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Feature Requires in Tally.erp 9

Editor’s Note

Not a long ago, we have written about Tally Integrator from which you can expect much and features of upcoming Release 3.

Here,  Prof. Vinod kumar come out with some more idea about some features which If Tally Solutions can offer then it will added some extra mileage to this simply superb software Tally.erp 9

Comparison of Two or more Company’s Balance Sheet on the same screen

So, Many companies are running under some group or related with other company as a sister concern or there are different companies of the same proprietor/management. and under such circumstances a comparison between such companies becomes useful from the view-point of decision-making.

Today, we are doing the business in corporate sector and duty of account manager is not just limited to make accounts. But good interpretation and decisions about competition has become the part of the duty of account manager. So, there should be an option in tally in which we compare our balance sheet with other company’s balance sheet. One more benefit of this function will to those accountants who are doing accounting as independent profession. It is true that we can switch one company to other company but when all data of different companies is in same tally, and then there will no difficulty to linking all these observations to show as comparative view.

Project Base Accounting

Project Base accounting is useful for determination of cost of project and if it can be integrated with Tally.erp 9 then surely it will be very useful to Project Managers and Accounts Manager.


I have received the post graduate degree in commerce from H.P. University in 2004. I started my career in 2001 as a part-time teacher in S.O.S. Children Village of India. I have also taught commerce classes for 8 years. I have also started to write a blog where I teach accounting and you can learn basic and advance concepts and solve your accounting problems.

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