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2. Since every Partner earns the same margin for a sale, no Partner can offer you a lower price.

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Look before you leap:

1. Even though there may be some familiarity with the Tally product, buyers often need guidance to keep pace with

advances in technology and new features. To take full advantage, it helps to get the guidance of Partners who are
trained on it.
2. When you buy, please recognise that LOWER PRICES imply LOWER EXPERTISE. In many cases, it may also

imply lower ability to offer the value (that is, the seller actually does not even want to attempt giving you any



[activecampaign form=1038] 3. It is sometimes possible that skills within your organization make it seem unnecessary to depend on your
Partner, hence making it seem harmless to buy at a lower price. However, to re-emphasize, it is always advisable to

stay abreast of technology & capability advances and your Partner is best geared to assist.
4. In every other case, please be careful and suspicious about any ‘low price’ offer. Please understand that there is no  other way for the seller to earn a margin (that is, there is no way for the seller to have ‘purchased at a good price,
therefore selling at a good price’).


Be cautious when the product is offered at a lower price
ŸThe full ‘value’ of your Tally product is only realized over time
ŸPaying your Tally Partner less for your Tally license might compromise their ability to deliver full value in the long run

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stylo - 6 years ago Reply

I want 1 copy for my shop. I have some questions.

I have computer whole & retail shop here in Bahrain.

How much you’ll charge for full tally i don’t know which version i need gold or a silver… tell me with details which version and details i need for tally

Mahendra Rana - 6 years ago Reply

Please contact me on Gtalk at mkr2005 or oz0021 at yahoo to discuss the same.
You can also buy in online direct form tally solutions keeping us your preferred ID which will entitles you our unmatched support.
Please check our Portfolio section a list of our happy clients.

prhnce - 6 years ago Reply

muje telly ne bhut sat diya he me job ke liye idhar udar jata rehta tha lekin jis din se muje telly mili he job samne ofar karti he

prince soni - 6 years ago Reply

muje telly 7.2 me bhut interest he me commars ka student hu us hisab to muje telly laran karni chaiye lykin agar me commars student nahi hota fir bhi telly laran karta prince soni

harish - 6 years ago Reply

Hi my name’s harish i need tally 7.2 as well 9.0[new version] wat r the proc r to be fallowed to dlow

Mahendra Rana - 6 years ago Reply

I do not provide Tally 7.2
even Tally 9 is outdated version.
I would recommend you to go for Tally.erp 9 which is the latest version

Tally.erp 9 Single user (Silver) will cost you Rs. 13500.00 and Multi user will cost Rs. 40500.00

You can buy it online (Credit card only) direct from tally solutions keeping us your preferred tally service partner through our partner link

If you are interested to buy it offline,then please do let me know or send me an email at the address shown in the above link

Rajesh - 5 years ago Reply

Hello Mahendra,
I am looking at using tally for my Home / Personal finances. Which version would you recommend?
Do specify the system requirements for the version you recommend.

Since I have not used tally before, could you also advise if this product is user friendly for a novice like me?
Is there any support that you provide to pick up the basics?
I stay in Dubai. How do you offer support for users in Dubai?


Mahendra Rana - 5 years ago Reply

Hello Rajesh,

based on your requirement, I would recommend you Tally.erp 9 Single user. Since you are in Dubai, you will need to buy Tally.erp 9 Silver International edition.
based on users requirement, I provide personalized support to my clients. you will agree with me that each client may have its own requirement and so I provide support accordingly.
All you need once you purchase the software through us, just tell me the nature of your business and than we will guide you how to proceed step by step.
We provide all support through Gtalk, email and team viewer. from 10 am to 6 pm except Sunday and from 8pm to 11.30 pm every day.
on Sunday we provide support on specific request of clients.
Tally is really simple to use. I challenge you will get your hands only within 2-3 weeks.

umesh jha - 5 years ago Reply

it is no doubt that tally is the best course at the present time.

umesh jha - 5 years ago Reply

at present time i am working as a faculty of tally in snp computer smastipur and avi computer muzaffarpur.I know very well about its uses.sorry rana jee now the time for my class so i can’t conversant with you please write me some thing about your openion

suhail - 5 years ago Reply

Since I will be putting you as the preferred partner when I buy Tally 9 ERP international single user, will there be any charges you would levy if we required support?
This installation will be in a machine residing in Muscat, Oman.
I spoke to some of the partners here in Oman and some did not pick up the phone and others were very quick to offer training and installation charges but no mention of support!
Thanks and best regards.

