value’ of your Tally product is only realized over time
ŸPaying your Tally Partner less for your Tally license might compromise their ability to deliver full value in the long run