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First of all I want to welcome you to the TDL Course, Cultivate a Successful Learning Tally.ERP 9/ TDL! Before we jump in, I want you to get to know me a little better. I am a simple and ordinary guy like you. My name is Mahendra Rana! I’m from Rajkot city of India. I came up many ups and down in my life same like you. Same like You, I struggled and never give up! Every time I stand up and fight back! But Here, I don’t want to publish my life story. My aim is that we should be comfortable with each other and we should know each other so that we learn and teach news things to each other. Yes, it is true. I learn a lot of things from my students. They face a problem. They shares me their problems and issues and I tries to find out the maximum possible way to sort out those issues I can assure you that I am best to teach you Accountancy and Tally once you start interact with me, you will realise that I am not boosting. I will certainly boost your confidence and will make you expert in Accounts. So, before we go to dive into the world of Accountancy and Tally, please share introduce about yourselves in the comment section. And yes, if you have any issue or question, you can post your query by way of comment in the lecture section. I will sort out your issue on the priority basis.

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    Thank you a lot for giving your knowledge to those who wants it. I just started the course. Thanks again

  2. srinivas rao says:

    Hi..This is srinivas from Andhra Pradesh, After long time (9 Years) i am back to accountancy, With your articles and learning sessions i am very confident and very happy to say, definitely i will be successful accountant.

  3. Prasanna Pathak says:

    Hello my self Prasanna from Washim smallest district of Maharashtra
    From last 16 years me & my brother providing IT services in this district
    It was my aim to be a software programmer, but due to some reasons we have to
    start computer services & after that IT sales & services business
    My interest in programming attract toward TDL Training Program.
    It is also my context to give total it solutions to my customers under one roof.


    1. Hello Prasanna,

      Glad to know about you. Even I have a strong desire since long to become a programmer and this desire pushed me to Tally TDL because it is of great help to automate works in Tally.ERP 9 and perform much better.

      Just to let you know that whenever I get time from Tally.ERP 9, Tally TDL, I utilise that time to learn PHP, JAVA, Ruby on Rails etc coding languages to take my coding skill to the new height.
      The bottom line is always keep learning something, we don’t know when we will need and when it will help us immensely

      1. I believe we have provided you all the information as well as how to join the course.
        its up to you know what to do.

        If you want to join, you can join else you can ignore this course and can learn TDL on your own.

        1. Rasarasan S says:

          Dear Mr.Rana

          i have more than 3.5 decades of experience in finance and accounts and worked in various industry in India as well as abraod, then i came back to home town last year.

          Now just 6 month back i started my own consulting company in chennai

          And where ever i go i recommend tally to all or my clients

          i am having well exposure in tally erp 9 as well as tally prime but i want to learn TDL to customize for my clients.

          please advise how many month will take to learn and become expertise in TDL (iam an advance learner as i have software knowledge in ERP as i did IMPACT EP in SSI software and was working in a Software company as Functional consultant for all accounting costing & finance modules for their software products.

          awaiting for your advise

          1. Hello S.Rasarasan,
            Thanks for sharing about you.
            I have sent you an email and addresses your concern.
            Hope it will be suffix.
            Please revert back or call us if you have any more concern

  4. Mira Hasan says:

    This is Mira…. I did introduce in the Tally.ERP9…. Thank you Guru…. Great Course……
    You are a True Guru as you are sharing all your experience and knowledge to us plus he cares about our progress. I thank God for finding his website…… So Mahendra, that term True Guru fits you…. Thank you so much Guru..

  5. I am Rahul Jinde from Pune, Maharashtra, India. I have completed my Graduation in Commerce. After graduation, I had immediately joined to Towel Export Company in Solapur, Maharashtra, India as an Account Assistant. In recent era most of the organization uses Tally for accounting purpose. In our company Tally uses full fledged with inventory & taxation module. I have learned a lot in our organization. I do share one interesting event happened while doing service. Tally had launched one scheme for students ‘Earn while Learn’. I have participated & done more that 10 activation while learning Tally on that scheme. Its given inspiration to my career in Tally. After successful completion of my 8 years service, I have decided to move Pune.

    When I have decided to move Pune, I have two options shall I go with again service or business. I have decided to go with business. But again so many question in front of me which business, etc?. With the help of my ‘Guru’s, My Family Members, Friends I have chosen my career in Tally World & I have become Tally Partner recently. I have well knowledge of Tally.ERP9 but again If you want survive in the field of Tally, you should know TDL. So, I have decided to learn TDL & joined most experienced person Mr. Mahendra Rana Sir. Its a absolutely very wonderful learning experience with him & his organization. Long way to go now.

    Thanks for giving opportunity to me introduce myself.

  6. This is Thaha from Kerala. I am aged 53, and if age doesn’t matter, I am a student! I haven’t academic qualification other that Secondary school. For the last 30 years I have been working in Gulf countries, and working as an accountant since 12 years. Although I never learnt any accountancy course my experience made me an accountant. I have seen many accountants use Tally very easily, since then I wanted to learn it. I got an older version of Tally from a friend and just tried to learn it myself. Even it feels easy, there is much more to learn it. I never used it professionally, but now much interested to learn it from an expert like from you!.
    My language is very poor and I think I can improve it by communicating with you. I have been in your mailing list but, I didn’t read all your posts. Luckily, I read this special offer to learn tally…(thanks God and thanks Mr. Mahendra sir) and I appreciate your effort to teach students like me with a very cheep and affordable money.
    Thanks a lot

    1. Hello Thaha,

      Glad to meet you and thanks for introducing yourself. Come on, Age is never related to learning! My father learnt Computer at the age of 60 and today at the age of 77 years he is working on the computer and earning a very decent amount. Thorugh he doesn’t know much about Computer even not how to copy paste file etc but he can operate the Autocade software in the computer and since he is having experience of 40 years in the field of Machine Desing. IIT Mech Draughtsman so he can manage his work
      One of my students is 74 years retired bank employee learning Tally through me. So, learning and education background are is a never a barrier learn something. Even I consider myself a lifetime student as I have yet to learn so many things.

