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How to Import Masters in Tally from another company

As new Financial year started and many Tally users prefers to create a new company and new books of accounts.

Though I prefer to keep up accounts in the same company as it saves a lot of hurdle in creating new sets of accounts plus, I can view the continuous accounting reports. After finalization of my accounts I prefer to split data for two-year.

However its again a matter of personal choice whether to start new year in the same company or create a new company. If you create a new company, problem is always that you have again to create all ledgers manually which is a boring and time-consuming job.

BUT Thanks to Tally’s R & D team as it provides us a wonderful tool that is import and export and you no more need to create new ledgers in your newly created company.

One of my client has recently asked my help on this matter how to Import ledgers of old company to new company. and here is the solution that I provided her which work fine.

How to Import Masters in Tally from another company

First of all, create  a new company in your Tally for the new year.

Now open your old Company in Tally than Go to Display

Than List of Accounts

Now click export

Select format as xml

type name as master.xml or any other name of your choice but don’t forget the extension should be .xml

complete the export procedure

How to Import Masters in Tally from another company

now open your  new company

on main menu there is an option Import Data

select it and then choose Master import

type the name here as master.xml or the name you have preferred while exporting of ledger from your old company

just wait for few minutes. it will show an indicator of progress. as soon as it completes, the ledger now imported to your new company

It’s all. Start your work in New company.

and yes, don’t forget to share with us  how you start your new company in Tally ?

Here is a detailed video to help you to understand the entire procedure.


  1. shiva Kumar

    Thank You Very Much Tallynine.com for great information about Masters import from one company to another company . I have faced the problem of copying unnecessary master from split of data but this method is very much useful for me for coping masters from one company to another company .
    So, Very -very thank You Tallynine/Mahendra Sir,

    Shiva Kumar

    1. Shiva Kumar
      Glad that my article helped you and thanks for your feedback.

      1. anoj koirala


        this is used for reply for your article feedback . but i have problem and hope you can solve. so i have sent a reply . dont mind sir. i have no knowledge for tally . how can i operate this . if you have any idear or any notes please send me on my email address.

      2. shiva Kumar

        Your are welcome Mahendra Sir
        but i have faced another problem caused by above tips. In new company imported ledger or group carry previous year opening balances how can adjust with closing balance of previous year and is there way of stock item export and import as same as ledger and group . I requesting for your kind response.
        Shiva Kumar

        1. Shivakumar,
          While exporting your ledger mater from the previous company, you should carefuly review the options available for exporting.
          It will ask you whether u want to treat previous year balance as opening ? you should set it to yes!
          You can do it again and check the result in a sample company.

          While selecting the ledgers, you should select all masters! it will export and import the item as well.
          Hope it will help you

          1. shiva Kumar

            Sorry Mahendra sir i haven’t get the question “treat previous year balance ” while exporting the master.xml but only all masters/group/…… i am using tally9 Multiuser serial no:74xxxxxxx but i had Ranged data only group or ledger have closing balance as Non zero. because we have lot of customer which have zero balance they are not needed for next year. Is there is way to exporting all non zero balance with closing balance as opening balance for new company

      3. CHANDHAR

        NEED SOLUTIONS !!!,

        1. CHANDHAR


  2. nisha

    thax alot sir,,,,,,,,,,,only because of you now i can post ledgers of old company to mah new company without any headache…….thax for helping us in dis way.

    1. Hello Nisha,
      Glad that my article help you.
      Don’g forget to subscribe our news letters for more such useful information which I will be writing in near future

  3. priyanka

    I am not able to import the data into my new company the error is coming

    ” Can’t Import check tally.imp for details”

    1. Priyanaka,
      Email me your Tally.imp file mentioning your Tally Serial number so that I can solve it

  4. dev

    pls. learn tds & tax information

  5. Priyanka

    Mr. Mahendra please give me ur email id so that i can send tally.imp file and my serial number to u

  6. RINKU


  7. dinesh singh

    Dear sir,
    I would like to know that how can we transfer entries with amount to any other existing company is it possible or not can we transfer bulk of transactions in any other company.
    Please give me solution as soon as possible.

    with regards
    Dinesh Kumar Singh.

  8. ramawtar

    मैं अपनी नई कंपनी में डेटा त्रुटि आ रहा है आयात करने में सक्षम नहीं हूँ

    1. Ramwatar,
      fill out the contact us form on our site and attach the Tally.imp file and yes, don’t forget to mention your Tally serial number else your query won’t be responded

  9. Vinay

    i want to import a particular ledger into an other company for eg. traveling expenses export from A company import into b company. Help me how to do it.

