How to set TDL in tally.erp 9

TDL stand for Tally Definition Language. It is tally’s programming language .It is a Domain Specific Language which help you to control, customize, create, alter tally reporting, integrate other application with tally.

I have uploaded a free logo printing  TDL for users you can use it for your invoice printing.

IF you are sincere then then learning TDL is very very simple. However it needs lot of practice, practice and practice.

You need to create some tdl file in a simple editor like notepad or tally developer.

then save  it in .txt or in .tdl(only possible through the compiler) copy the file to tally folder

Once you did this, then you need to specify your tdl location file  in the following way.

Go to tally.erp 9 main menu and press f12

Select TDL configuration

You will find below screen. Now press F4

You will see the below screen. in first option set to yes

then in the below space, just specify location and file name where your .txt/tdl file is located for e.g. you made a logo.tdl file.

copy this file to d:\Tally.erp \logo.tdl

Specify the above path here

Accept the screen and it will ask for restart of software. allow it

Now if file name you typed is correct/file exist, it will show a message of active against the file path otherwise it will show an error message

if no error then you can work with your tdl.

42 thoughts on “How to set TDL in tally.erp 9

  1. if auto expenses option is given in tally means it is very helpful to do the expenses entries in a very short entries

  2. Please can you show me how my basic tdl should be for inserting a logo of my company to the invoice in tally.erp 9. Thanks.

  3. SIR
    I done the work till active tdl file afterward its providing some logo mapping option when i click on it asking logo description. So now from where can i get it & how to upload co. image in tdl file for display in sales invoice.An early response is highly appreciate.

  4. hi .
    Tell me how to make payroll ennrty in Tally with Journal and how to manage PT Rs2500 in Tally auto fill payroll.
    Reply Soon

  5. hi sir..

    hw r u..?
    i need ur help for adding logo in tally sales invoice,I done the work till active tdl file afterward its providing some logo mapping option when i click on it asking logo description. So now from where can i get it & how to upload co. image in tdl file for display in sales invoice…i will wait for ur kindly answer…

    thank u sir…

  6. Karthik,
    Please Actually I missed to upload supporting files folder on the forum
    Please download the zip file again from the above link and also read the post again carefully which I edited yesterday.
    First go through the default logo you can see default tally logo there
    after that create your own logo in .TTF folder using font creator 5.5 etc. then rename it with default tally logo and copy paste it where the original tally default logo was installed from the supporting files.

    If face any problem, please do revert back at the support forum

  7. how to enter grms and kilogrms in tally

  8. Ambika,
    I have already posted this article somewhere.
    Please try to search the same perhaps under vat/excise category or under voucher entry category

  9. Hi, Sir
    We want to Tally Synchronisation Please help this,
    I well Excepting Good Knowladge u have.


  10. wha is auto Expenses entry & hwo is it work

    Please help,

  11. Shivkumar,
    You must mention your Tally.erp 9 serial number to get support

  12. Nameste sir

    I have create my first Tdl in tally & local tdl is activate . But i am wondering for next step how can i use the tdl in tally please help me sir.

    thanking you
    balai puri

  13. pls i have one quarey ,pls tel me,in what type we setup the TDL Confrigution to tally.ERP9,pls give me the tally developer process,how to uae in tally.erp9.tdl application

  14. pls give me detail ,i hv some problem

  15. Suryaprakash,
    Please read the entire article again. Everything is well explained in the article.

  16. why are coming TDL error In my Tally ERP9, when i given printout of sale invoice

  17. Dear Sir,

    My Tally SN is 7xxxxxxxxx my problem is that how can i use tdl & tcp file of tally 9 into Tally ERP 9 release 3 as I have converted tcp file but not working whereas it is working fine in tally 9 becoz on loading it shows to solve this problem

  18. Hello Suresh,
    Thanks for contacting us.
    The TDL made prior to Release 3 of Tally.erp 9 may or may not work as TDL definition has been changed to enhance the functionality of the software.
    You have to modify the TCP TDL coding only than it will work. Please contact the person who developed your TDL file. It will require some minor changes and then it will work fine.

  19. ismail saiyed says:

    hii sir,

    How to changes to leadger cration in two different langauges.

  20. chaitany sharan says:

    I want to add two fields in receipt voucher through TDL. how can I do it?

  21. I have written a TDL for Trial balance using Variable Myvar and collection ” My Collection”. The tdl does not show any Syntax error. but while viewing the report my Trial balance iam not getting the Trial balance( iam able to view only Particulars, Dr, Cr, Total Column.
    Repeat: Fld Detail : My collection
    Scroll : Vertical
    The above command does not works.
    on your confirmation i will forward the TDL prepared by me. Kindly Check and advise me

  22. Hello Girdhar V.R.
    I am sorry, up to next 2 months, I am extremely busy so, not in a position to look after this.otherwise, I would love to help you

  23. Dear Mahendra: Your article is just fabulous.. but still i am unable process with d:\tally.erp:\logo.tdl
    how to create logo.tdl and where to save it, please help me out with this…

  24. Hello Sir,

    I have downloaded the Tally. But I am unable to start working with it as it shows an error message saying insufficient height to allocate.

    Can you please advise me why this is coming and what can i do to solve this issue and start working in Tally??

    Thanking you and expecting a speedy reply.



