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Release 3.2 Features |get it now

Release 3.2 Features are live for Tally community and you will not like to miss it.

Tally Solutions Pvt. Ltd just updated the software to Release 3.2 Features with some enhancement and more features.

Release 3.2 Features detailed list

A. Release 3.2. Features for Auditors

Working Note and Audit Working Paper
In the F5: Audit Features screen, the option – Enable Audit Working Paper is provided.
On setting this field to Yes, the working note can be entered and audit note can be copied to
the working paper during or after audit. Just by click of a button Audit Working Papers can be
generated along with these working / audit notes.
Working Note: During audit the facility is provided to enter the working note at the
Company, Masters and Vouchers level. Based on reports the relevant working notes now available.
the working note can be entered using the tools:
Periodic Payments and Receipts
Verification of Voucher, Related Party Transactions, Forex Transactions, MSME
Transactions, Salary / Wages Payments
Here working notes get captured in to the Audit Working Paper.
Audit Working Paper: The facility is provided to generate Audit Working Papers from
Audit Documentation menu and Audit & Analysis dashboard of Statutory Audit. The Audit
Working Paper is divided into three sections:
Company Note: It displays the working note and the name of the person who entered it.
Masters Note: It displays the working/audit note entered for Account Group, Stock
Group, Stock Items and Ledgers with the group name, scope, audit status, working note,
date-time and the name of person who entered it.
Voucher Note: It displays working / audit note entered for Vouchers with voucher date,
ledgers selected, voucher number, scope of audit, audit status, working note, date-time
and the name of person who entered it.
The F12: Configuration of Audit Working Paper provides the facility to filter the report
based on:
I am sure CA community will welcome all these Release 3.2 Features

Release 3.2 Features : Other enhancement

B.Excise for Manufacturers :Release 3.2 Features

Release 3.2 Features now solve the problem relating to Duty Details screen of journal voucher recorded for adjusting CENVAT credit, the bills already adjusted were being displayed along with unadjusted bills if the CENVAT Helper button was not used. This issue has been resolved.


Release 3.2 Features : Conclusion

There is a detailed list of enhancements of Release 3.2 Features. Release 3.2 Features is not available only to those Tally users whose subscription is active. If your TNS is expired you can renew it online through us to get the Release 3.2 Features and the software free of cost




    Mahendra Rana

    Mahendra is founder and CEO of the I Vision Infotech, Authorised Tally Sales and Service Partner and helping Tally users to learn Tally and accounting free through this site

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    POOJA - 5 years ago Reply

    HI! i m a student of tally but i want to know everything about cn i become a good user of it ?

    shahnawaz siddiqui - 5 years ago Reply

    I want Entry of Vat in tally

    Pragnesh - 5 years ago Reply

    I want to chat with u but i cant do it NOW so can u help me.
    I hav an account in facebook and google talk also…

    varishkhan - 5 years ago Reply

    We are having Tally ERP 9 , Release 1.6, serial no. 72xxxxxxxxx.

    Our Tally.NET subscription expeired on 31.03.2010.

    Now We want to upgrade Tally ERP 9 Release 3.2.

    How can we upgrade Release 3.2 ?

    We are having one firm Partnership , now we are going to same firm under company act as PVT LTD.

    Let me know how we transfer data from Partnership firm to Pvt Ltd firm . w.e.f.01.07.2011.

    kindly do the needful.

    Reply asap.



    Trainer - 5 years ago Reply

    Dear All

    We are The Solutions Provider

    We are the professional Tally Trainer.

    We Provide Complete Personal and Professional Training in Tally.ERP9

    We make a person “Qualified Professional with proven confidece”

    We Provide you Electronic Notes.

    E-Mail : xxxxxxxxx@gmail at com
    Contact : +91 9xxxxxxxxxxxx

    Mahendra Rana - 5 years ago Reply

    Dear Trainer,
    I am sorry, but we do not allow personal advertisement on this site.
    I have edited your “advertisement” and removed your contact and identification details.
    Also removed all your other Spam comment. Sorry but we hate spam types of comments where the intentions is just pure advertisement

    Ajay P Mevcha - 5 years ago Reply

    Dear Sir,
    Can i come to know on which platform Tally Develop ?
    i mean to say which type of application can programmer develop Tally Type Software
    this is only for my FYI
    i am thankful if i come to know this answer

    Mahendra Rana - 5 years ago Reply

    Hello Ajay,
    Good question. Tally.erp 9 has been developed on its own platform that is known as Tally TDL language which is a 4th Generation Language and very flexible and yet easy to use.
    Please visit TDL secion on our site for more information.

    Satish - 5 years ago Reply

    dear sir can you send the Tally ERP-9 Electronic Notes,

    i felt to use all tally features in my business.

    can you provide me.

    Thanks / Regards

    shah bhavesh i - 5 years ago Reply

    send me erp 9 3.2 version install prosiger

    akash - 5 years ago Reply

    Dear Sir,

    I am using tally erp 9 v3.0. Is it possible tht in sales voucher / purchase voucher, cash or cheque receipt/payment receipt entry can be done. Is their any tdl program is available for the same.

    Pritesh - 5 years ago Reply

    I hv a coaching institute o tally & i want to know that how to work in job order processing in tally erp 9 3.2

    Manoj Kumar Mohanty - 5 years ago Reply

    you can learn Tally by any Institution >
    For any kind help you can contact with me.

    Mahendra Rana - 5 years ago Reply

    You or any Tally coaching Institute can place your ads for free at our to our classified section

    bireswar chakraborty - 4 years ago Reply

    sir, how to i gate your all types of tallyERP9 Electronic Notes. please help me to learn properly through your website and make me a confident professional tally operator.

    joseph - 4 years ago Reply

    sir iam having tally ero release 1.1 now i want abgrade latest version 3.2 how can i do pls help me

    saru - 4 years ago Reply

    hello sir,

    plz teach me basic tally & account free …can it possiable.

    thx regards


    kiran chowdary - 4 years ago Reply

    Dear Sir,
    Can i come to know on which platform Tally Develop ?
    i mean to say which type of application can programmer develop Tally Type Software
    this is only for my FYI
    i am thankful if i come to know this answer


    Samy - 4 years ago Reply

    Simple query : Being a beginner, with very minimum exposure to Tally, whats the difference between the Tally ERP 9.0 and the generally used Tally 9. Also, in terms of actual day-to-day use, what are the benefits – i mean beyond the auditor’s features…

    Mahendra Rana - 4 years ago Reply

    Hello Kiran,
    Tally is developed on it’s own database and plateform. It is using the 4th Generation Programming languages which is called Tally TDL.

    Mahendra Rana - 4 years ago Reply

    Tally 9 is now oudated and Tally.erp 9 is the upgraded latest software and now it will remain Tally.erp 9 only with difference series assigned to it.

    solomon - 4 years ago Reply

    please send free tally erp 9.32 version

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