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How to Configure Server for Synchronization

Tally.erp 9 offers a host of benefits to user which no other Accounting / ERP software company provides at such affordable price.

We have already discussed about remote edit, job control panel and auto back up in tally which are very useful and need of today’s business community.

Data Synchronization is one such need software which is very useful for seamless transmssion of data between branches and Head office.

Below is the process to configure Server for Synchronization.

To configure the Server Company for Synchronization, follow the steps shown below:

Go to Gateway of Tally > F12: Configure > Advanced Configuration

In the Advanced Configuration screen,

Under Client/Server Configuration section,

  • Set the option Tally is acting as to Server to run Tally.ERP 9 as Synchronisation Server
  • Specify the required port number (e.g. 9009) in the Port field.

Tab down to Connection Configuration section:

  • Set the duration in seconds for Connection Timeout (in seconds). The server disconnects when it does not receive any response from the client within the specified duration.
  • Set Yes to Connect to Tally.NET Servers running on Non-HTTP Port to avoid frequent disconnection from Tally.NET or when receiving the error 16004 – frequently.
  • Set Yes to Use absolute URL for HTTP Actions, this will enable the proxy server to communicate the complete URL, by default this option is set to No.
  • Set Yes to Enable Auto Reconnect in order to detect network disruption/failure and automatically reconnect the company to Tally.NET when disconnected.

Tab down to Log Configuration section:

  • Set the option Enable Sync Logging to Yes, to generate a Log file which contains information about the synchronized vouchers. This file resides in the folder where Tally.ERP 9 is installed.
  • Set the option Truncate previous log before Syncing to Yes, to overwrite the contents of the current log file generated earlier.
  • Set the option Enable HTTP Log to Yes to login all SOAP and HTTP Post request/response in the log file residing in the default Tally.ERP9 folder.
  • Set the option Enable Detailed Log (tally.imp) to Yes to generate Tally.imp log file containing details of the operation.

Tab down to Proxy Configuration section: (in case you are using Proxy Server for internet connection)

  • Set Use HTTP Proxy Server to Yes when you are connected to the Internet through the proxy server
  • Enter the required URL/IP Address and the port number in the URL field
  • Set Authentication Required to Yes to verify the user name and password.
  • Enter the required user name in the User Name field
  • Enter the password in the Password field
  • Press Enter to save setting for synchronisation server.

For the above changes to take effect, Tally.ERP 9 will prompt you to restart the application as shown:

  • Click Yes or Press Y to restart Tally.ERP 9 on the Server computer.

Tally.ERP 9 will restart and in the Information Panel you can see that it is configured as the Sync Server as shown below.


  1. Madhavan

    It is a very useful tip. Could u pls inform fetch field names and data type stored tally.

    1. Madhvan,
      Welcome on board.
      Can you please clarify your query with more specific details ?
      that is you want to fetch field name and data type ? in excel ? or referring something else ?

  2. Sameera

    Mr Mahadevan
    Can u plase explain me flows,
    Purchase oder
    Receipt note
    Purchase invoice
    entry of Related expances such as customs duty
    and payement against above


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