    1. Vinay,
      You have to put efforts yourself.
      It has been well explained in the article the procedure a guideline.
      Please do it yourself else hire a technical person who will assist you on a chargeable base

  10. kuldeep

    i am learn tally book in which site that is ablavle

  11. deebak

    i want to know more abt tally pls help me sir

  12. shrenik shah

    hi, is somebody knows how to import PAYROLL data plz help me out..

  13. Ashif khan

    How can i import closing balance & ledger from one company to another company.

  14. BalasubRamaniyaN

    Pls send me worthful newletters and learning materials if any or general learning ways / methods for Tally ERP 9

  15. harishg

    Thank u so much sir really i learned today reason is u .Actually i am article student (ca) it helps a lot to me



  17. Neha Panwar

    Dear Sir
    I would like to ask my query regarding Tally ERP 9 that i have my data on tally 7.2 and i want the same data on Tally ERP 9 so please tell me How i will take my data on ERP 9 and one more question that i want to copy the rectify data of same company which is already exist so what should i do.Please make this reply on my mentioned mail id.I will be very grateful to you.
    Neha Panwar

    1. Neha,
      Can you quote your Tally 7.2 and Tally.erp 9 Serial Number so that, I can assist you ?

  18. Deepa

    Hello Sir,
    We have created one company and we are working in that but there are some mistakes feeded earlier so we want start new company having the same ledgers and item lists from oct 1st So, please help us in coping the data from old to new .

  19. Deepa

    tally 9erp and serial number is 77xxxxxx

    1. Hello Deepa,
      Thanks We have verified your Tally Serial Number.
      You will receive a response with solution of your problem within 2-3 hours in your mail box from our support team.

  20. Deepa

    Hello Sir,

    Actually i have copied data to create other company with same details so in new data which i have copied named as 20000 and earlier data was 10000. ans i have started working from october 1st and now when i want copy data to backup the it is showing 21.9gb but the old data is only 7.53gb in new data i have deleted all the entries which ever i dont and started from 1st only that data is there. but i want to know about why the new data is showing 21.9gb and it is not coping for back up.

    1. Deepa,

      You should contact your TSP. I am sure they will sort out your problem as TSP are expert in handling such queries

  21. Neha

    Hello Sir,

    I am using tallyerp9, I have lots of entries in Excelsheet. I want that all entries in Tally. So, please give solutions that How to convert Excell sheet entries in Tally?
    Hope you will reply me soon.

  22. Angelin

    Thank you very much, as I need to import my old ledgers to the new company I just checked your page and its been done successfully..it saves most of my time..AWESOME!

  23. Aparna Khade

    Thank you , thank you so much sir..

  24. Mohidin

    Hi Mr.Mahendra,
    i transfered all my ledgers to new one, but i couldnt tranfer the opening balances. Could u please help me on this..

    Am using Tally 9. And i have tried exporting “All masters”…but Still not possible.
    I couldnt find any optionsto tranfer opening balances. So should i enter it manually.. (thats risky)

  25. Dolly

    Hello Sir,

    Plz help me to learn tally erp. I had worked in tally 6.3 bt last 2 years i m not in touch with tally software. so that now i am facing lots of problems and i also forget many things in tally or accounts. Plz help me how can i learn work on erp.


    I am srinivasu working as accounts officer sir ihave on doubt in tally erp9, one company created in aug 2010 and continued 2010-11 and 2011-12 in 17.02.2012 we are split the company from 01.04.2011 for huge data, Now i am created new company 2012-13 and exported and imported ledgers but opening balance and pending bill reference not arrive. how to taken opening balance and bill references to new company 2012-13. i am tried to split tally in second time 01.04.2012 but in tally alt+F3 unable

    Please give the suggestion.
    thanking you.

  27. thanks a lot sir this site is very usefull and Mahendra sirjee u r genius,,,,,,

  28. thanks a lot sir this site is very usefull and Mahendra sirjee u r genius,,,,,,

  29. Anandhi

    How to link tally data one computer to another computer …. PLS HELP ME …..

  30. Khyati


    please guide on this :
    After splitting a company and successes exporting of ledgers , the opening balances include entries from previous years and the same amount is adjusted by showing on account from the balance. In a ledger there is 1560 such kind of entries are displayed in bill wise detail in opening balance. how can I remove the same? Thank you in advance………

  31. Smruti

    That was a great help. Especially as i didnt have time to learn tally properly, this helped save me a lot of time n energy to start new companies every year. Thank you. Looking forward to more such articals.

  32. Murali.k

    Hi sir

    This is Murali, Sir please tell me how to maintain accounts in tally for real estate companies and please send list of accounts xml file.

