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Short cut in tally for new ledger creation

A very important short cut in tally

Many times when an user is in middle of making a voucher/purchase/inventory or payroll entry, he needs to open a new ledger account. The beginners under such circumstances face problem because they have to left the entry in mid way and then goes to accounts maser for creating a ledger account.

However there is short cut available in tally which is very useful to create a new ledger account at any time while making a voucher entry. Whenever you need to create a new ledger account just press ALT + C and you will be directed to ledger account creation. You also can create a new group in the same way or new currency, new inventory item, item group, employee details and so on.

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  1. i need to edit the VAT Configuration Settings in Tally ERP 9 version . Plz Guide me

  2. dear sir
    we use in tally 7.2 some problem is under
    1.we creat ledger account for mr.abc group in sundry creditors mention in address but not selected in state.
    so please give solution in this above matter

  3. do you have a list of all the topic links on which you have written in tally 9 – in aequence in which we should learn tally 9 ? Please send it to me. Thanks

  4. d.venkatasai S/o sathyanarayana sirvella(mo) kurnool(dist)venkatapuram(post) Tally shoot Cut Keys And Ledger Groups Inventery Vouchers

  5. How to see ledger entries done. There has to be one dr n one cr. balance for the same entry. I have posted an entry sayind Shankar n sons dr for rs. 20000 and professional fees a/c should be credited. but I couldn’t put credit balance to professional fees a/c. I m using tally erp 9 educational mode.

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