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Business is all about managing men, material and resources. and to manage its aim in business a good communication is an essential part. TDL help you in establishing such good and personalised communication. Think in your organisation if you send an automated Birthdate greeting to your clients/suppliers/employees. They will feel happy for you. So how can we do this through TDL?

First step to do this goal, we need a special field in our ledger master which stores Date of Birth of 3rd parties. Let’s see how can we create this field with a little line of coding in Tally.ERP 9.

In Tally it is known as UDF (User Defined Field) because a programmer here define a field himself.


In this chapter we will deal only with creating a UDF in the ledger Master.

This example illustrates how you can create a UDF in ledger master

First Let’s see a typical ledger master Screen.

I have created a new company and will be creating a new ledger

UDF in Tally TDL

The ledger master creation screen looks like this

Now, This Ledger Master has several parts I will explain what is Parts in Tally TDL

At this moment, you just note that in TDL there are various parts

Now, I need to find out where to Add a new line and new field ? Once I find the concerned part to modify then only I can  add a new UDF or to amend that part.

We will look how to find out a part in an another chapter.

At this moment, I want to show you that Let me add a new field below the Website as you can see in the attached screen shot

We will add a new line and a new filed to that.

Here is the code, I will write in my Tally Developer Network

#Led Contact ]

Add :Lines : Ledger DOB

[Line : Ledger DOB]

Fields : Medium prompt, Led DOB

Local : Field : Medium Prompt : Set as : “ Date of Birth :”

[Field : Ledger DOB]

Use : Uni Date Field

Storage : BirthDate

[System : UDF]

BirthDate : Date : 70001

Now, Save the file in Tally.ERP 9 and run your Tally after refreshing it.

I have completed  this TDL in my TDL developer and saved it with the file name DOB.Txt

Here is the screen shot of my Tally Developer with this code

Now, if you run this TDL in The Tally.ERP 9, you will face an error and your Tally.ERP 9 will stop working and will exit! Why?

Because a bug in coding in programming language cause an application to run. So, to cure this bug, let’s come back to our Tally Developer

See the screen shot above you can see the red colour in the left side which is suggesting there is something wrong

This is benefit of using Tally Developer Software to code because it will highlight such errors by different colour. Also it will give you different color for syntax, definition etc and it is very comfortable to use the Developer Environment Software to prepare your Tally TDL

Now, looking at the code, I found that I missed to put the opening [ (Square bracket ) and field definition which I want to amend in the first like. So, the mistakes seems to be in line one only and I will amend the first line as below :

[#Part : Led Contact ]

Now,let’s test this code in the Tally.ERP 9. Don’t worry I will explain you the code line by line.

Caution : Write your Tally TDL code only in notepad or in the Tally Developer Network

If you write this code in MS Office or any other application then it may not work properly

Even if you write this codes in MS office or other than Notepad and then copy paste them in Notepad or in Tally Developer Notepad, it will not work. So write only either in Notepad or in Tally TDL


The Final code will look like this :


[#Part: LedContact]

Add : Line: Ledger DOB

[Line : Ledger DOB ]
Field : Medium Prompt, LED DOB
Local : Field : Medium Prompt : Set as: “Date of Birth”

[Field : LED DOB]
Use: Uni Date Field
Storage : BirthDate

[System : UDF]
BirthDate : Date : 10001

UDF in Tally
Tally Mentors


In Next chapter we will go through line by line of this code how did it worked and what each line and code suggests


Here is your assignment to follow for this chapter

01 ) Add a new field which ask for Party Facebook Profile in the party ledger Master

02) It should store the Facebook profile permanently


In next chapter, we will look more deeply to this codes!

102 thoughts on “UDF In Ledger Master Level : Create an UDF of Date of Birth in Ledger Master (Free Preview)

  1. Abhishek Agarwal says:

    [#Part: Ledcontact]
    Add : Line : Ledger DOB, facebook pro

    [Line : Ledger DOB]
    Field : Medium Prompt, Led DOB

    Local : Field : Medium Prompt : Set As : “Date Of Birth”
    Local : Field : Medium Prompt : Color : RED

    [Field : Led DOB]

    Use : Uni Date Field
    Storage : Birth Date
    ;;Color : Green

    [line : facebook pro]
    Field : Medium Prompt, faceprofile

    Local : Field : Medium Prompt : Set As : “Facebook Profile”
    Local : Field : Medium Prompt : color : Yellow

    [Field : Faceprofile]