    Thanking you,

  33. seetha

    thanks lot for tally help.
    If any doubt which e-mail should i contact.

  34. RAMDAS


  35. Anuradha

    error message unable to import. currency symbol existing . check tally.imp.
    how to procedd

  36. Venkatesh S

    Dear Sir
    can i merge same companies different (frm 2010-11 to 2009-10) periods tally data in one.

    please help me.

  37. Neel Mani.

    we have two system one for billing for cash only, another for rest accounting and both are using different data file. how can i import all the cash sales data in accounting computer.

  38. sanjay kumar gupta

    sir i want to ask how to copy ledger of one company to another compay in tally 7.2&9.0

  39. Deepika

    I have a problem regarding copying ledgers from one company to another that is..When I copy All ledgers to another company using…Multiple Alter Mode it displays an error that Cash in Hand & Profit & Loss Ledger is already exist.

  40. Deepika

    in Earlier Versions i have never faced such type of problem…and Kindly keep in mind that i do not want to copy the ledgers from a Particular group like “Sundry Debtors” or “Sundry Creditors”… i just want all ledgers copy into an another company.. Please guide me.

  41. Rupesh

    Bahut Hi Umda aur Zabardast informative blog create kiya hai…Shukriya Mahendra Sir 🙂

  42. sunil more

    sir pl tell me why error come when i import master.xml erros is Line : 1502

  43. Kailash Chandra Mourya

    Dear Sir,

    at present we using Tally.ERP9 how to upgrade it with all add-in related to MP VAT, TDS,Service tax & also requiement of Cheque printing of IDBI & Axis bank, please suggest.

  44. udaykiran

    Thank you sir.

  45. Shehroz


    i want to transfer some ledgers into new company. currently all the data are in one company named group of companies i want to transfer data from their respective co. for example if A bank is for A co. then i want to move this bank to that co. and all the sales purchases balance sheet items of A co. should be move to that A co. tell me how can i do that?

  46. prithvi sharma

    Data dalte tym agr koi new ledgr bnana ho to kaise bnaynge

  47. matrika

    i need to insert external data (excell or xml) into the tally automatically (using my own software). i can make xml files and excell files in any format. is it possible to edit/create tally database ( or .900 file) or is their any other ways to do so??

  48. Kashi Prasad


    Pls help on this problem that “we are paying Chit amount to xyz chit funds pvt ltd every month. the chit amount is @1000.00, in this amount the premium amount of rs.800 and 200 rs Dividend for every month. now we are paying 800 rs for premium.
    then how can make an entry in tally?” give us complete solution on this.
    awaiting for your precious reply.

  49. Prakash Kumar Chaudhary

    sir i create a new company and transfer all data from old to new company.but there is a problem when i working accounting voucher there is not date changes by press F2, i’ve tally tdl in nepali date that also not change. in Particular when pressing F2 there is changes in date below where effective date comes so please give me answer immediately sir. i’ve serious problem,


    Prakash Kumar Chaudhary

  50. swarajyam mukku

    sir! i am really thanks to you. i easily learn About export and import how to do. i have so many doubts. i should clarify with you only.

  51. swarajyam mukku

    sir! whatever balance sheet/ profit&loss a/c ,i want with balances in excel sheet or ms word. how to do? could you explain to me?



  53. kamrul

    Dear sir/ Madam
    when i do export to import but don’t show location how can solve this problem please advice me

    Best regards

  54. Navneet Singh

    Dear Sir,
    I mistakenly deleted a ledger in my company, now I want to transfer closing balance of that ledger from last year to my company. can it be done?? plz help.

  55. Rakehs kaushik

    Sir/ madam ,

    i want import only closing of debtors no more ledger and group required. Please help me

  56. Gladin Jenifer

    Dear Sir/Madam
    I want to know, how to take data backup sir for company split for next financial year.

  57. Aamir Ameen

    How To Import Voucher Entries From One Co. To Another

  58. ankur

    I want to create a new company with all ledgers and stock items of old company but do not want to copy numeric values of old companies. how can I do it please help

  59. asif khan khan

    hi ankur i have same problem as u have. could you told me how to create new company with old ledger

  60. Ennyk

    I have studied the various ways to Export and Import of Data in Group or Ledger. i want to export ALL data in SOME group in Tally which means i dont want to export all data in Company to Company B just selected Data. Please kindly assist me. Note this includes all their information into the new Company.

  61. jebin

    iam not able important data to new company

    1. Please read the article carefully or contact us through chat(One to one Support is chargeable service)

  62. anwar

    not imported total ledger there are few ledger have been imported …what should i do plese help me

    1. Ajaz

      Same here all ledgers not imported

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