      So, the bottom line is always keep learning, never stop learning we don’t know when our knowledge will be useful at which stage of life.

      My aim is to train people at the most affordable fees and to make them expert in the field of Tally.ERP 9 and Tally TDL.

      You will learn many things here

  7. Anirban Bhattacharya says:

    I’m Anirban Bhattacharya from Kolkata, West Bengal. At present I’m working with a reputed NGO as senior Accounts Staff. I’ve nealy 14 years experience in Accounting, Statutory Obligations, Implementation, Training & Placement. A week ago I was a little bit confused whether I would switch to other application for better career prospect. I mailed several times to Mahendra Sir seeking his valuable advice. Respected Sir has resolved all of my queries & advised to stick to my domain & learn Tally TDL to enhance my career opportunity. That’s why I’ve joined Tally TDL course without further delay. Thank you Mahendra Sir.

    1. Hello Anirban,

      Thanks for your joining Tally Mentors and your introduction. I believe when we are are a critical stage of life, changing the domain brings more trouble because we have to utilise much more stress, strengths and resources and if the things don’t go well as per your plan, it break down us if we don’t have a good backup support. Because that is an unseen sea where we don’t know how deep water level is. But within our domain area where we spent so many years we knows each and every corner of the water level so, we just need to apply some new technique to get things done. A new way, a new approach
      Apart from this learning something new in life is always good, Always keep learning but we should be able to apply those learning at the earliest to strive in the field.

      Of course, I love to learn something new always. But my approach is that the new thing should be related to my domain so that it can be beneficial to me in one or another way.I had a resolution since last year. That is to learn one new coding language every year to boost up my knowledge and my skill. We don’t know when we need something new in our life so better to learn some
      Why programming languages because I know Tally.ERP 9, I know Tally TDL Now If I learn a good programming language like PHP or JAVA etc I can make a web-based Tally.ERP 9 application which integrates to cloud and it is beneficial to many clients
      So, keep the prospects and possible market while learning something new

  8. Ravi Purohit says:

    Hi I am Ravi Purohit ..I m in my business…to learn and understand tally from depth is my passion….that’s why I here…I am here only for learning this beautiful and simple software…


    1. Hello Ravi,
      Thanks for joining Tally Mentors glad to know about you. I love people’s passion for Tally.ERP 9 I am sure all of us we learn many things from each other by exchanging our views, thoughts and struggle story.

  9. Mahmadimran Masani says:

    Hi I am imran. Basically i m from Mahuva (Gujarat) Currently i m living in congo. Learning is my passion that’s why i m here and i hope for bright future of everybody who is doing hardwork.

  10. Bankim Desai says:

    I am bankim Desai. Passion of learning programming language

  11. Jayesh Varghese says:

    Hi Sir,

    My name is jayesh and am from kerala. I have completed my graduation in commerce,presently working in Sharjah as accounts executive

  12. saravanan vembu says:

    Hi sir, This is Saravanan from chennai basically i am a non-commerce student and in the field of marketing over 10 plus years. I worked with tally partner in academy marketing and now in tally sales. Both me and my wife are in Tally. she is in tally support and good at accounts and tally. Now i just want to get specialized in TDL

  13. Durairajan Balasubramanian says:

    Dear Mr.Mahendra Rana, thanks for the chance which you provided me to learn the wonderful TDL & Tally ERP-9 combo online course.
    Thanks & Regards,

  14. saravanan vembu says:

    Hi sir, This is Saravanan and i have completed Bsc computer science and i was in tally academy marketing for 12plus years. now in tally sales. doing traditional marketing now learning digital media too. i am not so good at tally and out of my own interest i want to learn TDL. Digital marketing and TDL is my interest of learning. thank you for your support.

  15. Rakesh Tripathi says:

    i know about your health is not well so we we pray to god quick recovery of your health

    Rakesh Tripathi

  16. dhananjay dongre says:


  17. Johar Chhil says:

    Hi Sir, Iam from Hyderabad & Accountancy field done B.Tech, now doing distribution business and keeping all business activity in Tally, Need to learn TDL so that i can design/modify my report as per company needs.

  18. Mohanraj Samon says:

    I am mohanraj working has software support enginner past 15 years shoper product. No i am interst to learn tdl. please help me….

  19. NILESH TAJANE says:


    My name is Nilesh from Mumbai, I am working in IT industry as a Accounts Executive and i want to learn Tally TDL to increase my knowledge & experience which help me in my future career.

    I hope it will be a great experience with all of you.

    Thanks & Regards,

  20. madan roy says:

    Thanks. My name is M.M.Roy. I have used tally erp9 extensively eve n in manufacturing company using a lot of its features. However wanted to learn tdl so as to make the minor adjustments required to make tally more functional as an erp


    Thanks Sir for providing me with this wonderful platform where I feel I can transform my enthusiasm, creativity & experience into more productive ways.

    Basically, I am from Commerce background & have been catalyst for Auditing, Accounts, Taxation and Financial Operations, with complete accountability; complimented by over 15 years of experience in various organizations.

    The main objective for joining the course, to begin with, is just learning a new language, & who knows, might just move in for a full time programmer for Tally in the near future.

    But at the moment, learning the package is a utmost priority for me which I strongly believe, will not be possible without active support & guidance of Mahendra Sir….!!!!!!!


