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Tally TDL Course
This Course teaches Tally TDL basic to Inter mediate level. a student will learn almost anything. Aside from step by steps, chapter explanations, understanding coding languages, followed by quiz, real projects and examples with source codes of reals projects
Module 1 Getting Started with Tally TDL
This Modules gives the explanation of the Tally TDL (Tally Developer Network) What is a Tally TDL, How one can learn it and what is its scope and many other aspects are being covered in this module
Unit 1 Let's introduce ourselves first
Unit 2 Tools of Trade : Software and stuff you need to learn Tally TDL
Unit 3 Tally TDL : An Overview of the Languages
Unit 4 Hello TDL : Our First full fledged Tally TDL
Unit 5 Structure of a TDL Code
Unit 6 Reading and understanding the TDL Code : Full explanation of the TDL coding
Unit 7 Assignment No. TDL 01: Create a new Report
Module 2 How to Code in TDL
This Modules describes the best practice, tips, tricks and other useful resources to code in Tally TDL. This Module is subject to frequent updation, addition and modification.
Unit 1 Commenting your code : why and how to comment in TDL
Module 3 Field, Field Name and Field Value.
This Module describes what is a field, a field name and field value. it also teach you how to retrieve the Field value and or Field data. This is one of the most important Modules. The more you understand this module, it will help you to become a master in Tally TDL because you will need to retrieve the Field value/data at every stage in Tally TDL.
Unit 1 UDF In Ledger Master Level : Create an UDF of Date of Birth in Ledger Master (Free Preview)
Unit 2 Field and Field Value : Part I
Unit 3 Field and Field Value : PART II How to retrieve the Field Value by Using Field Name
Unit 4 How to store Data in the Field
Unit 5 How to retrieve the Field Value using Storage Name/UDF Name
Unit 6 How to retrieve the Field Value from Masters in the Vouchers
Unit 7 How to Retrieve Values from the Stock Item Master -1
Unit 8 How to Retrive field value from the stock Item Master -2
Unit 9 Style in TDL
Unit 10 Structure of TDL, Data types, UDF and its usage
Module 4 How to look up existing definition in Tally TDL
This Module covers how to find out the existing TDL definition as in TDL most of the time, we need to modify the existing definition. Without understanding it properly, it is not possible to code in Tally TDL. I will walk you through a very interesting and easy to understand approach find out the existing definition so that you can easily amend them/ This Module covers assignments and quiz
Unit 1 How to look up the existing definition in TDL?
Unit 2 How to look up the default definition: The Alternate way
Unit 3 Default Definition | The easiest way to find a default definition in no time!
Module 5 How to code Forms, Parts, Lines and Field
This Module will cover chapters to explain how to design a form, Adding multiple parts, Lines and Fields along with dimensions of the forms,parts, border and everything which are needed to customise a report/invoice etc. This is an important module so go through carefully, code as much as possible and do lot of assignments and practice
Unit 1 Forms, Parts, lines and Fields in Tally TDL - 1
Module 6 Live TDL Project! A real life Customisation for a Delivery Note
This is a live Project for Tally TDL. This project belongs to one of Tally Mentor Student Mr. Rahul. Thanks to him for bringing this project for everyone. I will walk you through the entire process how to customise this project. Furthermore, I will create a special space for participant students to contribute to this project. Plese, note that for the privacy of the client's data, I have strike out the client's details from the projects /images/documents. I am not kidding! you guys will get the full source code absolutely FREE OF COST of the project which is covered under the live project. So, join with me, Learn invoice customisation and earn money while learning. Its real, its crazy but you will surely able to increase your income. So, join with me for the live project
Unit 1 Let's Customise Invoice : Part I : Live Project
Unit 2 Live Project ( Tally TD) : Customise Invoice - Part II
Unit 3 Live Project ( Tally TDL) : Customise Invoice - Part III
