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Mohammed Karjatwala
Freelance Accountant, Pune

"I am an Accountant from Pune and doing Freelance Jobs since more than 25 years. I handle all types of taxes, payroll, and most of the advanced features of Tally.ERP I do implementation and customization as per each client's requirements and for that purpose, I was looking to learn the Tally TDL programming since a long time.
Some time back I subscribed to the newsletters of Tally Mentors and saw that this is the tutorial that will help me in learning the Tally TDL programming and reaching my goals of giving what my clients needs.
I joined the course on 31st of August and just within a short period of 10 days I have completed 50% of the course. I am happy and satisfied that I took this course from Tally Mentors and not from any other from course providers which are available over the internet as many of them may be out to dupe you out of your hard-earned money.
So, I sincerely recommend anyone wish to learn Tally TDL, should join Tally Mentor's Online TDL Training course."

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At Tally Mentors you will find many innovations and new ways to learn stuff. You will learn by doing real life practical Customisations and projects. 

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 Participant in the practical assignments. Our online Assignments are tough to clear but make you perfect and students love our assignments. Not, only this win big prizes on the live competition. So, it is called earn while learn

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Tally TDL It is easy to learn Tally TDL

Every step begins with the first step. Every task or learning is the first learning in life.
You wanted to learn The Tally TDL but worrying about your educational background? 
You got my support and I guarantee you that I will make you an expert in Tally TDL

Tally TDL are programming extensions to the Tally.ERP 9 software. You can customise the Tally.ERP 9 software in the way you wanted. Can add edit invoices Voucher formats printing, can automate your works and reports.Can store and create custom field in your ledger master, item master, reports and retrieve special reports as per your need. 
Tally TDL is in great demand and it will help you to increase your income. By working as a freelancer or even by providing custom solutions to your organisations.
and did I mentioned that learning Tally TDL is a fun! 

Learn Tally.ERP 9

Tally.ERP 9 is an awesome and simplest ERP solutions. Power of simplicity is really it's true tag line. However, Statutory compliance and lack of accounting knowledge makes it a bit difficult to manage this awesome software.

Tally.ERP 9 is GST compatible and it has everything your business need. Not, only this you can customise the Software in the way you wanted. There are developers to meet any of your need. Tally.EPR 9 is the key ERP Softwares having more then 1 Million Users and it the best resources to get a job for skilled, unskilled and semi skilled work force. In fact, Tally.ERP 9 is the best source to get a job or a decent Income. So, lear it today, and achieve your goals in the life.

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Rahul Jinde
Jinde Knowledge Hub
Tally Sales & Service Partner, Pune


I am Rahul Jinde from Pune, Maharashtra, India. I have completed my Graduation in Commerce. After graduation, I had immediately joined to Towel Export Company in Solapur, Maharashtra, India as an Account Assistant. In recent era most of the organization uses Tally for accounting purpose. In our company Tally uses full fledged with inventory & taxation module. I have learned a lot in our organization. I do share one interesting event happened while doing service. Tally had launched one scheme for students ‘Earn while Learn’. I have participated & done more that 10 activations while learning Tally on that scheme. Its given inspiration to my career in Tally. After successful completion of my 8 years service, I have decided to move Pune.
When I have decided to move Pune, I have two options shall I go with again service or business. I have decided to go with the business. But again so many questions in front of me which business, etc?. With the help of my ‘Guru’s, My Family Members, Friends I have chosen my career in Tally World & I have become Tally Partner recently. I am a knowledgeable person in the field of Tally.ERP9 but again If you want to survive in the field of Tally, you should know TDL. So, I have decided to learn TDL & joined most experienced person Mr. Mahendra Rana Sir. It is an absolutely very wonderful learning experience with him & his organization. Long way to go now.

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