Excel to Tally is a useful utility created by Arif Masani who is expert in Excel.

Excel is a very easy and yet most useful utility which is almost used in most of day-to-day office work. Arif Masani who is expert in Excel and Tally come with an integrated utility to import-export data from Excel to Tally which will be very useful for people who don’t have hands on Tally.Those people who do not get enough time to learn Basic of Accountancy may find the utility very useful.It will be a great tool for those who are not familiar with Accounting principles or Tally.erp 9 and are struggling here and there to learn Tally.erp 9. All you need is just fill up data in Excel and then import it

By using this utility, just enter the vouchers or ledgers in Excel and import it direct to the

Excel to Tally screen shot is provided here


Excel to tally Features:

1. Multiple debit & credits in one transaction

2. Exports transaction more than 10,00,000 at a time

3. Imports ledgers from tally

4. Highlights ledger names in transactions in excel which are not available in tally.

5. Allows creating ledgers not available in tally at run time

System requirements:

1. Windows xp

2. Tally 7.2 / tally 9 / tally erp

3. Excel 2007

4. RAM : 256 MB (512 MB or higher capacity recommended)

Excel to Tally How to use?

1. Provide financial year (viz. 2008 – 09, 2009 – 10, 2010 – 11)

2. Tally open method

a. Auto (it will open tally automatically)

(Tally version, tally path, data path, company no., and company name must be as per tally)

b. Manual (your company in tally must be open)

(It Won’t Check Company Name In Tally)

3. Provide tally version (viz. Tally 7.2, tally 9, tally9.erp)

4. Tally path (eg. C:\tally\tally72.exe )

5. Tally data (eg. C:\tally\data\ )

6. Company no.

7. Company (as given in tally)

8. Click data entry in Excel to Tally menu

9. Enter you transaction or copy transaction from other excel sheet as per given columns

10. Click export to tally in excel to tally menu

11. If any ledger is not available in tally it will be highlighted.

a. To create those ledger click create ledger in excel to tally menu


b. If you don’t want to create  change name of that ledger in tally and then click import ledger list in excel to tally menu after importing ledger, follow from step no. 10 above.

and if you like to market your products/services related to Accountancy, Tally.erp 9, payroll etc, then fill out the contact us form and we will get in touch with you with the Excel to Tally utility.

Excel to Tally | Request a demo

Want to have a demo of Excel to Tally ? Please fill out the form below

46 thoughts on “New and Improved Version of Execl to Tally.erp 9| Excel to Tally

  1. I am not able to download from the link which has been posted for New and Improved Version of Execl to Tally.erp 9
    Please provide us the link to download the same

      1. hariprasad says:

        the ink is what you have given, after installing i am getting run time error



  2. Arif Massani says:

    Okay Thanks for drawing the attention.
    It has been fixed

    1. Narayan Iyer says:

      I am still not able to download as I am getting error 404.
      Can you give the link again?

  3. Rupesh Shah says:

    Dear Sir,

    I would like to request to update the following point in next release

    Pending Sales order & Purchase order should be carry forwarded after splitting F.Y. period.

    As and when we have made bill for next f.y against last f.y. sales order, we have getting reports in pending sales order “Goods Delivered But Order Not Received” in pending sales order after split data.

  4. N.L.N.SWAMY says:


  5. hi hello how work in it i am not able to understand that

    1. Raghu,
      Everythig is well explained in the simplest languages.
      No one have free time to explain you or other word by word.
      Please enhance your capability

  6. Bhavesh Gudhka says:

    Is it possible to import contacts in tally. What I mean by this .. I have MS outlook and I have contacts in this with Name, Company and email address. Now I want to import contacts and create ledger How do I do this?

    1. Bhavesh,
      Yes possible but chargeable service.
      If interested than please feel out the contact us form for a quote mentioning your Tally Serial number

  7. Hey thanks for the software
    But is it password protected , cause it is asking me for one

  8. mrutunjaya sahoo says:

    if possible send me the method of doing vat in tally 9

    1. mrutunjaya Sahoo,
      Yes possible but only if you become our clients by purchasing Tally software/TNS renewal through us.
      Else Sorry

  9. SAMIR GHOSH says:

    I want to purchase original Tally erp 9. Pls inform me about the price and procedure of purchase the same from you.
    I just want to know whether it is possible to import vouchers from excel worksheet without entry to tally , if yes pls clarify.