Unit 4 Live Project : Voucher Printing Customization
Module 7 Customising A Sales Invoice
In this module , you will learn how to customise your Sales Invoice? how to Add extra columns, Fields and or other information which are very useful for fetching custom Reports
Unit 1 Invoice Customization : Part I how to add extra columns and fetch the value
Unit 2 Invoice Customisation Part II : How to customisation Invoice Printing
Unit 3 Case Study : How to solve the Border Alignment in Printing
Module 8 Case Study : How to write better programme
Writing a good programme is an Art and one can learn this art by applying certain golden rules of programming and learning the techniques of coding. Anyone can write a code but writing a code and writing better code is a two different matters. I am sure you will be more interested in learning better codes than just writing codes. because bad code sucks and cost us a lost.
Unit 1 Case Study : How to write Better code in Tally TDL?
Module 9 Configuration Customisation
This Module contains customization related to the Configuration Level. In Tally.ERP 9 there is various options which allow us to set up the configuration for various reports, functions vouchers entries, Masters etc. We will cover various customization practical assignments under this Modules
Unit 1 How to customise the TDL Configuration?
Module 10 Multiple Discount Project(A complete Commercial Projects with Source Codes)
In This module We are building a complete commercial Projects with many will cover many features of the Tally TDL from Company level configuration to Invoice customization, Item level settings, Reporting and everything. This module contains Advance and complex calculations and features of the Tally TDL and once you complete it, your TDL knowledge and capabilities will be increased significantly.
Unit 1 Multiple Discount Project : Outline of the Project
Unit 2 Accounting Features| How to code for company Specific TDL Configuration
Unit 3 How to Add Discount Field in Stock Item master
Unit 4 Discount Project | Customising Invoice
Unit 5 Case Study :Discount Project
Unit 6 Case Study : Discount Project II
Module 11 Advanced TDLs : Report to fetch Data from Tally using Collections
This Modules Contains Advanced section of the TDL. It contains how to fetch and display data from the Tally software using Collections, functions, variables etc.
Unit 1 Create a Report in Tally to fetch Data through Collection
Unit 2 How to Add A Title Column line in a Report through Tally TDL
Unit 3 Adding a total line in the report
Module 12 Advanced TDL : Learn how to import Data from Excel
In This Module we will learn everything about importing data from Excel. First we will import simple Master data following by Importing UDFs in Masters, Vouchers and UDF in Vouchers. Now only This we will learn very advanced Techniques under this Module.
There are no units in this module.
Module 13 Design a complex Sales Report (Video Tutorials
This Module Contain a very advanced and complex designing of Sales Report. It contains filters, collections and advanced Tally TDL Features and once you complete this project you can build any complex report this way on your own. We will start from the very basic. Imagine that a person who never write any code or a person who even doesn't know what a Tally TDL or a Tally. then we will go to advanced level slowly.
Unit 1 Project : Design Your Own Customised Sales Report (Video Tutorials Series) : Project OverView
Unit 2 Create a Basic Sales Report : First Unit
Unit 3 Desinging and structuring our Form
Unit 4 Designing Sales Report : Extendning code to fetch Item Name and Amount in the report
Unit 5 Sales Report Module : Unit IV
Unit 6 Sales Report Customisation Unit V
Unit 7 Sales Register Video Tutorials extending our codes Unit VI
Unit 8 Sales Report VII
Unit 9 Sales Report VIII
Unit 10 I: Sales report Customization IX
Unit 11 J: Sales report Customization X
Unit 12 K. Sales Report XI
Unit 13 L: Sales report Customization XII
Unit 14 M. Sales Report XIII
Unit 15 N. Sales Report XIV
Unit 16 O. Sales Report XV
Unit 17 P. Sales Report : XVI
Unit 18 Q. Sales Report XVII
Unit 19 R. Sales Report : Adding a filter button XVIII
Unit 20 S. Sales Report : Filter form, parts and line
Module 14 How to Create Tables and sub forms?