    1. Hello Amitav,
      Thanks and welcome to the Tally Mentor’s family.
      I love your introduction and the zeal to learning something new.

      Infact learning something new is always a good choice because we dont’t when we may need it badly.

  22. Rakesh Chauhan says:

    Dear Sir,

    My self Rakesh Chauhan from mumbai…i am MCITP EA certified.
    Great Learning source….

  23. Sudhanshu Bounthiyal says:

    Hi Mahinder sir and all fellow learners, This is Sudhanshu from Delhi

  24. kailash kandpal says:

    I am kailash from haldwani, uttarakhand . i am a 3 star CP from tally.
    i joined this course to boost my business,knowledge and to give best support
    to my valuable customers.

  25. Sajeev Kumar says:

    Dear sir,

    My name Sajeev, i have been working as an accountant in construction co. in UAE since 10 yrs, and i have good exp. in tally training and tally sales services. i looking for good programmer in tdl background.

    Thanks & Regards


  26. Arpit Agarwal says:

    I am Arpit Agarwal from Siliguri W.B, my dream to learn TDL in tally.i want to lean tdl to increase my knowledge and experience.

  27. kedar.wattamwar says:


  28. pm.mohanani says:

    Good Morning Sir,
    Myself Prashant.
    I had completed my Masters(2007-2009) in Computer Application From Symbiosis, Pune.
    Later learnt the US based CDMA mobile unlocking as in India no CDMA smartphones were available. again Later (2011-2014) learnt Astrology and completed the course structure.
    In Same time, joined Dad’s business and helping dad in business & my brother in Manufacturing unit( brother runs a factory) … so now, Completely into Business and GST is asking to learn TDL.
    in 2014-2015, i used to sit with students of 10th(2014) in Coaching class to learn the accounts, although i was elder amongst all but Dad taught that “There is NO age limit for learning…” alos heard from many Leraners.

    learning is a part of life now & now it has become a Hobby.
    So Why, am here is just Clear ūüôā

    Anyways, it was just a short few lines…
    hope its not a much of bother Read On.

    Thank you,

  29. Srinivasan RANGAPRASAD says:

    Hi Mahendra
    I am Srinivasan Rangaprasad working as Manager Accounts in a private limited company and i am 62 years old. I am basically a science graduate and worked as commercial officers in an MNC a few years ago and become Manager – Accounts by accident. I would like to familiarise with Tally more so that i will be confident about my work. I will be requiring your assistance in the days to come
    Thank you


  30. shyam P Gwalani says:

    I am Shyam P Gwalani. Believe in the words that ” One should earn sufficient meet his basic needs, and devote the entire time for gaining and sharing knowledge”.
    So it would be another feather in cap.

    1. Hello Shyam,
      Thanks for introducing yourself and I am very much happy to have you with us.
      I wish you best of luck for the Coding journey.

  31. technologieszen says:

    Hello Sir,
    I am Zen, I am associated with a Tally partner and works as a sales & service representative.
    Various customers ask for different reports in Tally which is not available by default.
    Thanks for making it easy for guys like me to learn this important thing so that learning and working can go simultaneously.

    1. Hello Zen,
      Welcome and congratulations for joining the online TDL course. I am confident you will make a good progress soon.

  32. Giridharan Varadharajan says:

    Iam a retired bank official now reemployed as consultant managing two companies with respect to accounts in Tally ERP9 Including GST Taxation/
    I have a basic exposure in Tally TDL.
    I require your guidance for enriching more knowledge in TDL there by to utilise the same in my assignment.

  33. yusufzaias says:

    hello sir
    aslam here , working as a accountant in dubai right now, i don’t come from accounting background but as u said we can learn anything if we want,so i jumped into account and still learning new thing everyday and i hope will learn more here in your captaincy
    i didn’t know importance of TDL till now , but it’s really much needed concept for better accounting , thank u sir for giving platform to people like me
    glad to be here ,looking forward to explore art of accounting

    aslam khan

  34. emailtojaleel says:

    Good Evening Sir,
    I am Jaleel, a tax consultant based at kerala. I joined this course to understand and study TDL. I think knowledge in TDL helps me to boost my work speed a lot.
    Thanking you

  35. dineshnewhira says:

    Good evening
    My name is dinesh ,settled in dubai ,working as sales executive & data feeder in tally , i used to love computers and software ,since last 2 years i am doing entries in tallys but it is very large software easy to use but so much to learn,i want to learn tally more in depth and go ahead with tdls to customize tally , i think i have come at right place

  36. says:

    Hello Mr Mahendra,

    Good to know about you and your service in teaching accounts and tally. Am a Chartered Accountant having served as CFO in a few companies and at present into teaching finance for CAs CMAs etc in Hosur (near Bangalore). Am also into selective practice. For one of my clients I was looking for a quality TDL writer but couldnt suceed getting a right one. When i visited your page, I felt that it is easy and so here I am. I submit myself now to learn tdl writing
    Kindly help me succeed.

    1. Hello Raghvan,
      Thanks and welcome to join the Tally Mentor’s club.
      Learn TDL or any coding language are easy but it needs lot of time, practice and patience.
      Basics can be learn easily but when we dive deeper it takes a lot of time, testing, reading and writing codes. The more you write and read, the more you will get it.
      Especially after learning the basic, reading and testing the source code are very beneficially, though that is a very tough task to understand them

  37. Laxmikant Naik says:

    Hi ! Good Evening ! I am Laxmikant Naik, leaving in Aurangabad ( Maharashtra ). I am Tally 3 star Channel Partner. I am in IT field last 23 years, starting as hardware and networking engg.