suhail - 5 years ago Reply

Is there a yearly licence charge for Tally 9 ERP single user

Mahendra Rana - 5 years ago Reply

Hello Suhail,
Thanks for your decision to select us as your preferred partner.
No, to provide support we don’t charge any extra except the customization.because customisation is related to programming.
You will receive free support through Team viewer/Gtalk, email and our support .
and generally our response time is 15-20 minutes

Mahendra Rana - 5 years ago Reply

Well, there is no yearly license charges but there is an yearly subscription charges.
for new purchase you will get the free for first year. after that it will be charged @20% the prevailing market price.
however it is not compulsory to renew your but it is recommended to get free product updates, remote access to Tally etc.

Jubi - 5 years ago Reply

Hi, I would like to use Tally ERP in our office Qatar..We have 10 Branches in Qatar and 2 in Musuct.
Currently we are using different software so once we selct Tally, Can you transfer all the data from our software to Tally erp.

If yes how much we nned to pay for this.

waiting for your reply …

Mahendra Rana - 5 years ago Reply

Hello Jubi,
it depends on the software you are using for
So, please let me know currently which software you are using and in which format it is able to export the data than I will let you know

Benz - 5 years ago Reply


we have indian version of Tally ERP 9 multi user. we would like to remote edit of International version of (dubai)Tally ERP 9. Will it work? or should we convert our Indian version to International version? does Indian environment differ from international environment?

Mahendra Rana - 5 years ago Reply

Hello Benz,
Thanks four contracting us. is a facility to access data remotely. It has nothing to do anything with licensing or edition. You can access Dubai data with your current Indian edition without any issue. You even can acesss data with Avon educational tally version. Only condition is that your Dubai tally edition’s must be active.

benz - 5 years ago Reply

Hi Mahendra
Thank you for clarity which have not been solved by either my Tally partner or Tally customer care for long time.
Few more questions
1) How does international version of tally differ from Indian version tally?. Some vendor charging high for international version. Does any TDS or Tally customization differ?
2) while Keying in JE’s in dubai tally from Indian tally does it instant update or speed would be an issue?
3) Tally people say internataional tally itself one company data can add only 10 email accounts as users? is it so?
4) Regarding synchronization concept nobody have given clarification yet. Tally partner explained on my training” I have to bring tally company data of my client to my office and then make it 2 copy (one on c drive tally erp /another one d drive tally erp). Then I should make client & server configuration, then I have to handover client sync tally data to my client. But while trying so, it was not happening. when I open any of the tally data copy, the other one is getting disconnected from environment. Is that right way of sync configuration?

Mahendra Rana - 5 years ago Reply

Hello Benz,
Welcome Back and thanks for the feedback.
I believe Tally support guys are awesome in solving the queries however sometimes we may have different experience.
Now coming back to your queries,

1) Yes, International Edition of Tally software prices are a bit high than the Indian edition. The prices are determined by the Company Tally Solutions Pvt. Ltd itself. However at any time, you can check the prices of Any Tally product at online portal This is our authenticate partner link with Tally. Just select a product and the portal will display prices.So, you can verify it with the partner’s prices.
No, There is no difference by way of any TDL between an international and Indian Edition. however the functionality may differ considering the prevailing legal rules in the countries. For e.g. In Dubai there is no Taxation like India, so in Dubai Edition, There might be no TDS, excise etc!

2) Speed will depen on the Net connectioin speed. The things you should take care while working remotely is that the software version and release must be the same at both side end.
3) Yeah, That is true in a multi user, only up to 10 users can be added per company to work remotely. However, when Series B will launch by end of the current year, you will be able to add more user
4) regarding sync. your understanding and the method is not correct. let me explain you. Suppose you have a HO in Dubai, and a branch in India. Now you working in Branch in India how your accounts will be integrated with HO Books or how can you send your data to HO ? here the Sync comes into picture. you need to set up two rules
a) A server side rule that is to be set up in HO office here say Dubai,
b) A client side Rule to be set up in Branch say Indian Office,
Now, once you set up both the rules, than from branch, just hit the sync button and the Tally software will take care of the rest of things. There are some points to be taken which again requires a long explanation. If, possible I will write a detailed article on Data sync

benz - 5 years ago Reply

Hi Mahendra
thanks for quick response. I read tally solution guide & so many writings regarding Sync. I would wait for your article. Pls send me the link when it published.

from the above reply, my understanding is: the branch co. data should be in HO tally itself(say we email the branch co. data). then we proceed for server side rule and client side rule respectively (say HO at Dubai & Branch at India). we cannot make both rules at a single location since to make a rule there is a need of different license right?