In this module we will learn how to create tables, sub form etc through TDL We will come to know what are tables, how to create them, What are sub forms why we need sub forms and how to create sub forms in Tally through TDL.
Unit 1 How to Create an Yes/No Table in Tally through TDL
Unit 2 Create a sub form
Unit 3 Repeat attribute in a line.
Unit 4 How to create a salesman Table in Tally
Unit 5 How to Create the Salesman Table -2
Unit 6 How to add a Salesman Table in the Sales Voucher Entry
Unit 7 T. Sales Report Customisation : Adding a table to filder
Module 15 Practical Invoice Customisation - Poonam Corporation Complete Customisation
In this module we will customise a complete Invoice which belongs to one of our client Poonam Corporation. it is a pri printed invoice customisation. In this project we will customise the invoice both for pri printed and on plain paper. After walking through this project, you can customise any invoice on your own.
Unit 1 Invoice Printing from scratch I
Unit 2 Invoice Printing II
Unit 3 Invoice Printing III
Unit 4 Invoice printing Customization IV
Unit 5 Invoice Printing V
Unit 6 Invoice Printing from scratch VI
Unit 7 Invoice customisation VII
Unit 8 Invoice Customisation VIII : Poonam Corporation
Unit 9 Case Study : Border issue in the Poonam Corporation
Module 16 Free Resources(Only for the Life Time Course)
This Module contains Free resources, free TDL with source codes ( subject to terms and conditions and performance of the students) are available only to the lifetime Course students.
Unit 1 Free Bonus Gift
Module 17 Buttons in Tally
What are buttons? How to activate button and how you can create your own buttons and how buttons are useful in Tally. Learn All about buttons in Tally TDL
Unit 1 Buttons in Tally TDL
Module 18 How to create a new Menu?
This Module covers how to create your own Menu like Create, Alter, Delete ledgers, Display, reports and so on. You can do totally brand new menu in Tally like a student profile or a vehicle details or whatever you wish so.
Unit 1 How to Create your own menu? 1
Module 19 Sample Projects
Learn how to activate the Sample Projects in Tally TDL. Sample Projects are resources full Ready made solutions and are of the great help to become an Expert in Tally TDL.
Unit 1 How to Activate the Sample Projects in TDL
Unit 2 Sample Projects : Browse URL open any site from Tally Application
Module 20 Variables in Tally TDL
This modules covers what are the variables. Why they are needed. How to create and how to use them. Variables are very important concepts and it being used in almost any programming language.
Unit 1 Variables : Chapters I
Unit 2 2. Variables Chapter II
Unit 3 3. Variables: Chapters III
Unit 4 4. Variables: Chapter IV
Module 21 Out of Course
This Module Contains things which are out of course and something different.
Unit 1 What is Learning?
Module 22 Challenge Zone : Only for the lifetime Course student
This Module is a challenge zone and it is available only to the life time Student students. here you will be given tough challenges to test your knowledge. You will get Credit point based on your performance. and a certificate also for clearing the various challenges. This facility is strictly available only to the life time Students.
Unit 1 Challenge 1: Print Invoice and gateway pass from the single entry
Unit 2 Code Challenge II :
Module 23 Negative Stock Bloking
This Module will walk you through the Negative Stock blocking. Stock the negative stock in the vouchers type you wish.
Unit 1 Negative stock blocking
Module 24 How to upload Image in the Master
In This Module we will learn how to upload Images in the Ledger Master
Unit 1 1. Upload Image to the Ledger Master
Unit 2 2. Image Upload in Master
Module 25 Switch N Options
This Modules Contains Switch N Options in the Tally TDL and how to use them and how to modify an existing switch or create a new switch.
Unit 1 Switch N Options
Module 26 Item Allocations
This Module contains projects about how to code for the Item Allocations/Batch allocations. You can add any extra column, like Gross weight, Bale Number, Bag etc and the same will be fetched in the Main Voucher entry screen automatically same like Qty, Rate and Amount.
Unit 1 A. Item Allocations How to do batch allocations form coding?