    Use : name field
    Storage : newfacebookprofile
    Color : Red

    [System : UDF]
    Birth Date : Date : 10001

    [System : UDF]
    newfacebookprofile : name field : 10010

    it does not store any value in facebook profile

    1. Hello Abhishek,

      There are 6 types of UDF

      You had set up a wrong UDF type by assigning it as name field

      Write it this way

      [System : UDF]
      newfacebookprofile : String : 10010

      1. One more thing you can group the UDF in one single definition like :
        [System : UDF]
        newfacebookprofile : String : 10010
        Birth Date : Date : 10001

      2. [#Part:LedContact];;ledger contact part defination
        Add:Line:Ledger DOB,FaceBook

        [Line:ledger dob]
        Field:medium prompt,LED DOB
        Local:Field:medium prompt:Set:”Birth Date”;;local field
        Local:Field:medium prompt:Color:blue

        [Field:Led DOB] ;;ledger Birth date option
        Use:uni date field

        [Line:Facebook];;this is facebook line
        Field:medium prompt,Fac ;;fac for facebook line
        Local:Field:medium Prompt:Set:”FaceBook Profile Name”
        Local:Field:medium Prompt:Color:blue

        Use:Name Field


        it’s not save the name


    [#Part:LED CONTACT]

    1. Hello Satish,

      You can always post what you didn’t understand So that I can explain you.
      Every field have its own type.
      A separate article is under process regarding the type of the field. At the moment, you just go through the chapter and write the code as per the chapter. you will understand everything. Don’t worry



      [#Part:LED CONTACT]

      [Line:NEW LINE]
      Local:Field:MEDIUM PROMPT:Set as:”DATE OF BIRTH”
      Local:Field:MEDIUM PROMPT:Color:RED
      Use:Short Date Field

      [Line:SECOND LINE]
      Local:Field:MEDIUM PROMPT:Color:BLUE

      Use:Name Field

      STORAGE OF BIRTH DATE:Date:25000

  3. NILESH TAJANE says:

    My Below Code Not Showing Output –

    [#Part:LED Contact]
    Add:Line:FB Profile
    [Line:FB Profile]
    Field:medium prompt,FB Profile
    Local:Field:medium prompt:set as:”FB Profile Address :”

    [Field:FB Profile]
    Use:name field
    Storage: FB Profile
    FB Profile:String:10010

    1. Hello Nilesh,

      Check the sundry debtors or Sundry Creditors ledger in the alter mode.
      Enable the contact details in the F12 ledger master and let me know.

  4. NILESH TAJANE says:

    Yes This Code Working In Ledger Alteration Mode

    But What Should I Do To Show This Field In Ledger Creation Mode?

    1. that is available in the ledger create/display and alter mode. you just need to have the ledger contacts enable option set to yes. and this code works only for the sundry debtors/creditors where the ledger contact options works

    2. If you face any problem then upload the screenshot to the DropBox and explain me what is not working so that I can look up the same

  5. Sudhanshu Bounthiyal says:

    Add:Line:Led FB Profile
    [Line:Led FB Profile]
    Field: Medium prompt,Led FB Profile

    Local:Field:Medium prompt: set as:”FB Profile Name”

    [Field:Led FB Profile]

    use: Name Field

    Storage: “FB Profile”


    FB Profile:String:10010

    Sir please check code, its not storing FB profile?

  6. Anil Parekh says:

    ;;Anil N Parekh
    ;;email :
    ;; mobile : 9998037510


    Add:Line:FB Profile

    [Line:FB Profile]

    Field: Medium Prompt,FB Profile

    Local:Field:Medium prompt: set As:”FB Profile Name”
    Local:Field:Medium prompt:color: Blue

    [Field:FB Profile]

    use: Namefield

    Storage: FBProfileData

    COlor: Red


    ;; end

    I have added in tdl no error and on enabling contact details by f12 it gives me error as below
    coult not fit on screen too small to be used

  7. My Below Code is not showing additional lines, pls check:

    [#Part: LED Contact]
    Add: LineS: LnDob, LnFBProfile
    [Line: LnDob]
    Fields: Medium Prompt, FldDob
    Local: Field: Medium Prompt: Set as: “Date of Birth”
    Local: Field: Medium Prompt: Color: Red
    [Field: FldDob]
    Use: Uni Date Field
    Storage: Dob
    [Line: LnFBProfile]
    Fields: Medium Prompt, FldFBProfile
    Local: Field: Medium Prompt: Set as: “FaceBook Profile”
    Local: Field: Medium Prompt: Color: Blue
    Use: Name Field
    Storage: FBProfile
    [System: UDF]
    Dob: Date: 1001
    FBProfile: String: 1002

    1. Dear Sudhir,

      I alreadya checked your file 004. Dob.txt in the dropbox folder and it is working fine without any issue. and dob is showing perfectly and saving data also in the sundry debtors/sundry creditor’s Master ledger

      Still if you face any issue. Please give me remote access of your system. I will check it through team viewer.

