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Smartsheet review :team collaboration

It’s been a while I posted anything. It was all about Tally ERP 9. Was’t it? Here is something a little different, quite innovative technology and tools. I liked it, ‘coz I am able to do a lot out of it. Even more than I thought. I hope you are familiar  with  softwares like Smart-Sheet which offers task management. Last year I was looking for a tool through which I could co-ordinate with my team and also monitor the tasks that are being carried out by each assignee. Also I could know their work status without asking them. Similarly I do not have to mail every assignee the task or work assigned to them. While working with a team after assigning work to the team members, it is difficult to track their work progress and performance. I was searching for a  team collaboration  software   in which day-to-day as well as important work can be allocated along with defining specific responsibility to each and every team member. That is, who will do what and how. I went through many softwares like Myasana, Wunderlist and few others. Most of these services are web based and provides a free account for a team up to 5 members. So there was no risk in trying them.


All these team collaboration on-line applications were working fine, however, I was looking for much more. As I said I needed an affordable service for a team of 5-15 members, e-mail notification, task assignment,chart, auto alert setting and much more. Imagine a company having plants / branches at different locations and the plant,head and branch employees and workers are sending cash statements/GRN and other reports which needs managers approval immediately, how will you manage all that? Earlier I tried with Drop box. Dropbox is a pretty awesome and easiest cloud application. I loved it but the biggest problem with drop box is shared editing, also it lacks the real meaning of team collaboration. But the biggest issue with it is that whenever 2 users edit an excel file at the same time, it will create a conflicted copy. Imagine 5 users edit a file it will create 5 copies each and every time and so, you will be lost to find out which one is the last edited! Then, I moved to Google Spreadsheets but here again Google app for business is only for 10 users while we were in need of more. Then, moved to  Sky-drive but it wasn’t that worthy. So, again searched and finally, I got the solutions in the  Smart-sheet.

What is Smart-sheet? It’s an Excel/Google Doc-like on line application that generates spreadsheets that are more dynamic than just rows & columns. In addition to spreadsheets, there’s quite a bit of Microsoft Project thrown in (it can even import Project files). The interface is very simple to learn and use, which makes it ideal for sharing with clients of all technical backgrounds. You need a paid account to create sheets after the free trial expires. But those sheets can be shared with anyone, either through a named user or through a publish link that anyone can view if they know it. You can lock a particular column, can track history of anything i.e. when and by whom it was created, also when and by whom it was being modified ?


Smart-sheet offers various ready-to-use built in template which are very convenient and saves time in creating sheet.


You can add comments, to rows, can attach documents, can set alert  for shared users for any changes in the sheet, can even send auto email on period or event base criteria. Like if you want to sent auto email to your customer before the due date of an invoice, Smart-sheet will send auto email on daily/weekly basis until you turn it off!


In my next article, I will share with you how to use smart-sheet for your day-to-day work to increase the office productivity and your business skill.



If you are using  any team collaboration or task management software like Smart-Sheet ,then do share your experience here.


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