Right Price for Tally.erp 9 ? Buyers beware !!!!

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Various versions of tally software is now available at a very competitive price. However if you are a freelancer having some project which requires a periodic or a temporary license, then you may also use tally licenses software on a rental base

I remember a case, when last year, one of my known company had decided to buy licensed software of tally 9 multi user.

They got it for a cost of Rs. 39K from a local dealer who was not authorised tally dealer. I was very much surprised to see the bill from the supplier of the tally 9 as they have charged Service Tax @12% on the product which they can’t charge in any case.

The vendor of the software argued in many way, but I didn’t listen. I have also asked tally solutions customer and they too confirmed that a dealer can’t charge any service tax (except the applicable vat) on sell of tally 9

Then the supplier had modified the bill and gave refund of the excess money!

The Company who purchased the software was surprised and told me how people can collect service tax by illegal way ?

well, in this country every thing is possible the only thing can save you from stealing your hard money and that is the knowledge

So, if you are planning to buy tally.erp 9, always look for an authorised tally vendor :

tally price list

In case of further clarification, you may contact tally support by clicking here

as on today, the latest price for tally.erp 9 :
Single usesr : Rs. 13500
Multi user    : Rs. 40500

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  1. satyajit samanta says:

    need tally erp 9.0 & also web based , need vender & Price details

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