      I sent you message also at the zopim chat but you didn’t responded

  8. I just found the error, i was using LnDob and FldDob, which seems to be already present in tally default definitions, So by Changing these to LnMyDob and FldMyDob, My program is working fine now.

    1. Bhabuk Poddar says:

      Sir how come we know that it is ledcontact and it is part of part..

  9. Sorry for not responding then, i was away from my machine and by the time i got back, found you offline at zopim chat.
    anyway thanks for making tdl learning that easy, everything is working perfect so far.

  10. [#Part: Led Contact]

    Add : line : LED DOB,FBID

    [Line: LED DOB]
    Fields: medium prompt, LED DOB
    Local : Field: medium prompt : Set as: “Date of Birth :”
    [Line: FBID]
    Fields: medium prompt,FBID
    Local : Field: medium prompt : Set as: “Facebook Id :”

    [Field: LED DOB]
    Use: Uni Date Field
    Storage : Birth Date

    [Field: FBID]
    Use: name field
    Storage : Facebook ID

    [System: UDF]
    Birth Date : Date: 10001
    Facebook ID : String: 1002

    Please check : Birthdate not accepted

    1. If you are using an educational version of Tally.ERP 9 than only dates allowed are 1st, 2nd and the 31st of a month. so try to input that date only.
      and confirm if it is paid license of Tally or a free educational version of Tally.ERP 9

  11. ankitkanhy says:

    ankit kumar singh


    Add:line:Ledger FB Profile

    [Line:Ledger FB Profile]

    Field:medium prompt,Ledger FB Profile
    Local:Field:medium prompt:Set as:”FACEBOOK PROFILE”
    local: Field : medium prompt : Color:Blue

    [Field:Ledger FB Profile]

    Use: Name Field
    Storage: FacebookProfile
    Color: Green


  12. sarda.vishnu says:

    [#Part : Ledcontact]
    Add :Line :Ledger FB
    [Line : Ledger FB]
    Field : Medium Prompt,FB
    Local : Field : Medium Prompt : set as : “Facebook profile”

    [Field : FB]
    Use : Name field
    Storage : FBProfile
    color :Green
    [System : UDF]

    1. Hello Vishnuji,

      I suggest you save your code in the Dropbox.
      The Dropbox folder was shared with you at the time of joining the course. However, if you didn’t accepted the invitation that time, Then I will re share the same with you.

      I checked your code there is issue with the udf.
      in the field, field fb the storage name is FBProfile however at the udf level you gave the name as FB so it won’t store the value for the name

  13. Rajesh Upadhyay says:


    I have done the code for facebook id in ledger master

    Kindly look into the code and please check the same

    [#Part: Led Contact]
    Line: FB Line
    [Line: FB Line]
    Fields: Medium Prompt, FB ID

    Local: Field: Medium Prompt: Set as: “Facebook ID”

    [Field: FB ID]
    Use: Name Field
    Case: Normal
    Storage: facebook id

    [System: UDF]
    Facebook id: 10002

    Rajesh Upadhyay

    # 9336214654

  14. sir how to retrieve the value of simple udf in a report…
    i have created a udf in vch narration part in sales voucher screen…
    i am unable to access it in my report
    help me sir

  15. sir,
    please check the code

    Add:Line: facebook profile
    [Line: Facebook Profile]
    Field:Medium prompt,profile link
    Local:Field:medium prompt:Set as:” FaceBook Profile Link”

    [Field: profile link]
    Storage: URL

    [System: UDF]

    1. Hello Jagrit,
      You need to save your codes in the Dropbox and also you need to tell me your code are running fine or having any issue.

  16. saurabh33 says:

    Below is my code , i m not able to write full facebook id , it just accepting one letter…? pls help
    [#Part : ledcontact]

    add : Line : Ledger fb

    [Line :Ledger fb]
    Field: medium prompt,led fb
    Local : Field: medium prompt : Set as : “Facebook Profile”

    [Field : led fb]
    Use: uni name field
    Storage: Facebook Id
    Width : 20

    [System: UDF]
    Facebook ID : String : 10010

    1. Hello Saurabh,
      When the code doesn’t work, you need to watch/review the chapter carefully. You will notice some small errors in your code.
      Here in the field led fb you set it to use Uni Name field. Now there is no such field in the TDL nor in our chapter.
      remove the width and set the field as name field only and then let me know.