  38. Rajesh Upadhyay says:

    Good morning sir,
    I’m Rajesh Upadhyay and in search of learning tdl , I think I have reached the right destination.
    I will be very thankful if I become able to do coding.
    Thank you for your efforts

  39. DEEPAK SAWANT says:

    Hello Sir

    I am B.Comm and working as A/c Manager in private limited company in Mumbai.

    I have complete knowledge of Tally ERP.9. I wanted to learn TDL for customization of various reports in tally.

  40. DEEPAK SAWANT says:

    Hello Sir

    I have complete knowledge of Tally ERP.9. I wanted to learn TDL for customization of various reports in tally.

  41. Rani Kahar says:

    Hello SIr i want to customizaed Invoice as per my requirement please help me

  42. UDAY SHUKLA says:

    I am UDAY SHUKL , from Ahmedabad. I am developer (Freelancer). I met some businessmen who have been using Tally for few years. They are fully comfortable with tally, but they want some customization in tally. They approached me for that. So I came to know that there is a TDL through such kind of customization is possible. Then I found you on net. And join you.

  43. customisation says:

    I am Dileep Mishra from Ara,Bihar.I have done BE in Computer science & engineering from RGTU,Bhopal in 2016 with 7.4 CGPA. Recently I joined MBMH Smart Innovator as a software developer(TDL Developer)

  44. Hello, My name is Jagrit Goel, I am from Dehradun City, capital of Uttarakhand, I am a simple graduate, holding BSC degree and basis coding knowledge, we DevBhoomi Consulting (P) ltd. are also certified partner of Tally solutions, I would like to to learn TDL because it will help us in boosting sales through customize solution. every SME has its own kind of requirement, and he wants the things exectly like that, earlier I was searching for TDL programmer but I didnt get a single one, so I decided to learn TDL, it will increase the understanding the tally in out, and at the same time we can correctly analyze the exact problem of client and provide the right solution in the minimum frame time.

  45. Hi
    I am Shamir Ahmed working as sales cum support manager at a company in Dubai, we are a tally partner here , i would like to enhance my knowledge with TDL development so i can better server my customers.

  46. I live in Hyderabad. I did, I have experience of 16 years in accounting. I want to learn TDL which can help me in my profession.

  47. sricomputerskarur says:

    Hi, I am Sathishkumar, Sri Computers, Karur. I have better knowledge in tally and accounts. And having little bit ideas about TDL. I want to customize my tally for my bussines needs and also for my clients. So I am here to learn TDL.

  48. vikkykumarjha says:


  49. gautampal_2005 says:

    I am Gautam Pal now working in KS& DL as a Officer. My technical knowledge on tally is not upto mark. My collegues technically better than me regarding tally and computer knowledge. I have to depend on them. They are getting benefit for this descripencies. So I want your guide about matter.

  50. azhar.scar says:

    My name is Azhar Qazi. I am a Mechanical Engineer currently handling Design and Development, and Process optimization at Precihole Sports Pvt. Ltd. based in Thane, Maharashtra.
    I am currently trying to improve the usage of Tally in our organization. The Current usage of tally was not up to mark and lot of manual modifications and alterations in stock values were required. Many processes were not being followed correctly and lot of duplication of items were occurring.
    As a part of process optimization i was involved in Production process improvement. After that i developed a custom google sheet app for my sales team to manage their order booking and reports. Next on target was Accounting data and Stock. This is were i got involved with Tally. Initially i was very skeptical about tally. It being a very basic software (Also it has a very bad UI) compared to the softwares that i use like 3D CAD for product development, Visual Coding softwares like webflow, photoshop etc. We could not invest in SAP, so i decided to work on tally and see what best can be done. During this, i realised that Tally customization is something that would be essential so that all processes can be done as per requirement of my team. I searched youtube videos and tried my hand at few TDL’s here and there, but i couldn’t find a proper structured course and support. After few searches on google i came across Tallynine website and when i saw the course content i immediately bought it.
    I am hoping to learn this ASAP so that i can develop few custom TDL’s for my team.

    1. Hi Azhar,
      Welcome to the Mentor’s gang.
      Even though your background is something else, I always believe an educational background is the least effective to learn something.
      Do you know that you were one of those few students who have cleared their first online assignment with 100% correct answers.
      Most of the student were failed in that assignment itself. The reason of their failure is their lack or reading ability.
      We tend to go fast without going carefully and it leads to failure.

  51. Hi.. Mahendraji…

    Myself Sunil, practicing Chartered Accountant from Chennai.. from my school days I had craze in writing Programming Codes, even I tried my hands on Tally TDL but couldn’t succeed. I was happy when I saw your portal for TDL learning but It took a while for me to get enrolled. Now, as I am enrolled will be surely looking to learn, earn and also provide as an Add-on service to my Clients in the course try to fulfill my craze of writing Programming codes..

  52. Hi Rana Sir,
    i am dhananjay from kolhapur, since last 20 years working with verity of technologies, currently Android & PHP, since two years working as TDL developer having very little knowledge of TDL, wants to learn customization in proper way.
    Need your help for same

  53. Poonam Goswami says:

    Hi all /Mahendra sir,I am Poonam. A homemaker and a Small time computer operator.Starting my journey to TDL from Today.


