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This Course teaches Tally TDL basic to Inter mediate level. a student will learn almost anything.
Aside from step by steps, chapter explanations, understanding coding languages, followed by quiz, real projects and examples with source codes of reals projects


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Module 1 Getting Started with Tally TDL
Unit 1 Let's introduce ourselves first
Unit 2 Tools of Trade : Software and stuff you need to learn Tally TDL
Unit 3 Tally TDL : An Overview of the Languages
Unit 4 Hello TDL : Our First full fledged Tally TDL
Unit 5 Structure of a TDL Code
Unit 6 Reading and understanding the TDL Code : Full explanation of the TDL coding
Unit 7 Assignment No. TDL 01: Create a new Report
Module 2 How to Code in TDL
Unit 1 Commenting your code : why and how to comment in TDL
Module 3 Field, Field Name and Field Value.
Unit 1 UDF In Ledger Master Level : Create an UDF of Date of Birth in Ledger Master (Free Preview)
Unit 2 Field and Field Value : Part I
Unit 3 Field and Field Value : PART II How to retrieve the Field Value by Using Field Name
Unit 4 How to store Data in the Field
Unit 5 How to retrieve the Field Value using Storage Name/UDF Name
Unit 6 How to Retrieve Values from the Stock Item Master -1
Unit 7 How to Retrive field value from the stock Item Master -2
Unit 8 Style in TDL
Unit 9 Structure of TDL, Data types, UDF and its usage
Module 4 How to look up existing definition in Tally TDL
Unit 1 How to look up the existing definition in TDL?
Unit 2 How to look up the default definition: The Alternate way
Unit 3 Default Definition | The easiest way to find a default definition in no time!
Module 5 How to code Forms, Parts, Lines and Field
Unit 1 Forms, Parts, lines and Fields in Tally TDL - 1
Module 6 Live TDL Project! A real life Customisation for a Delivery Note
Unit 1 Let's Customise Invoice : Part I : Live Project
Unit 2 Live Project ( Tally TD) : Customise Invoice - Part II
Unit 3 Live Project ( Tally TDL) : Customise Invoice - Part III
Unit 4 Live Project : Voucher Printing Customization
Module 7 Customising A Sales Invoice
Unit 1 Invoice Customization : Part I how to add extra columns and fetch the value
Unit 2 Invoice Customisation Part II : How to customisation Invoice Printing
Unit 3 Case Study : How to solve the Border Alignment in Printing
Module 8 Case Study : How to write better programme
Unit 1 Case Study : How to write Better code in Tally TDL?
Module 9 Configuration Customisation
Unit 1 How to customise the TDL Configuration?
Module 10 Multiple Discount Project(A complete Commercial Projects with Source Codes)
Unit 1 Multiple Discount Project : Outline of the Project
Unit 2 Accounting Features| How to code for company Specific TDL Configuration
Unit 3 How to Add Discount Field in Stock Item master
Unit 4 Discount Project | Customising Invoice
Unit 5 Case Study :Discount Project
Unit 6 Case Study : Discount Project II
Module 11 Advanced TDLs : Report to fetch Data from Tally using Collections
Unit 1 Create a Report in Tally to fetch Data through Collection
Unit 2 How to Add A Title Column line in a Report through Tally TDL
Unit 3 Adding a total line in the report
Module 12 Advanced TDL : Learn how to import Data from Excel
There are no units in this module.
Module 13 Design a complex Sales Report (Video Tutorials
Unit 1 Project : Design Your Own Customised Sales Report (Video Tutorials Series) : Project OverView
Unit 2 Create a Basic Sales Report : First Unit
Unit 3 Desinging and structuring our Form
Unit 4 Designing Sales Report : Extendning code to fetch Item Name and Amount in the report
Unit 5 Sales Report Module : Unit IV
Unit 6 Sales Report Customisation Unit V
Unit 7 Sales Register Video Tutorials extending our codes Unit VI
Unit 8 Sales Report VII
Unit 9 Sales Report VIII
Unit 10 I: Sales report Customization IX
Unit 11 J: Sales report Customization X
Unit 12 K. Sales Report XI
Unit 13 L: Sales report Customization XII
Unit 14 M. Sales Report XIII
Unit 15 N. Sales Report XIV
Unit 16 O. Sales Report XV
Unit 17 P. Sales Report : XVI
Unit 18 Q. Sales Report XVII
Unit 19 R. Sales Report : Adding a filter button XVIII
Unit 20 S. Sales Report : Filter form, parts and line
Unit 21 U. Sales Report Customisation| Filtering Data
Unit 22 V: SalesReport: Adding Salesman UDF
Unit 23 w. Sales report Customisation : Alignment and arranging files
Unit 24 X : Sales Report customisation : Alignment II
Unit 25 Y : Sales Register Alignment Issues 3
Unit 26 Z : Sales Report removing extra blank column
Unit 27 Sales Register 27 : Filtering collection
Unit 28 28 : Sales Report Customisation | Solving Filter issue
Module 14 How to Create Tables and sub forms?