  17. [#Part: Led Contact]

    Add: Line: DOB LED,FacebookId

    [Line:DOB LED]
    Field: Medium Prompt,Ledger DOB

    Local: Field:Medium Prompt:Set as:”Date OF Birth”
    Local:Field:Medium Prompt:Color:Blue

    [Line:Ledger DOB]

    Field :Ledger DOB

    [Field: Ledger DOB]

    Use: Uni Date Field
    Color: Blue

    Field: Medium Prompt,FacebookProfile

    Local: Field:Medium Prompt:Set as:Facebook Pofile Id
    Local:Field:Medium Prompt:Color:Blue


    Field :FacebookProfile

    [Field: FacebookProfile]

    Use: Name Field
    Color: Blue


    1. Hello Sam,

      Please also mention if your codes are working fine or you are facing any issue. and If you are saving your codes in the Dropbox then you do not need to save codes here. You can comment here if your codes aren’t working.

    2. I observed your are messing your codes.
      Please delete all codes related to fb profile and first write only one code e.g. the DOB
      because it seems your codes are messed totally. So remove everything related to fb profile.

      1. Hi is the below tdl correct

        /* DOB File Start */

        [#Part: Led Contact]

        Add:Line :DOB Ledger

        [Line: DOB Ledger]

        Field: Medium Prompt, Led DOB

        Local:Field:Medium Prompt:Set as:”Date Of Birth”
        Local:Field:Medium Prompt:Color: red

        [Field:Led Dob]
        Use:Uni Date Field
        Storage: Birthdate
        Color: Blue


        /* DOB File End */

  18. Dear sir,

    I could not understand the code line by line what it is doing. some words are new to know its purpose in this chapter. It is showing in ledger screen but, i could not understand the code.

  19. mominsahiil says:

    Dear Sir,
    kindly review my TDL (Dropbox\Tally Mentors Folder(Tally TDL)\Sahil Momin\Module 3\Unit 1) , the profile address not allowed to store. ( i am using tally in education mode)


    1. Hello Sahil,

      When your code doesn’t work, you need to review the course chapter carefully and also you need to read your own code again and again.

      When we are not able to store data in TDL that means our storage name and UDF definitions are not matching
      In your field you added the storage as Facebook profile address but again in system udf you defined it as
      Facebook Profile
      So, how it will work?

      In future please read the course chapter carefully and your own code too again and again!

  20. mominsahiil says:

    Thank you sir

    i will keep in mind your lesson,

    Thank you again.

  21. sivakumar p says:

    hi sir

    i have one doubt, name field is stored in string , number field is stored in number,
    in case we store both name and number same what we use?

    thank you

  22. Mohd Mahmood ali khan says:

    [#Part : LEDCONTACT]
    Add : Line : FBPROFILE

    [Line : FBPROFILE]
    Field : Mediumprompt, FB Profile

    Local : Field : mediumprompt : Set as : “FB PROFILE”
    Local : Field : mediumprompt : Color : “BLue”

    [Field : FB Profile]
    Use : name field
    Color : red

    [System : UDF]
    fbprofiledate : String : 10010

    successfully apply

    sir, i want to now [system: UDF] and string (why we use string only in 6 UDF and what is THIS “10010”

    1. Where it is mentioned that string used only in 6 UDF?

      String is just a data type. In coding we need to store data according to the data type so first we need to specify the data type
      Data types are string, Number, Logical,Date etc
      String means text which will store the value only which are text like abcde etc. It can store both numberic and number type data while numberic stores only numbers it can’t store date or text values.
      10010 is the index number and I think it is explained in the chapters too.

      We need to mention a memory location to store the user input data at a specified location.
      you can use any index number like 99, 601 whatever you want. certain Index number are reserved by the TSPL for its own purpose which we can’t use apart from that we can use whatever we want.

      1. Suman Sawant says:

        hello Mahendra sir,

        How to understand which index numbers are especially reserved by TSPL and must not be used by us? Is there any way to know that so that we could feel free to define the set index numbers only.


  23. Shabuddin Daredia says:

    Hello Sir, I have uploaded the code in Dropbox\shabuddin folder. I tried to set the variable LEDContactDetails to YES in code.
    [#Report: Ledger]
    Set : LEDContactDetails : Yes ;Enable Contact Details – F12 Configuration
    Above code is working fine. Modify the variable in Report definition orForm Definition?
    Please advice.

    1. Hi,
      Please do not do things which are not in the chapter. Stick to the course chapters and do only what is there. We need discipline in learning and we are It is a long process to learn so, do only what things as per the course chapters.

