Upgrading your tally ? Install it in a new folder

Recently on talking with one of tallynine.com reader Mr. Syeed, I think it necessary to inform you all, whenever you upgrade your tally.erp 9, that always prefer to install the new release of tally.erp 9to a new folder.

The reason is that installing the new release in the older folder over rights the existing files that is in many cases does not support new features to work properly.

Here the particular problem was facing by Mr. Syeed is related to TDS. First he set deduction of TDS in the same voucher. he made several entries to a particular supplier. however after passing certain entries he decided not to deduct TDS in the same voucher.

In tally.erp 9 you may have set two option for TDS. You may refer my detailed guide on TDS help file for a quick reference

1. you can deduct TDS in the same voucher that is while passing a journal or bill entry. In this case, only the net payable to supplier (net of tds) will be credited to supplier account.

2. you can select not to deduct in the same voucher. here the full amount will be credited to the supplier account. Then at the end of the month or at any time you may pass a consolidated journal automated voucher to deduct tax on all such bills.

So, Mr. Sayed who had set up first option initially,then decided to go for the 2nd option however he was not able to do so as the system was not able to permit him such changes and TDS was still deducted in the same voucher.

To sort out this problem, I had a discussion with the tally user and I had explained the reader that, I can make these changes in my system.

Upon discussion, I had found that the tally user was using release 1.82 which was installed in the same folder where the tally’s old version was installed.

Here is the point. I suggested him to upgrade to release 2.0 and install release 2.0 in a new folder and then try the same. It will definitely work.

So, guys be sure, whenever you wish toupgrade to new release, always select to install your software in a new folder to avoid any such problems.

Please do share your experience in this matter with your fellow reader have you ever faced such problem while working with tally ?

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