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Ledger Address Book


Get All the customers/ Suppliers  master Data. Export to Excel, Filter Party Name, mobile Number, Group

TCP will be binded to the customer Serial Number.

One time charge. No Recurring or any annual charge.

if buy it online without any demo you can get a 100% refund within first 7 days as we will deliver a trial tcp first for 7 days and once you confirm only a licensed tcp will be released to you.

Once a licensed tcp is release a refund is not possible.

Demo TCP for 7 days available. Please contact us through Chat or whatsApp




For demo, please contact us +917227900875



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Managing accounts is not just about passing entries but it includes getting proper reports too

If we don’t get the related reports from our software then it means we will need to put extra efforts and this kills the purpose of using a software

As an accountants you already created ledgers, enter the address, GSTIN Number
Email contact number etc and now imagine you want to get a report which displays
all these master data in a single report which again you can filter with Mobile Number, customer ledger? wouldn’t it be a great?

and you can also export the report to Excel also and from there you can perform various additional Excel Data manipulations

So, here at Drushtatn Infoweb Pvt. Ltd we have a prepared an useful TCP which can you this report






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