  24. aksakthivel says:

    this Code has no output, kindly guide me how to alter ledger contact
    [#Part: LedContact]
    Add : Line: Ledger DOB
    [Line : Ledger DOB]
    Field : Medium Prompt, LED DOB
    Local : Field : Medium Prompt : Set as: “Date of Birth”
    ;;Local : Field : Medium Prompt : Color : Red
    [Field: LED DOB]
    Use: Uni Date Field
    Storage : BirthDate
    ;;Color : Blue
    [System: UDF]
    BirthDate : Date : 10001

  25. Jayakumar C says:

    Refer the Drop Box .
    Text field : Face book ID format issue : lot of gap between I & D seen when creating or altering ledger . My code also posted in Drop box


    [#Part : LedContact]
    Add : Line :LedgerDOB,FBProfile

    [Line : LedgerDOB]
    Field : Medium Prompt, LED DOB

    Local : Field : medium prompt :Set as: “Date Of Birth”
    Local : Field : medium Prompt : Color : red

    [Field : LED DOB]
    Use : uni date field
    Storage : Dateofbirth
    Color : blue

    [Line : FBProfile]
    Field :medium prompt,FacebookProile
    Local :Field :medium prompt :Set as : “Face Book Profile”
    Local :Field : medium prompt : Color : red

    [Field :FacebookProile]
    Use:name field
    Storage : fbprofile
    Color : red

    [System : UDF]
    dateofbirth: Date : 10001
    fbprofile : String :10002

  27. Syed Ashiq says:

    Add: Line: Ledger DOB, Ledger FBP

    [Line:Ledger DOB]
    Field: Medium prompt, LED DOB
    Local:Field: Medium prompt: Set as: “Date of Birth”

    [Field: LED DOB]
    Use: Uni Date Field
    Storage: BirthDate
    Background: Yellow

    [Line:Ledger FBP]
    Field: medium Prompt, Ledger FBP
    Local:Field: medium prompt: Set as: “Facebook Profile”

    [Field: Ledger FBP]
    Use: Name Field
    Storage: newfacebookprofile
    Background: Red

    newfacebookprofile: String:10010
    BirthDate: Date: 10001

    Please check my code. Is it ok or not. Thanks
    N.B. How can I extend the Facebook Profile box. It’s showing very congested need more space to write more text

  28. Ankit Jallan says:

    [#Part: LedContact]
    Add: Line: Ledger DOB, FBprofile
    [Line: Ledger DOB]
    Field: Medium Prompt, LED DOB
    Local: Field: Medium Prompt: Set as: “Date of Birth”
    Local: Field: Medium Prompt: Color: red
    [Field: LED DOB]
    Use: Uni Date Field
    Storage: BirthDate
    Color: Blue
    [System: UDF]
    Birthdate: Date: 10001
    [Line: FBProfile]
    Field: Field1, Field2
    [Field: Field1]
    Use: Name Field
    Set as: “FB Profile”
    [Field: Field2]
    Use: Name Field
    Storage: ID
    [System: UDF]
    ID: String: 10002

    pls check the code. Thanks!!

  29. [#Part :Led Contact]

    add : Line :Ledger DOB

    [line :Ledger DOB]
    Field :Medium Prompt, Led DOB

    Local:Field:Medium Prompt : Set as:” Date of Birth:”

    Field:Led DOB
    Use: Uni Date field
    Storage:BirthDate——- Sir in storage i am getting error

    Birthdate :Date:10001

  30. Mahesh Paranjape says:

    /* This Code Is Used To Add Date Of Birth & Facebook Page Information To Party Ledger */

    [#Part :LED Contact]

    Add : Lines : Ledger DOB,Ledger FacebookInfo

    [Line : Ledger DOB]
    Field :Medium Prompt,LED DOB
    Local :Field :Medium Prompt :Set as :”Date Of Birth”
    Local :Field :Medium Prompt :Color : Blue

    [Line : Ledger FacebookInfo]
    Fields :Medium Prompt,LedFcbkInf
    Local :Field :Medium Prompt : Set as : “Facebook Page”
    Local :Field :Medium Prompt : Color : Red

    [Field :LED DOB]
    Use :Uni Date Field
    Storage : BirthDate

    [Field :LedFcbkInf]
    Use : Name Field
    Storage : FaceBookPage

    [System :UDF]
    BirthDate : Date :21000
    FaceBookPage : String :21001

    ;End Of File

  31. deepakagrawal23 says:

    Dear sir , code is working fine

    I need to know that why we are using 10010 and 10001 in System:UDF, what is its significance . I noticed that if i removed them my tally started giving me memory voilation error.


  32. Ajit Kotagi says:

    Following code retuen as per insructions in chapter. But does not show DOB while ledger alternation. Pl Guide. My tally is of educationcal mode tally.

