This Course teaches Tally TDL basic to Inter mediate level. a student will learn almost anything.
Aside from step by steps, chapter explanations, understanding coding languages, followed by quiz, real projects and examples with source codes of reals projects,

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Module 1 Getting Started with Tally TDL
Unit 1 Let's introduce ourselves first  - Preview
Unit 2 Tools of Trade : Software and stuff you need to learn Tally TDL  - Preview
Unit 3 Tally TDL : An Overview of the Languages
Unit 4 Hello TDL : Our First full fledged Tally TDL  - Preview
Unit 5 Structure of a TDL Code
Unit 6 Reading and understanding the TDL Code : Full explanation of the TDL coding
Unit 7 Assignment No. TDL 01: Create a new Report
Module 2 How to Code in TDL
Unit 1 Commenting your code : why and how to comment in TDL
Module 3 Field, Field Name and Field Value.
Unit 1 UDF In Ledger Master Level : Create an UDF of Date of Birth in Ledger Master (Free Preview)  - Preview
Unit 2 Field and Field Value : Part I
Unit 3 Field and Field Value : PART II How to retrieve the Field Value by Using Field Name  - Preview
Unit 4 How to store Data in the Field
Unit 5 How to retrieve the Field Value using Storage Name/UDF Name  - Preview
Unit 6 How to Retrieve Values from the Stock Item Master -1
Unit 7 How to Retrive field value from the stock Item Master -2
Unit 8 Style in TDL
Unit 9 Structure of TDL, Data types, UDF and its usage
Module 4 How to look up existing definition in Tally TDL
Unit 1 How to look up the existing definition in TDL?
Unit 2 How to look up the default definition: The Alternate way
Unit 3 Default Definition | The easiest way to find a default definition in no time!
Module 5 How to code Forms, Parts, Lines and Field
Unit 1 Forms, Parts, lines and Fields in Tally TDL - 1
Module 6 Live TDL Project! A real life Customisation for a Delivery Note
Unit 1 Let's Customise Invoice : Part I : Live Project
Unit 2 Live Project ( Tally TD) : Customise Invoice - Part II
Unit 3 Live Project ( Tally TDL) : Customise Invoice - Part III
Unit 4 Live Project : Voucher Printing Customization
Module 7 Customising A Sales Invoice
Unit 1 Invoice Customization : Part I how to add extra columns and fetch the value
Unit 2 Invoice Customisation Part II : How to customisation Invoice Printing
Unit 3 Case Study : How to solve the Border Alignment in Printing
Module 8 Case Study : How to write better programme
Unit 1 Case Study : How to write Better code in Tally TDL?
Module 9 Configuration Customisation
Unit 1 How to customise the TDL Configuration?
Module 10 Multiple Discount Project(A complete Commercial Projects with Source Codes)
Unit 1 Multiple Discount Project : Outline of the Project
Unit 2 Accounting Features| How to code for company Specific TDL Configuration
Unit 3 How to Add Discount Field in Stock Item master
Unit 4 Discount Project | Customising Invoice
Unit 5 Case Study :Discount Project
Unit 6 Case Study : Discount Project II
Module 11 Advanced TDLs : Report to fetch Data from Tally using Collections
Unit 1 Create a Report in Tally to fetch Data through Collection
Unit 2 How to Add A Title Column line in a Report through Tally TDL
Unit 3 Adding a total line in the report
Module 12 Design a complex Sales Report (Video Tutorials
Unit 1 Project : Design Your Own Customised Sales Report (Video Tutorials Series) : Project OverView
Unit 2 Create a Basic Sales Report : First Unit
Unit 3 Desinging and structuring our Form
Unit 4 Designing Sales Report : Extendning code to fetch Item Name and Amount in the report
Unit 5 Sales Report Module : Unit IV
Unit 6 Sales Report Customisation Unit V
Unit 7 Sales Register Video Tutorials extending our codes Unit VI
Unit 8 Sales Report VII
Unit 9 Sales Report VIII
Unit 10 I: Sales report Customization IX
Unit 11 J: Sales report Customization X
Unit 12 K. Sales Report XI
Unit 13 L: Sales report Customization XII
Unit 14 M. Sales Report XIII
Unit 15 N. Sales Report XIV
Unit 16 O. Sales Report XV
Unit 17 P. Sales Report : XVI
Unit 18 Q. Sales Report XVII
Unit 19 R. Sales Report : Adding a filter button XVIII
Unit 20 S. Sales Report : Filter form, parts and line
Unit 21 U. Sales Report Customisation| Filtering Data
Unit 22 V: SalesReport: Adding Salesman UDF
Unit 23 w. Sales report Customisation : Alignment and arranging files
Unit 24 X : Sales Report customisation : Alignment II
Unit 25 Y : Sales Register Alignment Issues 3
Unit 26 Z : Sales Report removing extra blank column
Unit 27 Sales Register 27 : Filtering collection
Unit 28 28 : Sales Report Customisation | Solving Filter issue
Module 13 How to Create Tables and sub forms?
