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BUG Fixed in Tally.erp 9 : New Release of Tally.ERP 9

Tally released new version series 1.2 build 200 and tried to fix most of burning issues which I was dealing with tally team to solve the same.

I appreciate that this time tally acted promptly in the large interest of its users.

The release deals with the solutions of the following problems

• In case of purchases from dealers, the assessable value can be manually specified
• Partial CENVAT can be availed via a Journal Voucher
• The duty rate can be set to be effective from a specified date
• The same item can be specified multiple times in all transactions
• With numbering set to ‘manual’ for excise transactions, Import & Synchronisation
will no longer throw errors


• Groups like Liabilities & Expenses, Fixed asserts, Current Assets & Investments
are now enabled for TDS
• A “TDS not deducted” report is now available
• A “TDS computation – Party wise” report is now available
• TDS entry in Journals & Purchase Invoices, both with inventory details, are enabled
• TDS has now been enabled for all ledgers under ‘Duties & Taxes’


• The Pay sheet will correctly show the values entered in the supporting vouchers
• EDLI calculations are now supported
• The issue with PT becoming zero on recalculation with User Defined Pay heads has
been fixed


• The same stock items used again will now compute Additional Tax / Cess correctly
• When an Invoice is altered, VAT computation will compute correctly for additions &
• In purchases a common ledger can be used for multiple VAT classifications
• Stat 85 supports eVAT returns for the states of Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Kerala,
Gujarat and Tamil Nadu
• With Stat 85 Rajasthan CST Returns are now available


• Tally.ERP 9 – Silver Edition – now supports multiple instances to be executed from
different folders on the machine. The Tally.ini file in each folder can be
configured to access the license information from a common folder with the
“LicensePath” parameter
• The issue of Tally Admin occasionally crashing on Windows 98 has been fixed


• Issues with condensed text in the Dot Matrix mode has been fixed
• Alignment issues in Daybook & Sales Invoice have been fixed
• Lines that had been removed with Alt-R were still getting printed in Daybook.
This has been fixed
• Issues with Form 16A have been fixed


• Synchronisation was failing to import data when it encounters Stock Item for which Expiry
date is enabled (and Mfg Date is not enabled) with opening balance present. This has been
• Import / Synchronisation was failing to import earlier entered vouchers after enabling
Mfg/Expiry date. This has been fixed


• The Info Panel now displays the correct information about the new release that is
• Tally.ERP 9 now starts up faster
• The application will now prompt you to download the online help file if the same is not found
in the application folder
• In specific installations of Windows 98, Tally.ERP 9 used to show a black screen.
This has been fixed
• The filter option for batch name in batch wise reports now works as expected
• The decimal portion of the percentage field in voucher type class has been enhanced to four places from three

About the Author

Mahendra is founder and CEO of the I Vision Infotech, Authorised Tally Sales and Service Partner and helping Tally users to learn Tally and accounting free through this site

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Rakesh - 4 years ago Reply


I found a serious bug in Tally which is as below :

For Example Company A makes import purchases of US$100 and enter the purchase invoice in US$ using Tally.

While entering Voucher take exchange rate of Rs. 50/$, Tally computes TDS automatically based on Percentage we have defined under SEction 195 of I.T. Act i.e. @ 20% i.e. US$20 (Rs. 1000)

After this if we check TDS Computation it shows same figure (Rs. 1000) what it has calculated.

Now go back to Purchase Voucher and edit it and change the Exchange rate to either Rs. 49 or Rs. 52/- and then perform rest of the steps and save Voucher.

Open TDS Computation, this time you may see same old figure of TDS i.e. Rs. 1000/- or no TDS computation and TDS Computation will not show the voucher at all.

Now Pass Journal Entry to Deduct TDS of Rs. 1000/- and then open Party Ledger, it will show Rs. 1000/- under Forex Gain/Loss not Adjusted.

This forces the user to delete all the related vouchers and do these from scratch which is total wastage of time, efforts put earlier on same voucher.

Ravi Agrawal - 4 years ago Reply

I don’t how to file a bug report in Tally ERP 9.

I am a dealer in LG Home Appliances & seriously wish to correct a bug in Tally ERP 9

We have an online software that is used to generate Invoices, Purchase and receipts. These are imported in Tally ERP 9 via a TDL installed by LG. Now to compensate for this LG has provided a List of Stock Items that has more than 16ooo items and the same list has been imported in inventory in Tally.

However we deal in 350 to 500 items maximum. The rest are not related to us.

While viewing reports, if I press Alt+F1 to select see all items using F12 to configure “Show All items” I am provided with a report containing all 16000+ items which I don’t want to see. If I select not to show all Items, then I get a consolidated report. However this report does not display all items that I have dealt with and only those with Closing Stock Greater than Zero. Suppose I bought Item No 6567 5 pieces and sold all 5 pieces with net stock resulting to zero, then tally ERP 9 does not show such items.

However I need those items to be displayed as it leads to mismatch while filing VAT returns and while placing a purchase order it is helpful to get a list of those items which were bought or sold at least once.

Also Tally ERP 9 takes a long time to generate the complete report of 16000 items which is approx. 3-4 minutes. By the way, I have a Core I-3, with 4 GB RAM so system configuration is not an issue here.

I did manage to come up with a solution to the above problem by two ways.

Export to Excel and set a filter on desired columns but that takes a long time.

Or set a Range to display with following Criteria –

Show Stock Items with Opening Quantity as Non-Zero
or Show Stock Items with Inward Quantity as Non-Zero
or Show Stock Items with Outward Quantity as Non-Zero
or Show Stock Items with Closing Quantity as Non-Zero

This helps display the required items but only when I press F5 to select a stock Item. If it is a nested group, then I don’t get the Item to select Stock Item only get the option to select Stock Group.

Either way, I need Tally people to look into my needs.


varsha - 3 years ago Reply

In Our Office we are using Tally ERP 9 and not able to see company name in Select compnay Option.
Directory is of 5 digit. Earlier this was showing correctly. Please help me

varsha - 3 years ago Reply

We are using tally erp 9. from last week we are not able to see one company name in select company option. Earlier it was showing now suddenly not showing. Please help me.

Mahendra Rana - 3 years ago Reply

You have to check your data directory configuration.

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