Bizmitra GST Billing software  allows you to access your Tally ERP 9 / Prime data on your android/ mobile app in real time.

and now with bizmitra you can have the best Tally on Mobile user experience

Recently, we published a demo on Youtube showing you how to use Tally on Mobile in real time!


You can watch the video

I belongs to Accounting background and spent around 25+ years in accounting out of which mostly with Tally Software.

I used Tally since 1993-94 and I am a witness of the changes in the Tally software as well as in other software.

However, back in 2011 when I was working in Mangalore, I was quite frustrated.
Reason was that We had several branches at the remote locations. We didn’t had any qualified accountants as my employer company couldn’t afford to hire skilled resources and I have to manage everything within the resources available to me without increasing budgets or expenses.

We had to get reports from various branches and those people who prepare those reports and data weren’t qualified enough and also we have to use different software like Excel, Smart Sheets and so on and again we have to feed the same data in Tally as well as.

The whole exercise was quite time consuming, error prone and stressful  and also everything has to be repeated over and over

Moreover, in Karnataka there was e Sugam system. where the goods can’t leave the premises without raising e Sugam.

Mostly our tankers leaves the premises during mid night and so we have to open office at mid night, have to raise invoice, e Sugam. It was challenging

However, I enjoyed that job a lot but I wanted to do something better. I always believed in “automation”, “Do not repeat yourself” and error free work.

Work in one software/device and get the data/result in any software/device that was always my dream to achieve.

I didn’t know coding. I was never knowing C++, C or anything. Those words were like aliens to me.

However I always have a strong will and to sacrifice everything to achieve my dreams.

I learned TDL on my own, without any resources.

I left a very good job which I really loved a lot. I left one of the best boss who inspired me a lot who was 10 years younger to me but to achieve my dream I had to hurt him to leave the job else I couldn’t leave the job.

I left job, started full business as a Tally Partner but the path wasn’t easy for me. In the first few months we couldn’t make a single Rupee. I spent all my saving, resources and even incurred debt and I had no idea how coding works.

I just had a dream to develop a software where one can use accounting softwaware/data any time from any device.

Remember it was back in 2014-15 quite far before covid, It was even before when no one had any idea about BizAnalyst

I started to learn PHP, Python, and everything which could give me a hope

Finally, in 17-18 i was able to make a simple php website and then I got some amazing friends like Taz from Softaz ERP and Mitalee from

Mitalee helped me to fix issues with Integrating Tally to Web which was the most confusing part for me.

and Taz Helped me to solve issues related to TDL

The software I prepared was a very basic but it worked amazingly and when I shown the demo to my friends I got confirmed orders immediately. one from Syeed from Bangladesh and another a young CA Nitheesh from Hyderabad
All these good things and good friends motivated and helped me quite a long.

but still I had to go a long way. Things were still not easy

Only important thing was that I was not stopping. Neither money, neither knowledge, time nothing was stopping. even through I had no money I still Managed things, borrowed money from friends, family and even from good clients.

Finally the software is ready to use

It is yet not a complete solutions but this software is a story of a one man’s strong desire to achieve something just with limited sources, lack of coding background and just with the help of good friends a product is developed and launched.

A dream finally achieved




Tally on Mobile Tally on Mobile Prime Tally on Mobile Tally on Mobile Tally on Mobile Tally on Mobile App

There are many other softwares available in Market like BizAnalyst, CredFlow 

But, I believe, they doesn’t aloow edit /deletion of data from a mobile device.

In DRP online, GST Billing Sofitware we are working hard to give you full and real Tally on mobile where you can function all the CRUD perations from any device, any system and it will be sycned seamlessly with your data.

DRP, Online GST Billing Software also allows you to work from a coimputer system browser, even from a mobile’s browser.




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