Unit 1 How to Create an Yes/No Table in Tally through TDL
Unit 2 Create a sub form
Unit 3 Repeat attribute in a line.
Unit 4 How to create a salesman Table in Tally
Unit 5 How to Create the Salesman Table -2
Unit 6 How to add a Salesman Table in the Sales Voucher Entry
Unit 7 T. Sales Report Customisation : Adding a table to filter
Module 14 Practical Invoice Customisation - Poonam Corporation Complete Customisation
Unit 1 Invoice Printing from scratch I
Unit 2 Invoice Printing II
Unit 3 Invoice Printing III
Unit 4 Invoice printing Customization IV
Unit 5 Invoice Printing V
Unit 6 Invoice Printing from scratch VI
Unit 7 Invoice customisation VII
Unit 8 Invoice Customisation VIII : Poonam Corporation
Unit 9 Case Study : Border issue in the Poonam Corporation
Module 15 Free Resources(Only for the Life Time Course)
Unit 1 Free Bonus Gift
Module 16 Buttons in Tally
Unit 1 Buttons in Tally TDL
Module 17 How to create a new Menu?
Unit 1 How to Create your own menu? 1
Module 18 Sample Projects
Unit 1 How to Activate the Sample Projects in TDL
Unit 2 Sample Projects : Browse URL open any site from Tally Application
Module 19 Variables in Tally TDL
Unit 1 Variables : Chapters I
Unit 2 2. Variables Chapter II
Unit 3 3. Variables: Chapters III
Unit 4 4. Variables: Chapter IV
Module 20 Out of Course
Unit 1 What is Learning?
Module 21 Challenge Zone : Only for the lifetime Course student
Unit 1 Challenge 1: Print Invoice and gateway pass from the single entry
Unit 2 Code Challenge II :
Unit 3 Complex Invoice Customisation Challenge
Module 22 Negative Stock Bloking
Unit 1 Negative stock blocking
Unit 2 2. Negative Stock Blocking: Playing with the Field Definition  - Preview
Module 23 How to upload Image in the Master
Unit 1 1. Upload Image to the Ledger Master
Unit 2 2. Image Upload in Master
Module 24 Switch N Options
Unit 1 Switch N Options
Module 25 Item Allocations
Unit 1 A. Item Allocations How to do batch allocations form coding?
Unit 2 B. Item Allocations - II
Unit 3 C. Item Allocations: Taking the field value in the main voucher Entry Screen
Unit 4 D. Item Allocations: Understanding default Tally's behaviour
Unit 5 E. Item Allocations 5 | Add a total field in the batch allocation form
Unit 6 F. Item Allocations : Calculating Total Qty in the Batch allocation Form
Module 26 Excel Modules
Unit 1 Excel Integration : Read and write Excel File 1
Unit 2 2. File Input Output | Write a note pad file through TDL!
Unit 3 File Input output 3
Unit 4 4. Excel Writing
Unit 5 Import Cash Vouchers from Excel- 1
Unit 6 2. Excel Importing
Unit 7 3. Excel Importing
Unit 8 4. Excel Importing
Unit 9 5. Excel Importing
Unit 10 6. Excel Importing
Unit 11 7. Excel Import
Unit 12 8. Excel Importing
Unit 13 9. Excel Importing
Unit 14 10. Excel Importing
Unit 15 11. Excel Importing
Unit 16 12. Excel Importing
Unit 17 13. Excel Importing
Unit 18 14. Excel Importing
Unit 19 15. Excel Importing
Unit 20 16. Excel Importing
Unit 21 17. Excel Importing
Unit 22 18. Excel Importing
Unit 23 19. Excel Importing
Unit 24 20. Excel Importing
Unit 25 21. Excel Importing
Module 27 Functions in TDL
Unit 1 1. Basics of Functions
Unit 2 2. Basics of Functions
Unit 3 Do you know how to run SQL Query in Tally?
Unit 4 Let's write a wonderful Function and use a collection with this function! (This is surely awesome)
Module 28 Columnar Sales Report How to code Existing Reports
Unit 1 Columnar Sales Report : How to code
Unit 2 Columnar Sales Register II
Unit 3 3. Adding a new Column in the Columnar Sales Report
Module 29 Dubai Sales Invoice
Unit 1 Dubai Sales Invoice 1
Unit 2 2. Dubai Vat Invoice Customisation
Unit 3 3. Dubai Vat Invoice
Unit 4 4. Dubai VAT Invoice
Unit 5 5. How to customise Dubai Vat Invoice; Addressing Address Part
Unit 6 6. Dubai Vat Invoice
Unit 7 Dubai Vat Invoice customisation Part 7
Unit 8 Dubai Vat Invoice: Advanced customisation
Unit 9 Adding Page Breaks in Invoice
Module 30 xml and json (Very helpful to become an expert in Tdl and Integration of Tally data)
Unit 1 xml/json  - Preview
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