Tally.ERP 9 Course
This course is for users who wish to become expert in Tally.ERP 9 along with Accounts
Module 1 Tally.ERP 9 : Getting Started
This Module describes in details about what is Tally.ERP 9 and why this is important to learn Tally.ERP 9. Apart from this, Module will walk through downloading, installation, activating license and other important features of the software
Unit 1 Let's introduce ourselves first
Unit 2 What is Tally.ERP 9 and why you should learn it?
Unit 3 Basic of Computer knowledge : A MUST ( Free Preview)
Unit 4 Tools of Trade : Software and stuff you need to learn Tally.ERP 9
Module 2 Company Creation, Data Directory and Company Settings
This Section Deals with Creating first company in Tally.ERP 9 , Understanding Data Directory, Basic Set up and other necessary configurations
Unit 1 Path in Computer, Data Directory
Unit 2 Data Directory in Tally
Unit 3 How to Create your first Company in Tally.ERP 9?
Unit 4 Assignment No 1 : Tally.ERP 9 - Company Creation
Module 3 Test Your knowledge in Tally & Accounts before you start
It is always a good idea to test what we knows and what we doesn't know. Also before learning something one should give a try whether he/she is able to learn from a course or from a tutor? Let's test each other. You test me and I will test. Show me how much you knows. I will given you an assignment based a tutorials. It will give you confidence that you will be able to learn from my course or not
Unit 1 Tally Training : The Right way to learn it
Module 4 Masters in Tally.ERP 9
This Modules deals all about Masters in Tally.ERP 9. What is masters, why we needs masters in a softwares? How to create, updated, delete or configure Masters. This is extensive coverage of Masters but in the basic course we will be dealing Most basic masters which we need for our learning purpose and latter on we will eventually move to more complex master sections to becomes a Master in Masters 🙂
Unit 1 Masters in Tally : Ledger Masters
Module 5 Transactions in Tally.ERP 9
Business are meant to do transactions if there is no transactions, there is no business and if there is no business there is no meaning of Accounting or a Tally software! So, we will see what transactions is called? What type of transactions? and why you should pay serious attention to know about Transactions? if you learn this step properly you will become an expert in Accounts up to 60%!
There are no units in this module.
Module 6 Basic Accountancy, Accounting Rules and Mastering in Accountancy.
We are moving seriously to dive deep into the sea and here is the most confusing part comes which is about Debits and Credits . Why fearing of debit and credit when we can have fun with it! Let's see how this is fun to play with Debit and Credit in your accounts What are the Rules of Basic Accountancy, How to categories types of Ledgers. This Module will make you master in Accountancy if you study it well and you will be able to handle any ERP Solution, not just a Tally.ERP 9 Ah, Here is a fun! Debit the course fees to my account and credit the care, affection, training and the best ever support to my account upon enrollment with Tally Mentors
Unit 1 Basic Accountancy : Types of Accounts
Unit 2 The Golden Rules of Accountancy| Learn Basic Accountancy
Unit 3 The Golden Rules of Accountancy II Rule Number II
Module 7 F11 : Company Level Configuration : Accounting Features
This Module covers all about Company level configuration. This Module is having numerous options to set up. All this setup needs only one time. If you learn this module perfectly, you can handle your software like an expert. I will walk you every option and its implication in accounts and on the software step by step. We will visit and excericing this module quite frequently.
There are no units in this module.
Module 8 F12 : Configuration
This Module will walk you through the necessary configuration which we will need at various report level, master level, Transactions Level and even at Printing level. IF you understand this module properly, you are almost like a ninja in Tally.ERP 9. I will cover all aspects of this module in various sections
There are no units in this module.
Module 9 Payroll in Tally.ERP 9
Payroll in Tally.ERP 9 is my most favorite Feature which I love so much. You guys won't believe but I had set up and using this feature in Tally.ERP 9 from the first day when it was released by the Tally solutions Pvt Ltd. We had more than 200 employees for which it was very difficult to manage Salary, Bonus, Leave management, EPF, Professional Tax etc but fortunately Tally Solutions came out with a complete module at the very right time as I was struggling to get settled in my new job and this Payroll Feature Helped me to get promoted within 3 months time . Trust me, your management will be very happy once you set up and manage payroll in Tally.ERP 9 yourself So, in this module, I will walk you through the extensive coverage of Payroll and will include everything
Unit 1 How Payroll feature of Tally.ERP 9 helped me in my professional career
Unit 2 The Outline of Payroll Setup : Setting up Necessary Masters (One Time setup)
Module 10 VAT & CST in Tally.ERP 9 and legal provisions
Commercial laws are a bit scary because generally there is a lot of if and then and many times the lawmaker themselves aren't very clear which makes it more difficult to manage laws. But an account has no escape to live without learning these commercial laws. Fortunately, Tally.ERP 9 will help you to manage and comply your statutory compliance without worrying laws in more details but my suggestion is that you guys must learn the commercial laws, as it will help to cultivate your own professional growth. Don't worry I will train you in the easiest and most comfortable way without worrying the complex part of the legal provisions
There are no units in this module.
Module 11 Cool Stuff, Tips Tricks and some Magic (Tally.ERP 9)
Need to impress your boss, your colleuges ? Do you want to see some magic of Tally.ERP 9? Do you want to have some cool stuff of Accounting, Tally.ERP 9 Lets have them here This stuff will be updated on a contineous basis. So come back to visit it frequently!
Unit 1 How to impress your boss like a Tally.ERP 9 expert?
Module 12 Assignment : Raise A Sales Invoice as per the sample Invoice attached in the course Unit
So, do you think that you can't raise a sales invoice without learning it ? I will change your attitude and your concepts. I will make you able to raise a sales invoice even without reading any tutorials. Just go through the assignment and follow the hint and raise your first Sales Invoice in the Tally.ERP 9. A true way to learn new stuff without anyone's help
There are no units in this module.
Module 13 Sales Invoices in Tally.ERP 9
Let's learn How to Raise a perfect Sales Invoice from Tally.ERP 9 First we will start from raising a Simple Sales Invoice then with VAT, Service Tax, Excise we will cover up step by step.
There are no units in this module.
Module 14 GST an Overview of GST and a quick start up
Learn about Tally for GST
Unit 1 GST an overview A PPT to get started


