Tally.ERP 9 Series A Release 2.0(Beta)

As expected, tallysolutions just released its BETA version of release 2.0.We have already seen that that Series B is about to be launch however before Series B is on air, let’s experience the Release 2.0

BETA is not for general public. It is for developers and software testinng purpose. However you may download and check the features of the same. If you found any bug in new release then you may report it to here or at  beta.response@tallysolutions.com

Here is the list of some excited features of release 2.0.

I m very much impressed by the below features exp. the remote edit, auto back up and auto connect disconnect facility as well as new licensing revamp module.

1. New Features
Access Information on the fly via SMS
The availability of business information from anywhere without any dependency is a reality for business owners. Accessing information on the move enables the business owner in taking the right decision at right time, staying ahead of the competitors and contributing towards the positive growth.
The business owner is enabled to access vital business information from anywhere even while staying away from the business for long hours. Using a mobile device, the business owner communicates with simple English (known as Natural Language) via SMS (Short Message Service) to the company connected to Tally.NET. The system extracts the required information and sends it back to the requestor’s mobile device. All this happens in a flash while you are on the move.
Work Universally – The Complete Remote Solution

Universal availability of information is a boon to the business and people involved in the day-to-day activities. Auditors, Consultants and manpower involved can now access, create or modify data and view reports from anywhere.
The Complete Remote solution enables the authorized user(s) to Create/Alter Masters and Transactions, and view Reports without any barriers, intrusions or interference over the Trusted Remote, while people involved with the business are physically away from the business location. All this happens when the company remains connected to Tally.NET.
Swift business, better revenues and a complete peace of mind!!!
Safeguard Data – Automated Backup & Recovery
Configure your data backup and forget about it. Auto backup is a capability that automatically takes data back in the background without any disturbance or affecting your work. This capability needs to be enabled in the Company Creation or Company Alteration screen while creating or altering a company. The data backup is stored in the data folder of the respective company.
E.g.: A company titled ABC & Co has a folder 10009 located in C:Tally.ERP9Data. On enabling Auto Backup feature the backup file ABK.900 is created in C:Tally.EPR9Data10009.
To restore the auto backup taken press Ctrl+Alt+K from Gateway of Tally, the restore utility creates a new folder in the default data folder and restores the data.
Install it…..configure it…..forget it.
2. Enhancements
2.1 General
Auto Reconnect – work without interruptions
A built-in feature that is capable to detect network disruption/failure and automatically reconnect the company to Tally.NET. At a regular interval a request is sent to Tally.NET Server to check for connectivity. On detecting a network failure or disruption in internet services the system automatically reconnects the respective company to the Tally.NET environment.
Combine Opening Balances while Importing Data
On importing data from another company containing the same ledgers or items, the ledger balances are combined based on the bill references. Similarly, the item balances are combined based on the batch number and godown location.

The user interface in licensing is enhanced with the following changes:

Get Unlock Key by yourself
Visit the Self Support Page on the Tally Website to obtain the Unlock License key by clicking the Self Support button provided in the Unlock License form.

Account Name – Unique Account Identification
An optional field titled Account Name is provided in the Activate License form to enter the name of an account with which you want to be recognized. In this field you can provide  the individual’s name or the organisation’s name as the case may be.

Automatic updation of License and TDL Configuration.
Tally.ERP 9 has the capability to detect and update any licensing and TDL Configuration at regular intervals without manual intervention.
Multiple instances of the TallyAdmin tool
You can now run multiple instances of the TallyAdmin tool.

Install multiple License Servers.
You can now install and run multiple Tally License Servers on the same computer.
Licensing Resolutions revamped
The licensing resolutions are revamped to make them simple and user friendly.

Now its time to renew your Tally.net License otherwise you will not be able to activate and avail the final release 2.0 of tally.erp 9.

If you wanted to renew your tally.net license you can do through us and can become our proud customer

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