Video Tutorial Tally 9

One of tallynne reader requested for video clippings of tally 9.

I am pasting a link for the benefit of all tallynine users.

Tally video tutorial

click on demo at the page

on clicking the above link, user will find all the flash demo for entire tally as well as its separate mannual say for payroll or excise for manufacture or TDS etc.

Downloading complete tally 9 presentation might be difficult over a slow connection as the same is require 323 MB space so better to download its individual components.

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16 thoughts on “Video Tutorial Tally 9

  1. hi
    where is tally 9 video tutorial ? i am still searching for it.


  2. Ali,
    Please read the article again.
    there is already a video tutorial link.
    However Don’t dream that you will be able to learn tally in a fortnight just viewing a video on tally.

  3. Please help the tally 9 vat 5% add guided me

  4. vat Classification how to add vat 5%

  5. i like to work with tally…. plz anyone teach me how can i download any flash tutorial of tally erp9… at internet…

  6. Amit,
    There is no flash Tutorials available. Accountancy is based on real business transactions and there is no unique business transactions in any two different companies
    but you can try this

  7. Mahesh Bhattarai says:

    Thanks for help

  8. Mahesh Bhattarai says:

    How to entry cash and credit purchase voucher on tally 9.0 in each voucher

  9. i am using tally i have doubt on dividend what will be the category of dividend in tally for eg capital is coming under capital account.

  10. we have computer sales & service Business. pls tell me that how I can classified ledger of selling of computer & service of computer.

  11. SouravAditya says:

    What is the entry when Branch received amount from their Sundry Debtors (Sales made by branch individually) and deposit to Head Office’s bank a/c ?

  12. SouravAditya says:

    Their is the two different ledger. 1) Sales Ledger, 2) Service Ledger ,however both under Sales Account Group.

  13. Please Help me ….
    Started business with cash 200000 and furniture 50000 and stock 125000.
    how to post this entry in tally

  14. 1. Bank / Cash a/c Dr. and debtors will be credited
    2.H.O cash a/c will be debited and Branch cash will be credited

  15. says:

    in our website very easy way to learn tally 9 erp

  16. dear sir i have doudt in ledger posting about pertol,diesel

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