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  2. Dear Mahendra Sir,

    I need help in my TDL i needed to find out the Name of Classification of that particular ledger, i.e Output14.5%, Output 5% or CST.

    Can you help me out ?

    1. Hello Johar,

      Have you completed the chapters on how to look up the existing definitions ?
      how to customise the invoices etc

      I suggest you please go through the same first it will help you much better.

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    I have created Report in that i want to display Party Name, Bill No., Dated, Amount, VAT/CST Tax Amount & wanted to display whether the amount displayed in VAT/CST Field is Under which VAT OR CST

    Can you guide me how to look in TDL Developer regarding this issue?


    1. You will need to create a new report. Go to Display then ledger.500 there you will find all the default definitions which you will need for your report

      But these information you are looking for is already available in the default Tally.ERP 9 in the columnar report itself.

    2. You will need to create a new report. Go to Display then ledger.500 there you will find all the default definitions which you will need for your report

      But this information you are looking for is already available in the default Tally.ERP 9 in the columnar report itself.

    1. Hello Johar,

      I didn’t find any file related to the course in your dropbox folder! Please do let me know which chapter/modules your file is related with and also give me the file name so that I can look up the same.

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      Unfortunately, I am not in a position to offer help for student’s custom own projects. I start you learn from the basic. and then gain knowledge in this regard rather building something at the advanced level.

  5. Sir,
    I have gone through Your Demo on Field & Field value Part -1.
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