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Tally ERP 9 : Getting Started

Those who are even not familiar with Tally 9 or earlier version they are always confusing how to get started with tally. Tally.erp 9 make it simpler to install and starting with tally.erp 9.

Here reader will find an easy way how to activate the tally.erp 9.
However first all you need to download the tally.erp 9 and download tally reference manual and then create a new company in tally to start your work. Once you have created your new company you may set voucher entry configuration and should create some ledgers .You should also understand some basic rules of accounting

For learning purpose you may use an educational version of tally.erp 9 which does not allow you to enter accounting entries on dates except 1st and 2nd of any month. That is you can’t use an educational software for commercial purpose. If you want to use a licensed version of tally.erp 9 then you can buy it .

you may ask your questions to me and can get your queries solved. Please be specific while raising your query and provide as much information as is possible. It will help me to understand your exact problem.

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  1. Rinzin,
    Where you want to fill up your tally serial number ?and what other commends you want to know.
    How one can solve your query unless and untill you express the same ?

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