How to Choose a Business Accounting Software For Your Business

In today’s technology age, we can not imagine a professional business without an accounting software. However selection of a suitable accounting software is a tough job for small business units considering limited resources available to such units with reference to money, training and skills that required to maintenance the proper accounting software as well as the individual requirement of every small business differs one to one.

Every business units should consider following criteria before selecting a proper accounting software for its requirement that match perfectly and serve the purpose of the same.

The following major aspect must be looked before you choose an accounting software for your business

A) Easy to handle

An accounting software should be simple as much as it is possible so that a small business owner can take maximum benefit of its considering limited resources available to the unit. If the software is complex, then you will need to engage highly skilled professionals, required to spent money on training etc. So avoid such complex software as far as possible

B) Must meet statutory and payroll compliance

Your accounting software must be able to meet your statutory requirements and should generate all the required statutory information and reports at the minimal efforts. If you have to do your legal work manually, then there is no use of using an accounting software. It must also able to provide your a maximum payroll processing access since payroll is a major complex procedure in Accounting / HR department.

C) Flexibility and updatability

The software should be flexible that is which update frequently due to changes in legal scenario or legal requirement as well as changing time and technology. You should check the authenticate website of such software provider company. If they don’t have any stable website, then you should avoid using such software

D) User Experience and Review

Surf enough about reliability of the software before you exercise your hands on the software. Read review of other users on the software.

E) Availability of skilled man power for the software

Accounting is a field of knowledge and experience which one can’t get within couple of days. Don’t engage any unskilled person for your accounting purpose just to save your bucks. If you are not able to get a skilled professionals, then you should use local unskilled person to make only data entries and you should hire a professional or freelancer to verify the same. Check whether man power is enough available for the software you wanted to use? Without such a manpower you will not utilise the software itself.

Finally, you should consider an accounting software as best which save your time while posting entries, generating reports,which you give desired output result upon the available input to you. It should be in such a manner to prevent duplicate posting, wrong posting, and hassle free accounting system.

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  1. Can someone list accounting software available? Thank you.

  2. Mradul Gupta says:

    i don’t know About Telly. I am working with a MFI , My role in this compny as IT Admin, so i handeled Telly ERP9 i do not lnow about this
    problam is i Shift tally a PC(telly server) to server and give to rights to users as lavel
    Plse help Me
    Mradul Gupta

  3. Mrudul,
    Being an IT admin, you must be aware that any support for a software is always requested with the the product/software serial number.
    you must be aware that unless and until you mention your software serial number, you can never expect a response from an authorised Service partner.

  4. Hello Mahendra, i am raja from Libya. I don’t know about tally ERP 9. But i know about that’s features and flexibility of working through Networks. What i want is, simply i want create all for one sanitary shop. from the begging i want to learn ERP9. Can you suggest me any website, that’s give very simple and very short notes about to learn ERP9 in very easy steps( step by step). don’t worry i can learn, because i know very basic accounts. please help to out from this. ASAP
    Thanks and Regards

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