Learn Tally TDL Online : Create your first TDL in Tally.ERP 9

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Do you interested  to Learn Tally TDL online? Tally TDL are the Programming extensions to amend the functionality of the Tally.ERP 9 Software. In Other words it is known as Tally Customisation. You can customise your invoice, add, edit any extra column in the sales invoice or in any voucher, reports, customise your printing and much more you can do by learning the Tally TDL. Tally TDL is the 4th Generation programming learning.

Here is an example of an amended ledger master. This Image is a result of the TDL codes wrote by one of my student of the lifetime Tally TDL Course


Learn Tally TDL online

Now today we will discuss the basic of TDL and will write our first TDL programme.

Believe me, it is very very easy to write your first TDL and it does not require any special knowledge or experience!

First of all, you need to memories following :
Report uses Form
Form uses Parts
Part uses lines
Line uses Fields
A Field is the real container where the data is displayed.
You Don’t need to understand it! This is a universal rule for Tally TDL
Now, Let’s prepare our first TDL program.
Open your notepad from the windows
and Write below codes. I would prefer you to write yourself without being copy paste. it will give you practice and in TDL self-practice is the most important thing one need to learn Tally Developer Languages.
;; start of code

[#menu:gateway of tally]
Item:myfirst tdl:Display:My Report
[Report:My Report]
form: myform
Part:my Part
[Part:my part]
line:my Line
[line:my Line]
Field:First field
[Field:First field]
set as : “Let’s Start learning tally”
;; end of code



Now save this file with a name suppose myfirsttdl.txt in notepad and then copy paste the same in your tally folder

Now start your tally software and follow the guidelines how to activate TDL in Tally.ERP 9.
You don’t need to have a licensed software of either tally nor tally developer
It will work in any software and you can learn tally TDL very easy just by following such simple programming codes and a self-practice.

set as : “Let’s Start learning tally”

now follow the articles on how to set tdl in tally and activate your first TDL.

Now, start your tally and you will find screenshots as per below.

you will find an extra menu in your default menu with the name my first TDL

You can also watch the video to create your first TDL report on your own.

hit the same and you will find your first TDL program

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