Tally TDL students and Professionals invited to join with us

As, you all know tally.erp 9 is the leading Indian Accounting software which offers the best code less ERP Accounting software with lowest prices and excellent support. Recently, tally has introduced so many excited features in its release 2.0 with its powerful ERP engine and more such features are in pipeline to come out.

There add-Ons developed by TDL programmer which help a tally user to mold tally further to their specific need.

Tally TDL is tally’s programming language and if you can learn it, you may change default tally as per your need and there is a bright future for people who know tally TDL

I have written several articles on Tally TDL and I get great response from students asking me how to learn tally TDL.

If you are interested to learn tally TDL in a systematic way, the just fill out the form given below and we will get in touch with you. Be sure the batch is due in near future so, don’t wait and register today to learn tally in a systematic way with Tally solution’s  authorised professionals.

Also, we are looking for TDL professionals who can work with us for on site and off site to server our growing base of tally clients.If you know Tally TDL and want to work as  a free lancer for us, then just fill out the given below.

There is two option in the below form.

One is if you want to learn tally tdl and the other is for tally TDL professionals who want to work with us as a freelancer.

Don’t wait just fill our the form now

30 thoughts on “Tally TDL students and Professionals invited to join with us

  1. I’m interested … how do i send u my details ?

  2. just in the last line, you will find the fill out the firm now. clcik the word form and a new browser with the form will open

  3. dear sir,

    i am so much interested to learn tds and exicse duty so please help to learn this both and

  4. Dear sir,
    Please enrol me to learn Tally TDL and latest release 2.0
    thanking you sir,

    yours faithfully
    syama sundar

  5. Dear sir,

    Iam so much interest to learn Tally TDL and release 2.0 as well as payroll TDS,service tax and Income tax finalisation to file IT Return

    thanking you sir,

    syama sundar

  6. Syama,
    There is a form in the article. please fill up and submit if you want to learn tally TDL

  7. I would like to learn TDL on your way, please.

  8. i like to learn tally and to upate each every entry in it

  9. could any one guide to me learn and work in, bcoz no one is helping me to learn tally thats y

  10. i want to learn tdl

  11. when this going to start i m eagerly waiting for this

  12. Manasi Malekar says:

    I want to learn Tally TDL please provide details of that

  13. Mansi,
    Please get in touch with http://www.tallysolutions.com
    Tally TDL training callender is being published there with all the details. you need to send a mail to the concerned department when such training calender is published.They will provide you all the relevant information and procedure for the same

  14. amitav satapathy says:

    I am interested to learn. Please advise.

  15. i am interested in TDL development. can you help me in this regard?

  16. i thought u will train us to learn the tdl, i m intrested person like u is guiding regarding tdl people help lot, please clarify

  17. TDL Programmers required at Bangalore. Please email your CV

  18. Vinay Ghumre says:

    I am a VB programmer and commerce graduate

  19. Dear sir,
    I need your email id to send my CV.

  20. Haider,
    Please fill up your details in our classified section while place your ad, kindly select the category freelancers available.
    It is free! Once, you submit it, we will review it and approve at the earliest. You do not need to upload your c.v. just fill up details like what kind of services you can offer and people will contact you directly at your email address.

  21. can u sugess me a TDL tutorial book from begining sothat i can start learning at home till then next batch will be start.

  22. Abhishek,
    There is no such book available in market! No one have that free time to write a book on such matter.
    Whole guide is available along with source codes and its all free (www.tallysolutions.com) if one can’t learn it from those free materials, then I am seriously doubt if a book can help to such people.

  23. Dear Sir,
    I make myself registered for TDL training so many times but I have not received any mail/call regarding training. Can you plz. tell me when the new batches are going to start or any other way I can learn TDL.


  24. narinder raheja says:

    sir, i want to learn TDL / tcp files.

    and want to customise tally ERP for school management

  25. Hi
    I am V6 developer.
    I need Tally TDL advance training video tutorial.
    Can you please send me link for download this video tutorial.
    Kindly help me on same.

    Thanks & Regards
    Nitin Shinde

  26. Hello,
    Sir the link to form is not working

  27. I want to learn tdl. Please guide.

  28. Hi!

    We are looking for TDL programmers.

    If any one Interested can forward their resume

    Good salary
    Working location _ Hyderabad

  29. I need a TDL for the following.

    We sell to different customers in credit every day. i want to generate a report to show the Bills due for the period of 15/21/30 days.
    THe report should show the list of debtors in the following format. the due date is caluculated based on invoice date. Some times the debtors pay in lum

    debtor name outstanding amount 15 days/21 days/30 days

    xyz company 30,000 22,000 5,000.

  30. Accounts Arabia says:

    Dear sir,
    We are tally authorized partner for Saudi Arabia. We customized invoice on our client request. we do this ours self. we have the licensed copy of the developer also. but we would some time need custom fields like follows
    1.Date of rece. at seaport
    2.Clearance Date
    3.Cargo Del. Date
    4.Bill of Landing No
    5.No of Pack
    6.Gross Volume (CBM)
    7.Gross Weight
    8. commodity etc. we would like to learn how to create this?

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