Unit 1 How to Create an Yes/No Table in Tally through TDL
Unit 2 Create a sub form
Unit 3 Repeat attribute in a line.
Unit 4 How to create a salesman Table in Tally
Unit 5 How to Create the Salesman Table -2
Unit 6 How to add a Salesman Table in the Sales Voucher Entry
Unit 7 T. Sales Report Customisation : Adding a table to filder
Module 15 Practical Invoice Customisation - Poonam Corporation Complete Customisation
Unit 1 Invoice Printing from scratch I
Unit 2 Invoice Printing II
Unit 3 Invoice Printing III
Unit 4 Invoice printing Customization IV
Unit 5 Invoice Printing V
Unit 6 Invoice Printing from scratch VI
Unit 7 Invoice customisation VII
Unit 8 Invoice Customisation VIII : Poonam Corporation
Unit 9 Case Study : Border issue in the Poonam Corporation
Module 16 Free Resources(Only for the Life Time Course)
Unit 1 Free Bonus Gift
Module 17 Buttons in Tally
Unit 1 Buttons in Tally TDL
Module 18 How to create a new Menu?
Unit 1 How to Create your own menu? 1
Module 19 Sample Projects
Unit 1 How to Activate the Sample Projects in TDL
Unit 2 Sample Projects : Browse URL open any site from Tally Application
Module 20 Variables in Tally TDL
Unit 1 Variables : Chapters I
Unit 2 2. Variables Chapter II
Unit 3 3. Variables: Chapters III
Unit 4 4. Variables: Chapter IV
Module 21 Out of Course
Unit 1 What is Learning?
Module 22 Challenge Zone : Only for the lifetime Course student
Unit 1 Challenge 1: Print Invoice and gateway pass from the single entry
Unit 2 Code Challenge II :
Unit 3 Complex Invoice Customisation Challenge
Module 23 Negative Stock Bloking
Unit 1 Negative stock blocking
Unit 2 2. Negative Stock Blocking: Playing with the Field Definition
Module 24 How to upload Image in the Master
Unit 1 1. Upload Image to the Ledger Master
Unit 2 2. Image Upload in Master
Module 25 Switch N Options
Unit 1 Switch N Options
Module 26 Item Allocations
Unit 1 A. Item Allocations How to do batch allocations form coding?
Unit 2 B. Item Allocations - II
Unit 3 C. Item Allocations: Taking the field value in the main voucher Entry Screen
Unit 4 D. Item Allocations: Understanding default Tally's behaviour
Unit 5 E. Item Allocations 5 | Add a total field in the batch allocation form
Unit 6 F. Item Allocations : Calculating Total Qty in the Batch allocation Form
Module 27 Excel Modules
Unit 1 Excel Integration : Read and write Excel File 1
Unit 2 2. File Input Output | Write a note pad file through TDL!
Unit 3 File Input output 3
Unit 4 4. Excel Writing
Unit 5 Import Cash Vouchers from Excel- 1
Unit 6 2. Excel Importing
Unit 7 3. Excel Importing
Unit 8 4. Excel Importing
Unit 9 5. Excel Importing
Unit 10 6. Excel Importing
Unit 11 7. Excel Import
Unit 12 8. Excel Importing
Unit 13 9. Excel Importing
Module 28 Functions in TDL
Unit 1 1. Basics of Functions
Unit 2 2. Basics of Functions
Module 29 Columnar Sales Report How to code Existing Reports
Unit 1 Columnar Sales Report : How to code
Unit 2 Columnar Sales Register II
Unit 3 3. Adding a new Column in the Columnar Sales Report
Module 30 Dubai Sales Invoice
Unit 1 Dubai Sales Invoice 1
Unit 2 2. Dubai Vat Invoice Customisation
Unit 3 3. Dubai Vat Invoice
Unit 4 4. Dubai VAT Invoice
Unit 5 5. How to customise Dubai Vat Invoice; Addressing Address Part
Unit 6 6. Dubai Vat Invoice
Unit 7 Dubai Vat Invoice customisation Part 7
Unit 8 Dubai Vat Invoice: Advanced customisation
Unit 9 Adding Page Breaks in Invoice
Module 31 Aggregate UDF
Unit 1 1. Aggregate UDF