    * sgp – add date of birth in ledger contact

    [#Part: LedContact]
    Add : Line : Ledger DOB

    [Line : Ledger DOB]
    Field Medium Prompt, LED DOB
    Local : Field : Medium Prompt : Set as : “Date of Birth”

    [Field : LED DOB]
    Use : Uni Date Field
    Storage : BirthDate

    [System :UDF]
    BirthDate : Date : 10001

    Ajit Kotagi

    1. Hello Ajit,
      I don’t see any issue with your code.
      Also I am unable to understand the exact issue.
      Are you telling that you are unable to save the DOB?
      or you unable to input the DOB?
      In the educational version of Tally, you can input date only 1.1 or 31.1
      Try that way
      and if you are able to input the date but the same is not saving then please contact me over Zopim Chat.

  33. Ajit Kotagi says:

    Sorry Sir,
    I just missed : after field. The problem was it does not shows date of birth text below web page and does not wait for user entry.

    Ok. Sir Now I will move to next chapter.

    Thanks & Regards
    Ajit Kotagi

  34. ankitkiran says:


    [Line:ledger Dob]
    Field:medium prompt,leddob

    Local: Field:medium prompt: Set as: “Date Of Birth”
    Local: Field:medium prompt:Color:Red
    Use: Uni Date Field
    Storage: Birth Date

    [Line:facebook Profile]
    Field:medium prompt,facebook

    Local: Field:medium prompt: Set as: “FaceBook Profile”
    Local: Field:medium prompt:Color:Light Ochre Yellow
    Use:Name field
    Storage: Facebook

  35. Anup Varma says:

    [#Part:led contact]
    Add:line:led facebbok profile
    Line:led facebbok profile
    [Line:led facebbok profile]
    Field: medium prompt,led facebbok profile
    Local:Field:medium prompt:Set as:” facebbok profile”
    Local:Field:medium promt:Color:red
    [Field:led facebbok profile]
    Use:uni date field
    Storage:facebbok profile
    facebbok profile

  36. seema kasliwal says:

    Add: Line: Ledger DOB, FaceBook Profile

    [Line: Ledger DOB]
    Field: Medium Prompt, LED DOB

    Local:Field: Medium Prompt : Set as: “Date of Birth”
    Local:Field: Medium Prompt : Color: red

    [Field: LED DOB]
    Use: Uni Date Field
    Storage: BirthDate
    Color: Blue

    [Line: FaceBook Profile]
    Field: Medium Prompt, FBProfile

    Local:Field: Medium Prompt : Set as: “Face Book Profile”
    Local:Field: Medium Prompt : Color: red

    [Field: FBProfile]
    Use: Name Field
    Storage: FaceBook
    Color: Blue

    dear sir
    ;when i am entring data as its converting into Seemakasliwal@gmail.Com
    ;how to solve


    Add:Line:Ledger DOB,Facebook Profile

    [Line:Ledger DOB]
    Field:medium Prompt,Ledger DOB

    Local:Field:Medium Prompt:Set as:”Date of Birth”
    Local:Field:Medium Prompt:Color:Red

    [Field:Led DOB]
    Use: uni date field
    Storage:Birth Date

    [Line:Facebook Profile]
    Field:medium Prompt,Facebook Profile

    Local:Field:Medium Prompt:Set as:”Facebook Profile”
    Local:Field:Medium Prompt:Color:Green

    [Field:Facebook Profile]
    Use:Name Field
    Storage:New Facebook profile

    Birth date:Date:10001

    New Facebook profile:String:10010

    Hi sir
    I am upload this TDL in tally with no error
    but its shown error while i want to check through alter mode please check

  38. Adarsh Agarwal says:

    I have upload DOB text file giving error of h of birth is being shown in :
    Plz check & guide me Sir.

    1. Please always post the full error you are facing so that both of us can understand the error and can solve it.

      Without knowing the error descriptions it is difficult to solve issue.

  39. sankpal.sagar3010 says:

    [#Part: Ledcontact]

    Add:Line:LEDGER DOB, Party Facebook Profile

    [Line:LEDGER DOB]
    Field:Medium PRompt, LED DOB
    Local:Field:Medium Prompt:Set as:”Date of Birth”
    Local:Field:Medium Prompt:Color:Black

    [Field:LED DOB]
    Use:Uni Date Field
    Storage: Birthdate

    [Line:Party Facebook Profile]
    Field:medium Prompt, FB profile

    Local:Field:Medium prompt:Set as:”Facebook Profile”
    Local:Field:Medium Prompt:Color:Black

    [Field: FB Profile]
    Use:Neme Field
    Storage: Newfacebookprofile


    Dear Sir,
    In facebook profile give to enter only one word hot to increase the dialogue box??

