Biz Mitra GST Billing software Tally on Mobile


Let your Salesman Visit the client system, create customers accounts online from their mobile phones, laptops

Let them create Sales order. No accounting knowledge needed, No Tally knowledge is needed.

Just type, and select the data and hit submit.

Boost the productivity of your staff by eleiminatinating repeated work. Itw ill help their efficiency and your organisations profit also.

work once and use it everywhere.



Biz Mitra GST Billing  Software with Tally Integrations facilitates small business to manage their accounts online with Tally Integrations. This is the first Soffware having the extenstive and easiest Integrations with Tally and no other Software can match the level of the integrations it offers.

Why not,  work once, use everywhere?

First let me tell you a brief history about why I developed Drushtant  online ERP Software.

I was working in Accounts since 1993-94 till 2014 in a full time accountants job and I worked with many companies mainly using Tally Software.

During my job tenure I observed that I was not using Computer Softwares but Computer softwares were using me

Because we are living in the world of Computer Slavery!
Yes, Trust me it is a computer slavery where Computers and software runs you.

I was depressed, broken but was helpless
The reason was that I had to feed entries in Tally then in Excel same entries to prepare various MIS.
Then we have Smart Sheet, One Drive, Google Sheet and Forms

Every Entry has to be entered around 4-5 differnt software. It was killing me.
It was making me angry I was burning inside but you know our bosses doesn’t give any shit to our burning, they let us burn
So I decided to learn coding. I left my job, started my own concept.
Yes, for me business is not to make money. it is a concept to me where I want to do things in the way i wanted and where I can use a software in its real sense without allowing myself to become its SLAVE.

So, here is what I came out with after a struggle of 3-4 years

Let me show What I have developed.
Trust me you will like it for sure.


Imagine your sales team visit clients then prepares data in Excel and pass it to Accounts department

then Accounts deparment create masters, create trnasactions and pass it to Salesman.

You can eliminate such duplicate work by moving to Drushtant Online ERP Software with Tally Integrations.

In Drushtant Online ERP Software with Tally Integrations, your salesman will just create masters in DRP and Raise Sales Orders from his mobile/laptop. He don’t need Tally software with him and he doesn’t need to know accounts.

The process is super simple and you control what he can access and what he can’t access.

once the sales team create the Sales order, your accounting team in your office simply hit a button in their Tally Softwre and it will import the Sales order and Masters automatically. Consider how much man power you can save by this way.  and not only this, your Salesman again without calling you will be able to see the statsu of the order from his system.

Create Masters, Transactions online or sync them from Tally, all of them or one to one in real Time.

Create transactions online in DRP and sycn them into Tally with auto creation of masters.

  • Unlimited users,
  • Unlimited companies
  • User Roles and Permissions
  • Voucher Type Security
  • No per user charge
  • Create and Manage Masters
  • Create and Manage transactions
  • Create and manage Users
  • Create and Manage Companies
  • No skill needed to use the software

This is the most affordable online Software for small business who want to manage their Tally any time from any where.

This product is in it’s early stage and it is constantly updating, developing so many more features coming to it.

Why to work same again and again?

The main concept is let your team work only once and use it everywhere thats what DRP Offers.


P.S. This is a Saas Service. so the charges are  recuring nature and it is per charge.


Tally on Mobile app you can download from here


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