    1. Samir,
      Please send me a mail at mkr2005 on my Gmail Id to know the procedure for how to buy
      Also do let me know whether you need a SU (Single USer )or MU (Multi User)
      Price of SU is Rs. 13500
      and MU Rs. 40500

      Yes, It is possible to import vouchers from Tally however you will need TDL again a paid module.
      But if you purchase Tally from us, than you do not need to worry for entry in Tally. leave your that worry on us. We will take care of the same by assisting you how to do entries in Tally in a very simplified and automated way without any error

  10. Jayavardhan says:


    I need to enter 3000 schools in one single payment voucher. I have the excel file. We are working for education department and we have license. Our head office gave us the Tally SU CD. Can you assist me for exporting the payment voucher. My Tally serial number is 7xxxxxxxx.

    1. Helo Jayavardhan,
      let me work out on on this if possible.
      will revert you at the earliest

      1. Jyoti Ranjan says:

        Respected Mahendra Sir,

        Sir main aapko hindi me batana chata hu.

        Ek company creation karne ka bad uske andar ek sath me TDS , VAT, TCS, CST, entry karsakte hai

  11. Mahendra Sir
    Once you give a reply to me. It was very helpfull to me. Thanks a lot.
    Sir can you kindly suggest a TDL teacher in Mumbai. We, two person like learn TDL. We are ready to pay reasonable fees. Kindly help.

    1. Dani,
      I am glad that my answer helped you.
      Now about Tally TDL teacher, I do not know anybody in Mumabi who can help you. you should contact only Tally Solutions Pvt Ltd. else you will people who are teaching Tally TDL for a haft y fees but again whatever they will teach you is available for Free on Tally Solution’ site! Many smart people just copy it and than teaching others for fees! So, better to contact only Tally Solutions Pvt. Ltd

  12. sugunakaran says:

    I am kindly requesting to you, we have license ERP 09 tally I don’s how to configure the cheques in tally, please sen me a e mail, how to configure,
    Thanking you
    Mobile No 09Xxxxxx

    1. Sugunkaran,
      Generally we do not respond a query if the user does not specify his/her Tally Serial number.
      If want help from us than you must mention your Tally Serial number. There is no exception to this rule.
      If you face any problem in mentioning your Serial number, than please contact some one else to help you.

  13. can we give the refrance no & cost center at the time of import the data from excel to tally & ater import first credit ladger is taken …is there any process if we want to take debit ladger first

    1. Sandesh,
      before posting you should read carefully.
      It is clearly written on the comment form that questions which does not contain a serial number in the box provided will not be attended… first respect the process of our forum and only than ask something.

  14. Sorry for the inconveniance Mahendra,
    can I give the refrance no & cost center at the time of import the data from excel to tally & ater import first credit ladger is taken …is there any process if I want to take debit ladger first

  15. Ramachandran says:

    Dear Sir, I have just installed Tally.ERP9 on my computer.
    I am not an accountant by profession.I need to learn to use Tally from scratch.
    Kindly guide me thru.

    Thank you.

    Kind Regards

    1. Ramchandra,

      We provide free personalized help to only those who purchase Tally Software through us.

  16. how to send print of any voucher entry to Ms-Office One Note

  17. what is different of tally between exel?and what same quallities forexel and tally?

  18. i am accountent.how would entre the voucher for excel

    1. Divya,
      I will advice you sincerely to work under guidance of some experienced person

  19. sonali wankhede says:

    installl tally 7.2 & erp9 my pc

  20. Hamza Mahmood says:

    Hi, I have a company in UAE and have been using quickbooks for the last 3 years and now i would like to switch to Tally Multiuser. Is it possible to import all the Data from Quickbooks to Tally as unlike other softwares, Tally doesnt allow imports in Excel format and everything has to be imported to XML before uploading and xml tags seems to be dificult to get from Tally.

    1. Hello Hamza Mahmood,
      I am glad that you are planning to migrate to Quick books. Surely you can import data from Excel to Tally (exported from your Quickbook) however that will require some customization. There are professionals who can conver the excel data to Tally xml tags!

  21. NANDKISHOR says:

    i tellyerp 9 useer & my tally net subcreption is going to expire by 30 june
    what benifit i have if renewel done with you

    1. Nandkishor,
      Thanks for your interest to renew your TNS through us.
      I have sent you the mail accordingly, you will get our free remote support on Accountancy and Tally.erp related matters

  22. pl send me about tally format latest

  23. fred samuel osae attuah says:

    I want a demo version of excel to tally and a price quotation.

  24. sheeba prakash says:

    how to enter sales details in tally

  25. i want a demo of excel to tally 7.2 & excel to tally erp 9.0

  26. Dear Sir,
    Please provide the download link for excelltotally.

  27. Pls provide the link for the demo download

  28. Manindra Paul says:


  29. Hi

    Can I have demo for tally erp9 excel to tally with cost Centere

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