  40. RUPESH THAKUR says:

    Add:Line:ledger DOB1
    [Line:Ledger DOB1]
    Field:medium prompt, ledger DOB1
    Local:Field:medium prompt:Set as:”Date of Birth”
    [Field:Ledger DOB1]
    Use:uni Date Field

    Above code not showing desired results in my tally erp. I have already tcp file related to this code, so i changed name description of coding. I am doing as said by you, not understanding the logic of every line and field.

        1. Rahul Goenka says:

          it is working now after enabling contact details in sundry debtor F12 ledger configuration as suggested by you sir.

  41. BANOTH RAVI says:

    Hi sir
    it is showing error for :- T0008 could not find the original description of Part:ledger DOB

    [#Part:Ledger DOB]
    Add:Line:Ledger DOB,Facebook Pro

    [Line:Ledger DOB]
    Field: Medium Prompt,Ledger DOB
    Local: Field:medium Prompt:Set as:” Date Of Birth”
    Local: Field:Medium Prompt:Color:red

    [Field:led DOB]
    Use:Uni Date Field
    Storage:birth date

    [Line:facebook Pro]
    Field:Medium Prompt ,LED facepbookrofile
    Local:Field:medium prompt:Set as:”Facebook Profile”
    Local:Field:medium prompt:Color:yellow

    Use:name field

  42. camuralis says:


    Saved 2 files (06 DOB and FB.txt, Screenshot for DOB and FB) in Dropbox folder “S Murrali”. I checked and it is working. Kindly review pl.

  43. Udit Narayan Mehrotra says:

    [#Part: Led Contact]
    Add:Line: Ledger DOB
    [Line: Ledger DOB]
    Fields: Medium Prompt, LED DOB
    Local: Field : Medium Prompt : Set as: “Date of Birth”
    Local: Field : Medium Prompt : Color : Red
    [Field: LED DOB]
    Use: Uni Date Field
    Color : Blue
    Storage: DOB

    [System: UDF]
    DOB: Date: 10001

    ; Sir Now above Code is perfect

  44. FARRAKH HAYAT says:

    I have wrote below code but facing an error “Error T0005: Empty description name”.

    [#Part:Led Contact]

    Add:Lines:Ledger DOB

    [Line:Ledger DOB]

    Fields:Medium Prompt, LED DOB

    Local:Field:Medium Prompt:Set As:”Date of Birth”

    [Field:LED DOB]
    Use : Uni Date Field
    Storage : BirthDate

    [System UDF]
    BirthDate : Date : 70001

  45. Jaydeep Patel says:

    [#Part : LedContact]
    Add:Line: Ledger DOB

    [Line: Ledger DOB]
    Field: Medium Prompt,LED DOB, fb profile
    Local:Field:Medium Prompt:Set as:”date of birth”
    Local:Field:Medium Prompt: Set as: “FB Profile”

    [field: LED DOB]
    Use : Uni Date Field
    Storage: BirthDate
    Color: Blue
    [Field: fb profile]

    Use : Name field

    BirthDate : Date : 70001
    fb profile : String : 10010

    ;; end of file

    i found following worning while excute this code in tally prime
    warning T0022: The UDF number 70001 used for ‘BirthDate’ is not in the allowed range.
    (20): warning T0022: The UDF number 10010 used for ‘fb profile’ is not in the allowed range.
    please check and guide me further

    and also found error while execute in tally

    1. change both to 99 and 101
      Birthdate : Date : 99
      Fbprofile : String : 101

      you can use from 99 to 999 which are more than enough
      also you had not added storage fb profile to your field
      you need to add storage

  46. agarwal.mandeep says:

    This code does not load and is continuously giving me Error T0009 and states that “Part LED Contact is a duplicate definition already defined in .\src\master\ledgerreport.tdl(550)”.

    1. Hi
      it is [#part : Led Contact]

      While you are trying it without the # symbol
      Please check the chapter and your code again.

      1. agarwal.mandeep says:

        Sir, thanks for letting me know about this mistake that I have made. It has helped me a lot.

        1. yeah and don’t worry about such mistakes.
          Becuase these types of mistakes always happen no matter how expert someone.
          We just need to read our codes again and again and eventaully we can find them in no time.

  47. Amol Dhanawade says:

    Error in Tdl :- Incorrect Storage!

    [#Part: LedContact]
    Add: Line :Ledger DOB

    [Line: Ledger DOB]
    Field: medium prompt,LED DOB

    Local: Field: Medium Prompt: Set as: “Date of Birth”

    [Field: LED DOB]
    Use: Uni Date Field
    Storage: BirthDate

    [System : UDF]
    BirthDate :Date :70001|

    1. Please change the storage name to something elese like mybirthdate or mydob
      also change it at the system udf level
      and put the index number between 99 and 999
      do these changes, test it and let me know if works or not.