  54. Adil Hussain Shah says:

    Oh i am a bit nervous!! About myself what should i comment? I am from a middle class family, I am a permanent resident of Jammu & kashmir. My birth place is Srinagar, and i am very happy to say that my heart says that with your guidance i will reach to the heart of Tally development, which means that i will be able to trickle with the tally TDL coding. I had done Graduation in computers, and i am a good learner of programing languages, my favourite programing language was Turbo C and C++… But i have never done any projects i have also learnt Java but not completed the Java language as well, It was my bad luck. But i started practising accounts with my father, he is an accountant since 1979 , and i am 29 years old. Brother please be my side, as i want to be proficient with Tally source code to customise the whole Tally software as and when needed. You seem to be very helpful. I dont consider the course fee to any kind of matter for anyone who want to learn TDLs.. Thanks again Brother Mahendra

  55. Kartik Kumar Vizayanagaram says:

    Hi! This is Kartik here. I am working as a software consultant with one of the leading Tally Partner in Dubai. I have even worked directly with Tally Solutions in Support desk when they were operating from Mumbai. This many years it was my keen interest to Learn Tally Development Language. I am happy to be the part of this training. Mahendar Sir, I was regularly been in touch with you through whatsapp, finally during my this vacation I enrolled myself. Looking forward to be a professional TDL programmer though I don’t have any programming language.

  56. Mukul Varadpande says:

    Hi I am Mukul from today I am join TDLonline Course

  57. Aalap Shah says:


    I am Aalap Shah

    I have joined this course for solving my own business query and also find solution for my question in tally .

    I am basically a BBA graduate and handling my father’s business.

    I hope with help of your expertise I will make it clear.

    thank you

  58. crazyraju23 says:

    Hi Mahendra Sir,
    Am From Guntur, Want to Learn TDL With Your Support, Bless Me Sir

  59. Hi Sir
    I am Vinay Ruparel From Maharashra, I am Commerce Graduate, I have made application in foxpro dos version for accounts and schools, basically I have started my courier with data entry in Paper mill as accountant, they used a software made by local programmer which was in clipper, later the company allow me to develop and modify their current software.
    Before few days i Came to know about Tally TDL course from face book and I am very much interested to learn this. So I am thankful from which I got about Tally TDL language.

  60. Mohd Mahmood ali khan says:

    Hi sir,

    I am MOHD MAHMOOD ALI KHAN (SABER), professional accounts Officer in company, but previously i did Job as tally Partner in my place. i completed some task from tallysolutions like TSSP, Teach Tally to Government batches (around 600 students), Sell Tally packs and customized and design the chart of accounts. VAT, Excise, ST, TDS, TCS and payroll transactions i did in various organisation as a tally partner and service partner.

    i have very zeal to learn TDL. i hope, you make me perfect.

    i very thankful to you to provide this opportunity to us. to learn and guidance.
    i can’t add your name whatsapp.

    Thanks sir,

  61. says:

    Hi, this is Narendra.
    I want to explore the possibilities in Tally ERP using TDL and make life easier at work.


  62. vrckandalai says:

    My name is Venkata Ramana Chary Kandalai, Accounts Manager in a Pvt Ltd company, want to learn the TDL.


  63. aksakthivel says:

    I am Kaliappan Sakthivel, doing customised applications to my clients in the areas want to learn TDL.

  64. irfan shaikh says:

    hi sir, my self i am irfan shaikh i am interested to learn tdl language i am account manger in pvt ltd company i want to create my individual profile in tally customization , tdl language i am very thankful to yu to give me appropriate platform to boost my carrier .. thnx lot

  65. ZAHIRUDDIN Moosa says:

    Thank you, Mr. Mahendra. I am Zahir from Chennai. Have over 30 years experience in accounting and auditing, currently working in a CA firm. I also do freelance accounting. Interested in using TDL programing especially for integration.

  66. Shubham Rokade says:

    Hi Mahenda, My name is Shubham Rokade. I am Software Developer in Bizsense Solution Nagpur. I need detail study of tally database as I want interegrate it to some third party application. Hope this course will help me.

  67. sujatha varadharajan says:

    i am sujatha , working as an accountant in a small growing company.

  68. Hetal Mota says:

    Myself Hetal Mota I have completed MCOM in Finance & Accounting…

  69. MAHESH MODI says:


  70. Rakesh Nakade says:

    Myself Rakesh and currently i’m having 9+ year of experiance IT and would like to learn TDL language as secondary skill and like to work as freelancer

  71. Shyam Sankar says:

    Hi Mahendra, My name is Shyam, I am from Thrissur, Kerala. By profession I am a Cost Accountant having additional qualification in Information System Audit (CISA) and in Internal Audit(CIA). I am having overall more than 20 years of techno-functional experience across India and Middle East in different business Verticals. I love coding and would like to learn and explore more about TDL Functionality. Hope, I will able to learn and complete this course successfully with your advise and support. Looking forward to associate with you more closely during our learning process. Thanks in advance.

  72. Rishi Kumar says:

    My name is Rishi Kumar Kumar srivastava,I am 35 years & I belong to Prayagraj ( Allahabad) uttar pradesh but living in Lucknow becz of job. now my curiosity about TDL bring me here.
    thanks to Mahendra sir who has given me a great chance to learn TDL in his guidance.

  73. Ajit Kotagi says:

    Sir, Myself Ajit Kotagi from Kolhapur Maharashtra. Working in accounts dept of a pharma company. Recently our company had implemented tally erp 9 for accounting purpose. My aim is to learn to TDL is to learn tally better than others and support managment by satisfaying their queries. I also work part time after office hours in this fields to earn some additional. This helps to meet with more people like FA, accountants, GST practinioners etc and gain more knowledge. I hope working with TDL will definetly help me in my earnings.


  74. Anuj Mittal says:

    I Am Anuj Mittal From Delhi , I am A Business Person. I want To Learn TDL Course For Changing in Tally .

  75. Hi Sir,
    Myself Kumar G, I after completing pre-university education in commerce, i started my education towards CA by clearing entrance exam – CA CPT, then cleared my inter – CA IPCC, completed 3 years of Intership in Chartered Accountant firm with good level of knowledge in field of accounting, taxation, audit, law, finance. Later worked as senior accountant in the one of KPO, who provides outsourcing w.r.t bookkeeping & payroll.
    Now, it been a year, i quit my job, in order to clear CA Final & to get qualified.
    This is my career story.