  25. rizwan shaik bhatkal says:

    Dear Sir,
    I have alter sales invoice via TDL, everything is correct, but i need to add Vat column in body part, but i dont know the name of VAT field

    please tell me sir,

    i am waiting to u

    thank you
    rizwan shaik

  26. i am facing a problem that the application was unable to start(0xc0000142). give me solution .

  27. Dear Sir,

    I need to 2 Fileds only under the sundry debtors and both the fields need to be a Mandatory

    Thank you

    Vijaya Kumar

  28. Dear Sir,

    I need the TDL for upload & download the data from Tally to MS-Access and wiseversa.

    Thank you

    Vijaya Kumar

  29. S. VENKATAGIRI RAO says:

    I wish to inform you that, in the previous version of tally release 4.5, when a cash sales voucher was made, there is an option to include the buyer’s details like name etc. This name is visible in tally only until the voucher is printed. The details of the buyer is not saved in tally. Hence if the sales voucher made towards a particular party has to be checked, I have to check the entire set of the printed sales vouchers, which is tedious and time consuming.

    I wish to explain our requirement as below:

    It is not possible to create a ledger for every buyer paying cash on sales.

    Therefore I am preparing cash vouchers with buyers name and details.

    Certain parties are being provided credit on cash sales. In such events, it is tedious to search the entire set of cash vouchers to find the particular buyer.

    Therefore my suggestion is to allow save the buyers details in the cash vouchers, in order to help search the buyer’s name instantly on tally.

    As per my suggestion:

    Option for Columnar Register Alteration [for sales]. Here one more Option may be provided for Buyer’s Name.

    If this option can be made available, then the list of cash voucher will show an additional column with the name of the buyer against the cash sales voucher. The list of all cash sales voucher would appear in the detailed columnar. This option will help us save a lot of time. This is just a suggestion;

    Any other suitable layout is up to you.

    Appreciate if you can try and make a TDL for the same in tally, so that all of my other tally friends can also use it and save more times.

  30. Hi Sir ,

    How r u ? I know codings in java , C, C++ , visual basic and HTML, XML and operating systems very well i am interested to be a tdl developer can u help me please. I am a commerce graduate and i am well at Tally Erp9

  31. i have following negative patch but i want to change that patch for godownwise control

    [#Part: VCFG Inventory]

    Local : Line : VCFG NegativeStock : Invisible : Yes

    [#Part: ICFG Invoicing]

    Local : Line : VCFG NegativeStock : Invisible : Yes

    [#Field: VCHSTKJrnl BilledQty]

    Control : NegativeStock : $$InCreateMode AND $$IsNegative:@@godownStockTotal
    Control : NegativeStock : $$InAlterMode AND $$IsNegative:@@godownStockTotal

    [#Field: VCHBATCH NrmlAQty]

    Control : NegativeStock : @@IsOutwardType AND $$InCreateMode AND $$IsNegative:@@godownStockTotal

    [#Field: VCHBATCH NrmlBQty]

    Control : NegativeStock : $$InCreateMode AND $$IsNegative:@@godownStockTotal
    Control : NegativeStock : $$InAlterMode AND $$IsNegative:@@godownStockTotal

    [#Field: VCH NrmlBilledQty]

    Control : NegativeStock : @@IsOutwardType AND $$InCreateMode AND $$IsNegative:@@godownStockTotal

    [#Field: VCH JrnlBilledQty]

    Control : NegativeStock : @@IsOutwardType AND $$InCreateMode AND $$IsNegative:@@godownStockTotal

    [#Field: VCHBATCH BilledQty]

    Control : NegativeStock : @@IsOutwardType AND $$InCreateMode AND $$IsNegative:@@godownStockTotal

    pls help me

  32. Hi, i am facing a very big trouble in integrating tally in my portal and i already killed a lot of time,
    my code is written in php, kindly tell me how to send invoice or memo data to tally automatically from my code.

  33. I am working for an Interior Contractors and we are using Tally ERP9. Now company is asking for Material Requisition Form and link it with Purchase Orders. Kindly tell me how can i work on it

  34. Brajesh Kumar says:

    At the time of invoice printing in excise format, the error accure “insufficient height to allocate”

  35. Muhammed Aslam says:

    sir I used Tally last year continue print Parties Name with address but last 2 year tally not print address. check the tdl files and other option but not clear please advice me thanks

  36. Hello Aslam,

    It looks like earlier you were using Some TDL which may not be working. If possible please send me the screen shot of your main menu which shows the bottom pane clearly so that I can identify if you are using any specific TDL

  37. Muhammed Aslam says:

    Sir how send screen shot please reply my email.with your emails

  38. I will share you my special drop box folder with you Next week. Then you just put the screen shot on that Folder.Right now I am busy in setting up my new office.

  39. Hi we are using tally erp9.0 gold editions in windows server 2012 and users accessing through RDP, now in our tally TDL file is automatically removed from tally but I actually in the store folder, how do we fix this issue.

  40. hello sir,

    how create Bar Code Label in Tally ERP9

  41. jyoti savalagi says:

    Hello Sir,
    I am doing a plot purchase and sales entry in inventory and also expenses for that. I want display as purchasing price & Sealing price and Expenses in one place .
    how can i do that ?

  42. Hello Jyoti,

    I don’t think you may need a TDL for that purpose.
    In Item analysis, you can see that types of reports. However if you have a specific requirement, then better to send me the format of the report to assist you better

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