Mahendra Rana - 5 years ago Reply

Hi Benz,
Yes, now you got it.
Sycn does not work without a Tally license and the data location for the sync must be two different computers otherwise in single PC, there is nothing to sync. one can just copy paste the data or can use the same data in the same PC!
If, you need urgent help for data sync, I can help you through team viewer probably by tomorrow evening after my office hours 8.30 pm onwards (IST),
just let me know exactly where you are located ? in India or Dubai ? than I will set up one configuration for you and will give you the configuration for the other side company. It may take only 20-30 minutes

Benz - 5 years ago Reply

Thank you so much Mr. Mahendra. I am in India only. Your assistance was so helpful. I used to work with team viewer. Let me try myself. I would get in touch with you. thanks once again.

Mukesh Murtadak - 4 years ago Reply

It’s good apps

Vineet Garg - 4 years ago Reply

Hi Mahendra

mein ek tally 9 user hu or mein apse ye puchna chahta hu ki tally erp.9 mein kya naya hai?or mein isko purchase kyo karu ya upgrade kyo karu

Sri Lakshmi - 4 years ago Reply

I need Quotation for Tally ERP9 Single and Multiple user for my Organisation. It is a software Engineering Company in Pune. Kindly mail the Quote to the above mail id.

Mahendra Rana - 4 years ago Reply

Sri Lakshmi,

Please refer the price list at

vinod - 4 years ago Reply

hai Mahi,
Iam working in Oman.Our company running by petrol filling statoins.I like to adopt Tally .suppose can i purchase from india ,it will be working in Oman?someone told to me its working but unfortunately i open ineternet,it willbe change an education virsion,is it true?any other problem for purchasing from India

Mahendra Rana - 4 years ago Reply

Hi, No, The Indian edition will not work in Countries other then India.
You have to buy the International Edition only. The license works on IP based that means an IP belongs to a foreign national will automatically block the license of the local software (e.g. Indian Edition)

lokesh - 4 years ago Reply

dear sir/mam,

we want purchase tally erp for our 500 disrtibutors.

plz reply urgent basis

shruti - 4 years ago Reply


I am existing user of Tally erp9 single user. Could you please help that is it mandatory to renew evey year with tally net subscription or is it okay to continueon the old. I had purchased last year and we do dont use it for statutory compliances which often changes every year.

Please help at the earliest.

kunal thakkar - 4 years ago Reply

i want to buy 1 nos. tally Erp 9. latesh version.. i want for my ahmedabad office. urgenty repl.

my no:- +91

Sagir Ahmad - 3 years ago Reply

i want to purchase tally erp9 online licensed version

Rahul - 3 years ago Reply

I need a TallyERP9 for my organization urgently. If I purchase from you, what would be the best price & will you be able to provide support in Delhi.

Hemant Shah - 3 years ago Reply

I have trp9 silver single user. My CA has latest version . After audit he used to mail me slightly modified data. Is is possible to use this data with my slightly older version of tally erp ? Is it compulsory to renew every year?

GOWTAHAM RAJ - 3 years ago Reply

hello sir,

i am gowtham raj proprietor of sri gowtham pumps is water pumps manufacture company i need a single user of tally erp 9 and did not work in tally software if i buy.kindly help me to how i work in tally software.

Raghavendra Poddar - 3 years ago Reply

I want to have a tally at my office.

Please confirm the following Question.

My Family has 6 members whos account i want to maintain.
Accounts need to be updated every week/fortnight.

Can i use tally erp 9 for all members ?

Can i also install the same at residence ?

I have some old data tally7.2 which got corrupted. Can you help us rectify the data and import in Tally erp9 which we plan to purchase from you.

Please confirm your mumbai Office locations

Please Confirm the price for single user erp 9 as the website shows 18000 and this post is showing 13500.

Anil - 10 months ago Reply

Hello sir

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