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RazorPay is a leading Payment Gateway in India and it has another plateform Razor Pay X to make payment to suppliers/refunds/employees salary disbursal as well as GST, TDS and other statutory dues.
The author of this article is using Razor Pay X since the services was launched by Razor Pay and it is really cool, easy and very useful to use it rather then the standard banking channels.

Tally is the simplest and most popular Accounting ERP software used in India by most of the small and medium as well as large organisations and today Tally means Accounts and Accounts means Tally.

Now, businesess who are using both Tally and Razor Pay X, face an issue we need to create ledger in both the software which is time consuming and like doing same thing multiple time. So, here at Drushtant Infoweb Pvt. Ltd we have developed an Add on where the Ledgers created in Tally can be synced to Razor Pay X in one go for the existing ledgers as well as in real time for the new ledgers created in Tally.

So, no more double work is needed. simply Create accounts in Tally and as soon as ledgers are created they will be available in Razor Pay X immedialtey to make a pay out to vendors/customers refund and so on.

Here is a video explaining how the Integrations works.


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  1. Sunil Sharma says:

    We would like to know, can we integrate Tally Prime with Razorpay for receiving money ?
    Will the receipt get created in Tally automatically ?

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