  76. Ozair Ahmad says:

    My name is Ozair Ahmed. I’m from a medium family. I did a D.C.A. course from a local computer center. After that I worked for D.T.P. but I did not mind and quit this job, it may be that I was interested in mathematics.
    Coincidentally, my friend Dhananjay Singh met me the manager of a school. I was asked to build a school software in Visual Basic, while the school manager himself had made it in FoxPro.
    At that time I didn’t know much about Visual Basic, nor was the Internet easily accessible. Anyway, I took the plunge of software development. Under the supervision of the manager, I started making software and completed the work in three months; Al-Hamdullah.
    At the same time I realized that it was very important for me to get an account knowledge. I got D.K. Goel‚Äô book and start reading 11th and 12th books by himself, and started practicing on his own at Tally and I learned Tally with the help of A.K. Nandhani’s book ‚ÄúImplementing Tally‚ÄĚ.
    My friend Dhananjay Singh has got me a job of teaching account and Tally at Aptech Computer Center. After that I got into an account job at the Arabian Transport and Contracting Company in Muscat and I returned to my home country after working there for two and a half years.
    I got office work at school in my city at Modern Public School run by Er. Shahid Anwar (B.Tech, M.Tech ‚Äď IIT Kanpur).
    After coming GST, I quit the office job and stepped in the market and found a work for a firm. I started to handle the work of SAREE Production. Since I was asked to do SAREE production through Job Work. It took a month to produce the Job Work of working 3 hours. Then I imported Sales Voucher’s Inventory Entry into Excel and made a software in VBA to transfer it from Excel to Tally, and currently with the help of VBA I am handling the production through Job Work of 13 firms.
    Now I feel the need for TDL so I have joined this course. After joining it, it feel me I’m no longer alone. I can learn and teach a lot from my teacher Rana Sahib and my colleague; Insha Allah. My India is great.

    1. Hi Ozair Ahmad,
      Thanks for sharing your story. Really impressed after reading your struggle and the way you are learning the things. you are a truely fighter who never give up the things. I am sure you will be a very good programmer for TDL and in other languages.

  77. VEL MURUGAN T says:

    I am T.Vel Murugan Just now I have Purchased the this on line course to learn and study td9.
    I am Having Master Degree of M.Com., And working as a part-time Accountant and Softwear Consultant
    for the past 10 years. I know foxpro coding only. This is also not working in 64 bit machines. For that
    I have to change my Carrier. So once again i thanked Mr. Mahendra Rana to teach this course.

  78. Sahyadri Pawar says:

    I am Sahyadri Pawar Just Joint Online Course I am working in Law College i want to Changes in Tally

  79. umang shah says:

    Hello Sir, My Name is Umang Asitbhai Shah.I am Ca Inter and working in a Private limited Company as a chief Accountant for last five years. While working I know the importance of TDL in Tally and theefore here to learn the same.

    Thank U.

  80. VEL MURUGAN T says:

    I am very Glad to Learn TDL that is very easy. It is very easy to go through the topics
    very fast. And i have to gothrough the topice Once Again . ThankYou

  81. Vijay Simhan says:

    Hi Sir, I am Vijay from pondicherry i am into business , want to make a new tdl for my industrial requirement.

  82. ATUL GADEKAR says:


    This is Atul Gadekar, from Mumbai, Maharashtra. I am interested in learning this course to help myself in do well not only in Tally software but other areas as well.

    Thanks for the wonderful opportunity, I am a slow learner but will like to devote whatever time I get.

  83. S Rajesh Kannan says:

    Hi, My name is Rajesh Kannan. I am a partner of a firm based at Hosur, Tamilnadu. We deal with Information technology products ranging from consumables, accessories to laptops, desktops, servers, networking, surveillance systems. Also, we are 3 start certified partner for Tally Solutions and Partner for Dell and Microsoft.

    My experience with Tally is since 2004 and got associated as partner since 2008. I also teach and support Tally. I have a little knowledge on programming.

    Now, I would like to learn TDL to support my clients for their customised requirements. I tried learning TDL myself and could not. I have been trying for years and somehow it was getting delayed. I hope i will succeed this time.

  84. GIRISH PESWANI says:

    I am Girish Peswani from M/s. BEST ELECTRONICS , Mumbai , I work as a Business Development executive here and we offer System integration services for IT products and peripherals to the SMB market here in Mumbai.

    Most of my customers use Tally.ERP and are always dissatisfied with their existing Tally Service Providers and hence they reach out to me for assistance.

    I try to help them by referring them to Tally Certified Partners known to me still i see a lot of GAP in the market between expectations and deliverables by the so called Tally Certified Partner framework created by M/s TSPL

    My Goal is to reach out to bridge the Gap in the Tally ECO System and earn a position by raising the bar / benchmark of customer satisfaction and assisting the customer to adopt Technology and Tally more effectively

    Thanks to Tally Guru Mahendra ji to have created this Platform for learning and networking with fellow Tally experts and Programmers , i feel will be able to confidently achieve my Goal and make a career in this tally Eco system at the same time.

  85. Mahesh Paranjape says:

    Namaskar ! Myself Mahesh Paranjape from Ratnagiri , Maharashtra Proprietor – Owner Of Business Firm “Horizon Technologies” . We are Dealers , Resellers Of Computer Hardware & Software , Associated with Tally As 3-Star Certified since last 5-7 years .without TDL knowledge it is hardly possible to do tally business. So I have started TDL learning. Thank you Mahendra Sir.

  86. NIMESH MP says:

    Hi Sir,
    This is Nimesh from Wayanad.
    I have read the students testimonials and I know I am at the right place.
    Thank you.

