TDS chart for FY 2009-10 : update of union budget

Please download following file for TDS chart for FY 2009-10 (applicable from 1st October 2009)

Tally users to make changes in TDS rates to remove surcharge on TDS as the same is abolished by the Union budget 2009.

You should keep in mind changes made in the TDS as per the Union budget for the FY 2009-10.

TDS is most hazardous job in any accounts department and without a proper accounting software, you will not be able to keep your tds records perfectly.

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2 thoughts on “TDS chart for FY 2009-10 : update of union budget

  1. u’rs tips is use full but not depth information is not there
    thank u

  2. Krishna,
    Thanks for your feedback
    People need to use their own brain and should take trouble to get the updated in-depth knowledge.
    Don’t expect that some one will write a so called In-depth information for you.
    no one is free to teach somebody like a 3-4 year “kid”

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