e-Sugam |How to enable in Tally.erp 9

e-Sugam in Tally.erp 9 is just now available with Stat release 143

The Commercial Taxes Department of Karnataka has introduced e-Sugam to upload the transportation details of notified goods before the movement of such goods. The dealer has to first upload the transportation details of despatch/receipt of goods to obtain an acknowledgement called e-SUGAM. For each transaction, the e-SUGAM acknowledgement gets generated with a unique number and acts a valid document for transportation of goods. This number has to be quoted at check post for quick clearance of goods.

In Tally.ERP 9 the e-Sugam feature is introduced to enter the transportation details in the invoice and then generate the XML file – eSUGAM.xml for uploading to the Department website.

e-Sugam in Tally.ERP 9

In the sales invoice, purchase invoice, delivery note, receipt note, debit note and credit note a field – Is e-Sugam Applicable is introduced. After selecting the stock item, sales/purchase ledger and VAT ledger, set the option – Is e-Sugam Applicable to Yes. In the VAT e-Sugam Details screen, enter the transportation details with the unique e-Sugam number obtained in the acknowledgement while uploading the details to the Department website. The details of this transaction can be exported in XML format to eSUGAM.xml file.

A sample entry with the procedure of recording taxable sale of two notified goods taxable at different VAT rates in a single invoice by entering transportation details and e-Sugam number is given below:

Step 1:

Procedure of Recording Sales with e-Sugam Details

Go to Gateway of Tally > Accounting Vouchers > F8: Sales

Enter the transaction in tax invoice as it a taxable sale. As more than one stock item attracting multiple tax rates is to be selected press F12: Configure and set Use Common Ledger A/c for Item Allocation to No.

  1. In the tax invoice, select the party ledger.
  2. Select the stock item, enter the quantity and rate to display the amount.
  3. In the Accounting Details screen, select sales ledger with VAT/tax class – Sales @ 5%.
  4. Select another stock item, enter the quantity and rate to display the amount.
  5. In the Accounting Details screen, select sales ledger with VAT/tax class – Sales @ 14%.
  6. Select the output VAT ledger with the VAT/tax class – Output VAT @ 5% and Output VAT @ 14%.
  7. Set Is e-Sugam Applicable to Yes.

Procedure for Displaying Vouchers Consisting of the e-Sugam Details


Go to Gateway of Tally > Display > Statutory Reports > VAT > E-VAT Annexures > e-Sugam

  • Select the period using F2: Period button. The sample entry is of 1st April so the period is entered as 1st April here.
  • Select the Voucher by highlighting it using Spacebar key on the keyboard.
  • The e-Sugam number can be entered in e-Sugam Vouchers screen using S: Set e-Sugam No. button (Alt+S).

The above stat version 143 is available for free downloading only to Those Tally users whose Tally.net license is active

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  1. I dont about Tally But I want to know about it and learn also.so please help me..

  2. siva shankar says:

    if we follow the above procedure we will be able to update the voucher with e-sugam details. its not going to automatically generate e-sugam for uploading to wht dept website is it? then its waste of time ??

  3. Siva Shankar,
    No I do not agree with you. you have to generate the xml file which will be required to be uploaded to the KVat Site.
    Though I have not used it so far, will check that. We are waiting for inputs from other users

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    i am having doubt about how to entry in tally about pf and esi ?

    pls clarify

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  5. I want 2 enterd e sugam number frm tally sales invoice pls help Sir how to enter that details in tally invoice

  6. anybody tell me how to upload esugam from tally9

  7. Sampat Bankar says:

    i want to enter vehicle no. with dispatch material, without enter any taxes details, how to enter only vehicles details in invoice, i m use tally erp 9 educational mode version, pls help me

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