  87. Vipul Shah says:

    Hi Sir
    I am Vipul Shah from Pratiksha Software Himatnagar Gujarat.
    I am software developer and vendor. Before GST Regim I used to Sell my own software which i developed in DOS. Now i have two company dealership in my area.
    I love accountancy and i dont know much about tally but i better know this Tally is very good fro accountancy. Coding is my hobby and work so I join here.Hope for the best.

    1. Vishal Vaishnav says:

      Hello Sir,
      My self Vishal vaishnav from assam. I have completed BSC and done MBA and I have been working with tally software since 2007. I have worked as a tally trainer and also a sales person in past time. I have been also working as an freelance accountant for last 10+ years on tally platform. Just now I am working as a channel partner of tally and as GSTP also in Jorhat Assam. I wanted to learn tdl but I had no idea where from do i start and how can i learn tdl, i had no idea. But as i meet you I felt you are perfect guy to make me TDL developer and really you are super cop sir. You are guru and give me a chance to prove my self. Thank a lot to you sir.

  88. Silambarasan Ponnusamy says:

    Hi sir, This is silambarasan. I am a employee in pvt ltd company. I’m very much interested in tally and customization of tally. Looking your support to become a TDL Developer and achieve my dreams.
    Thank you.

  89. seema kasliwal says:

    Dear sir,
    My self Seema Kasliwal from Kishangarh Rajasthan. We are franchise of Aptech Computer Education, IT Gyan Kendra of RKCL and Associated with as Tally 3- Star Certified Partner. From Long time I was searching TDL trainer, I suppose now I am a right place.

    Seema Kasliwal

  90. Bhavik Tankaria says:

    Jay Mataji,

    I am very glad to join this course and really appreciate the hard work carried out by Mahendrabhai. You are really doing a great job which will be remembered in future.

    My name is Bhavik Tankaria and i am from Jamnagar (Currently in Malawi). I always wanted to learn TDL programme and was struggling to get help from everywhere. i came across this site and decided to join this course. i am confident that this course will definitely end my search for the guru who can show me the path to achieve success in my passion for learning Tally TDL.

    Mahendrabhai, you are doing great job.


    I Sambhaji Shinde from Pune Maharashtra , I am Accountant working from 20 years but now i have many problems in getting updated with the tally, but now i will be able to get it updated. Thanks now i get the real way to go to next updates of tally . I am trying my work since from 4 to 5 years to get updated
    I am working with CA as a Senior Accountant from 20 years. I am doing my Individual clients also but i cant give the service to their office
    thank i will go better in future


    1. agarwal.mandeep says:

      I am Pratyush Agrawal from Jaigoan, as of now I am in 9th standard, studying in Sahyadri school KFI. My father had recommnded me this course and thereby I wanted to participate in it. Taking full advantage of the COVID-19 lockdown, I will do this course with full spirits.

      – Thanks for making this course

  92. BALAJI KESAVAN says:

    Happy morning
    I am K.Balaji from Chennai I am very much interested in learning Tally TDL course. I have become as a student during May 2019 but unfortunately I am unable to start learning. Today 29.04.2020 I am putting my first step in TDL learning.

    Need your support

  93. RUPESH THAKUR says:

    I am Rupesh from Mumbai and I have 10+ years experience in accountancy. I want to learn TDL course for understanding and implementation process in tally. I want to learn whole concept of tally when it relates to accoutancy for easier usage.

  94. Rajkumar ganapathy says:

    Dear Mr. Mahendra Sir,
    Thanks for your initiation to start a TDL training course. I am Rajkumar Ganapathy from Trichy, Tamil Nadu. My profession is Sales & Marketing. It is a privilege that i joined this course.


  95. Ravi Ranjan says:

    HI I’am a business man and i am using tally from last 3 YEAR and i want to create some feature in tally according to my business needs.

  96. kapalavayi Naga Suresh says:

    Hi Sir This is Naga Suresh from Vijayawada, Andhra pradesh. Presently i am working as tax consultant but i am passionate to learn computer language but some reasons i am not able to do that. present i am giving the service to my clients for tally sales and service. So many tdl’s purchased from developers i want learn tdl and develop the tdls what my clients needs. Please support me in the course.

    Thank you sir.

  97. Swaroop Kollupalli says:

    HI Sir,

    This is swaroop CA wanted to consume knowledge on undertanding TDL

  98. Udit Narayan Mehrotra says:

    Hello my self Udit Narayan Mehrotra from Varanasi. I am 68 years old having very poor health. Thanks a lot for giving knowldge. I shall try to my labourbest to gaine knowldge provided by you.

  99. camuralis says:

    Hi Mr.Mahendra
    This is Murali from Bangalore. Thank you for making me feel comfortable with you. I am using Tally for many years and wanted to learn TDL. This is a long time passion for me and hope it will come true now.


    Respected Sir
    My self Muhammad Zubair Saleem Mansoori I am a CA Final Student. Proud ourselves that such a good teacher we have got to learn many things from you.

  101. lalit kansal says:

    my self lalit kansal
    and i engaged in tax consultancy at small scale
    my intrest in learing tdl is due to customise my tally erp according to my needs as and when requires so that i can get freedom to create any type of automation and reporting solution by the tally

  102. Shankar Jaigopalan says:

    i am shankar jaigsuopalan // i always wanted to learn tally tdl to enable me to customise tally to my requirement. now having joined your course. i would like to learn from the basics of tally tdl to mastering level. since i am employed with a private company, i woul be able to pursue the course only in the night for 1 hour daily and on sunday 2 hours. Need your expertise and guidance in my requirements of TDL

  103. Shanavas vaidyarakath says:

    I am shanavas , and from Kerala and working abroad as Senior accountant in pvt firm.
    I have masters in commerce and 16 years of experience in Accounting field. I have some coding experience in Java SE , Vba and Python and I wish to learn TDl .I believe I am able to integrtate tally with xml interface . So I wish if I learn TDL I will be in a better position in my field. I wish to be a tally consultant and integration expert in near future.