  48. akash sharma says:

    Hello Sir, I have submitted my Assignment-02 of adding facebook profile and store data permanently in ledger master in drop box folder under name “Akash Sharma”. Waiting for your comments.

    1. Hello Akash,
      If your code are working fine as per the chatper then please go ahead to the next chapter
      If they are not working then do let me know.
      It should give you result as per the chapter

  49. Sarvesh Prabhukhanolkar says:

    Assignment done, link is getting stored perfectly. Code with screenshot uploaded to my Drop Box Folder for review.

  50. DHEERAJ PUDKE says:

    Add:line: ledger DOB, Facebook ID
    [Line: Ledger DOB]
    Field: Medium Prompt, LED DOB
    Local: Field: Medium Prompt : Set as: “Date of Birth”
    Local: Field: Medium Prompt: Color: Blue

    [Field: led DOB]
    Use: uni date field
    Storage: BirthDate
    Color: Red

    [Line: Facebook ID]
    Field: Medium Prompt, FB ID
    Local: Field: Medium Prompt : Set as: “FaceBook Profile”
    Local:Field: Medium Prompt : Color: Blue

    [Field: FB ID]
    Use: Name Field
    Storage: Facebook ID
    Color: Green
    [System: UDF]
    BirthDate: Date: 10001
    Facebook ID: String: 10001

    It is working Great

  51. Mohammed Karjatwala says:

    Add: Line: Ledger DOB
    [Line: Ledger DOB]
    Field: Medium Prompt, LED DOB
    Local: Field: Medium Prompt, Set as:”Date of Birth”
    [Field: LED DOB]
    Use: Uni Date Field
    Storage: Birth Date
    [System: UDF]
    BirthDate: Date: 10001

    Mahendrabhai, I have saved the aboveTDL. However it is not showing either in Creation of Ledger or Alteration of Ledger. As I am doing after a long time, I have started from the first Module. Please let me know where i am going wrong. (In Set as: “Date of Birth” it is showing RED UNDERLINE in TDL Developer)

    1. When the code doesn’t work, one needs to read his codes for severals times.
      did you compared the codes each and words including :, ; with the chapter?
      did you write it exactly as per the chapter
      If you read and compare your codes carefully, you would noticed that you used Local: Field: Medium Prompt, Set as:”Date of Birth”
      Instead of Local: Field: Medium Prompt : Set as:”Date of Birth”

      Tha’ts why I always tell people that to learn coding one needs a very good reading and writing habits

  52. Mohammed Karjatwala says:

    Add:Line:Ledger DOB

    [Line:Ledger DOB]
    Field:Medium Prompt, Ledger DOB
    Local:Field:Medium Prompt, Set as: “Date of Birth:”

    [Field:Ledger DOB]
    Use:Uni Date Field
    Storage:Birth Date

    Birth Date:Date: 10001

    Why above code not working?

  53. Prashant Agrawal says:

    [System : UDF]
    BirthDate : Date : 10001

    Sir, on the above line, what is 10001?
    Is it the size of the BirthDate field?

    1. Prashant Agrawal says:

      Ok, I got that 10001 is an index number. Sir, now how to prevent duplicate index numbers for another UDF in another txt file?

      1. No need to worry as the index number works per file and not the software wide.

        You can prepare two tdl file with same index number for two different storage and then test it to see if it is creating any issue.

  54. Rakesh Tripathi says:

    Line:Dob, Face

    [Line: dob]
    Field: Medium prompt, dob
    Local:Field: Medium prompt:Set as: “Date of Birth”

    Use: uni date field

    Local:Field:Medium Prompt:Set as: “Facebook Profile”

    Use: Name Field
    Storage: Facebook



  55. Sainath Konduri says:

    Sir the Code for Adding the Face book profile in the ledger master
    [#Part: LED Contact]
    Add: Line: Ledger DOB

    [Line: Ledger DOB]
    Field: DOB, LED DOB, FBProfile, FBProField

    [Field: DOB]
    Use: MediumPrompt
    Set as: “Date of Birth”

    ;Local: Field: ShortPromt: Set as: “Date of Birth”

    [Field: LED DOB];Field for Storing Date of birth
    Use: UniDateField
    Storage: BirthDate
    Color: Green

    [Field: FBProfile]
    Use: MediumPrompt
    Set as: “Party Facebook Profile”

    [Field: FBProField];Field for Storing Facebook Profile Name
    Use: NameField
    Storage: FBPRO
    Color : Blue

    [System: UDF]

    FBPRO : String: 10002
    BirthDate : Date : 10001

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