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tallynine monthly revision for february 2010

As I started monthly revision to help tallynin’e  new readers. These new readers always miss the old post and it is a little attempt to help such readers by posting a monthly revision to find out important post on

Also I have added many features for the readers and more and more informative post, application and some important files will be available for downloading purpose in near future.

Due to passage of time, many old post needs to be updated otherwise in future, the same become outdated or useless. This is very true in relation to use of an accounting software where an accountant must be aware of latest development in respect of TDS, Excise, vat etc. Old post relating to vat, excise or tds needs to be updated due to changes in tds ,vat or excise rates or any other changes in the relevant Act.

There is only way by which you can know which of my old post is updated that is by following me on Google buzz. Except this, there is no way, by which I can inform you such important changes . click here to follow me


Now, let’s see about the lesions which were published during the Month of February 2010

Tallynine Yearly Revision

How to create Salary Head in Tally

How to send an email from tally for ledger report

How to set up Point of sale in Tally for barcode generation

Debit and Credit Notes in Accounts

Concept of Vat

how to Access Data remotely in tally

cheque printing configuration for Standard chartered bank

Journal entry for payroll processing

Branch Accounting in tally

How to learn tally free ?

How to do payroll entry in tally ?

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    sanket modi - 3 years ago Reply

    sir, I have two different company in to tally 7.2 I want to understand that how I can settle the loan antries between this two company by doing one time entry in tally.

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