  104. Kartik Kumar Vizayanagaram says:

    I am Kartikkumar V from Ahmedabad, Gujarat and working in Dubai as Software Consultant. My educational background is Bachelor of Commerce in Accountancy. I want to learn more about TALLY as it is an useful software in accounting field. Personally, I like to travel and also be around nature.
    In future, I want to be an expert trainer, developer for TALLY.

  105. Omprakash Ashtekar says:

    Hi, This is Omprakash and working in Construction Industry as Project Management-Manager
    Looking forward to learn the course.

  106. S V Aru nkumar Bharadwaj says:

    Hi, I am Arunkumar Bharadwaj from Mysore, Karnataka. I am Tally certified partner in Mysore. I am having experience of 10 years in Tally. I wanted to learn TDL courses. Because this is the field where I am lacking.

  107. Neeraj Channa says:

    HI ! I am neeraj channa, 46 years old and have experience in computer from last 1995. I am interested in programming but some circumstances i am accountant cum IT Manager in Transformer manufacturing company.

  108. Manoj Zanwar says:

    Hello !
    I am Manoj Zanwar, completed my MS (Computer Science) from US back in 2005. Worked for 6 years in US and then back to India to join family business. We are into manufacturing and exports of Corn Grits. Coding has been passion due to my education and my interest. We use Tally for our accounting. I have joined the course to do customization in tally as per our requirements, especially in Exports business. Hope to get help and guidance from you as and when needed.

    Thank you.

  109. PIYUSH TRIVEDI says:

    I am piyush . I just joined your course and am excited to learn a/c and TDL…

  110. Rahul Katheria says:

    Thanks a lot for your cooperation. I Just want to learn more and more features in TDL

  111. Hello Sir,
    I am Kiran, I am Tally Trainer, now I want to to develop TDL of my own..

  112. Mir Saiful Islam says:

    Hello Sir,
    I am Mir Saiful Islam from Bangladesh. I am an accountant. I am using Tally ERP 9 but now I want to learn TDL so that I can develop TDL Instead of buy TDL .

  113. N paparayudu says:

    i am paparayudu student previous tally servies person. i am interset tdl software devolper , buy tdl course

  114. SYED ABBAS ALI says:

    Hi Sir,

    I am Abbas I started my career in computers at the time of college studies after that worked in MNC’s learned lot of things from Mainframes to UNIX to IT admin to consultant and now in sales& support of ERP softwares. I hope this course will open doors to my customers to all solutions under one roof

  115. Darshan Singh says:

    Hi sir,
    This is darshan from Uttarakhand. I started my career as a financial analyst. I am currently facing a problem with MIS reporting. want to learn TDL to learn customization in the report which helps to minimize the time and alow to extract the fine reports. hope I will succeed

    1. Hello Darshan,

      Learning coding needs a lot of efforts, passion and struggle. just by facing problem,one can’t learn it.
      I trust you have received your refund of the full fee and I was glad to refund it.
      It would be better to hire a developer to get cutomisation instead of learning tdl because everyone can’t learn it.

  116. Veeranjaneyulu says:

    Hi All
    This is Veeranjaneyulu Dammala. Practicing as Auditor in Ananthapur of Andhra Pradesh. i am passionate to learn the TDL as it is very helpful in my routine work as it reduces the time for my accounting as well as report generation. I have just started this course now. Hope it will fulfill all my requirements in Tally extraction and accounting.

  117. Muthiah Sundaram says:

    Greetings All,
    It is my pleasure to Join with you all thru this couse of learning TDL.
    Hope to comeup with a new skill as additional backing to my current Accounting and Audit profession.
    With Cheers

  118. Saifuddin Mallick says:

    Hi, my self Saifuddin Mallick from kolkata, West Bengal. I am qualified Cost Accountant and full time employed with accounts and Tally jobs profiles for more than 13 years. I were looking for TDL course learning institutions and find this institution and enrolled the course. I hope I will learn something new….

  119. Sainath Konduri says:

    Hi My Name Sainath and I am form Hyderabad I have no clue of Accountancy but do possess the basic Knowledge of programming, I am interested to Learn Tdl as it new and requirement my employer wants me achieve for future projects.

  120. Ashish Mude says:

    I am from Nagpur. Have an experience of over 16 years. Initially worked for an education institute for around 3 years. Then joined a publication house. worked for about 2 years. Then switched over and joined a Newspaper Printing unit. Worked for around 10 years. Apart from my above experience I am a freelance software developer. Used to develop software in VB 6.0. Now working as a partner with a Tally 3* certified partner. While selling tally there is a lot of requirement for TDL’s. Have roped in 2 TDL programmers. But i myself want to learn TDL programming so that i can serve my customers.

  121. NIRANKUSH JAIN says:

    Nirankush, This side.
    I was thinking to learn these codes from more than 4 yrs. I really look forward to this course how it will improve tally for me. I want to make tally work according to my rule and choice.

  122. Sandip Joshi says:

    I am gaurav Agravat
    B.voc IT student
    Rk univercity city campus

  123. Niket Shah says:

    Hello Sir,

    I am Niket Shah from Vapi, Gujarat, currently in the business of Telecommunications, Security, Automation and we are also into Software development and provide solutions like CRM, Payroll, School ERP, etc. My reason to join this course, is to explore Tally, its integration & customization capabilities, provide solutions based on the same.

    Looking forward for a great learning experience.

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