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Data split in tally|Think for due date while posting entries in tally

Data splitting in tally is very necessary upon completion of the financial year.Data splitting means separation of two financial year of the company data. Data spiting help you to avoid creating a new company for every financial year. If you create a new company for the new financial year, then you will have to go a long way e.g. creating all the new ledger, grouping, opening balances sheet further, there will not be consistency in the financial reports. So, the best solutions is to split your data between two difference year. It will also speed up your tally software and it will require less MB spaces.

Recently one tally nine reader Ms.Shakuntala, raised a problem while she was trying to split the company for the new financial year starting from 1st April, 2010. When she try to split the data, she was facing an error namely incorrect due date for bill ref. no…. due to this, she was not able to split her data. After modifying that particular bill due date, she had successfully splited her data.

Tally support helped her to identify the particular bill

Let me explain you this problem and solutions in more details.

when you create a supplier ledger, it will ask for default credit period. I will suggest you, even if you don’t have any credit policy for your supplier/debtors, you should specify a default credit period of 15 days, 30 days or whatever you wish so.Do this job starting from the first bill of the  .supplier. IF you set a default credit period for a supplier/customer after entering few bills, then re enter all the past bill of that supplier again setting a default due date.

If you don’t do this, then tally system will automatically pick a due date which might be a date prior to the commencing of the current financial year and due to this, you will not be able to split your data!

If you are facing such problem, and not able to identify that particular bill  which is creating problem in data splitting then don’t’ worry. Here is a way to find out that bill. First of all, run your data splitting wizard and it will tell you the reference number of the bill which has an incorrect due date.After that, following process, will help you to find out this bill.

Go to Display from the main menu of tally.


Select Statements of accounts


Select outstanding


select Payable  (you may follow the same process step by step in case of receivable)


It will show you all the bill reference number, voucher number, name of supplier and its due date. alternatively you

Alternatively, Press Alt+F12

and select the criteria as shown below


in the blank field here, type the particular ref number of the bill and you will find that bill which is creating the problem. Once you find out that bill, go to alteration mode of that bill, and remove the due date . keep it blank or select any bill falling under the current FY and accept the screen.

Do share your experience with tally nine readers if ever you have used tally support.

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Mahendra Rana

Mahendra is founder and CEO of the I Vision Infotech, Authorised Tally Sales and Service Partner and helping Tally users to learn Tally and accounting free through this site

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sameer - 6 years ago Reply

send u latest update on my site that will help me to undestand to get full command over tally bcoz i want to make life easier and go forward

Mahendra Rana - 6 years ago Reply

Dear Sameer,

I am not able to understand you. do you want to send me latest update of your site ? or you want latest update of my site ?

Nagarajan.S - 6 years ago Reply

HI thanks
I faced the same problem while splitting, and corrected it
thanks again

madhu - 6 years ago Reply

at the time of spliting data the massege come NO ENTRY IN VOUCHER and it comes agin on split menu how can i do it

Mahendra Rana - 6 years ago Reply

Have you checked date range for the period of data splitting. May be you are trying split data of a FY which contains no voucher entry.
If it does not help, then can you send me your data back up or screen shot of the process starting from the date range selection ?

madhu - 6 years ago Reply


Mahendra Rana - 6 years ago Reply

Have you checked your data from date 01.04.2007 to 31.03.08 and 1.4.08 to 31.03.09. I suggest you first split date from 1.4.008 then go to split from 01.04.09
Please visit exclusive forum and post your queries there for a speedy answer and more interation on the subject. I have created a support thread there for easy navigation.

SOMA - 6 years ago Reply

I am trying to split company data.But it shows the error “Incorrect due date of Bill No. ’31’! What can I do Now?Please help me.

Mahendra Rana - 6 years ago Reply

Go to display, then account statement, the Outstanding,
Then click on payable
select date starting of your fY and ending FY
You will find there every bill. check one by one which contains ref. no. 31 (alternatively Press Alt +F12, select bill type, ref no. containing 31 and hit the button)
Once you find out that particular bill,then go to alteration mode of that bill no. 31
In voucher ref. no. you will find the bill no. 31 and the due date, just remove that date or change it to any date which should be within the current FY and after bill date
accept the voucher and then start. i will work
If you are unable to find out the bill from Payable, then try the same procedure from Receivable
I trust it will work.
If not then please revert back

Please post your queries to our support forum

Deepak - 6 years ago Reply

at the time splitting data,tally is showing “NO ENTRY IN VOUCHER”.I have data from 1-4-2005 to till date.I tried to split from 1-4-2008 and 1-4-2009 but same message is displayed.please help.

Mahendra Rana - 6 years ago Reply

Dear Deepak,
Please post your queries on our support forum

girish sharma - 6 years ago Reply

hello sir,
i have some problem in tally actually please give me details of splits company what is the benefit of split data so give me answer its urgent

girish sharma

Manimozhian.M - 6 years ago Reply

We are facing “Incorrect due date” at the time of spliting the data.

we are so tired to remove due date, because of several entries made in our data (ie. previous year date ref)

Hence, pl clarify any short cut to remove due date entries

thanks & regards

Mahendra Rana - 6 years ago Reply

Dear Manimozhian,
I am sorry, there is no short have to alter your bills manually.
Alternatively you may send your data to me, I will do that free of cost for you if you wish so.

prakasan - 6 years ago Reply

how to find a particular receipts number in tally 9

srikanth - 6 years ago Reply

how to use inventory reports properly in tally….

Mahendra Rana - 6 years ago Reply

Reports in an accounting software are only for view and printing purpose as well as for analysis purpose.
and yes, I am not able to understand your query !

Pradeep - 6 years ago Reply

After Splitting Company in new fiscal year, Easily posted voucher and other entries in previous year. I wondered how is it possible. I am using tally 7.2. No any error showing in splitting, smoothly splits but easily changes,deleted,and modified statements in previous year financial records. How is it occured????

Ashok - 6 years ago Reply

may i have your on facebook ?


diren - 6 years ago Reply

I have a problem, I dont know why sometimes tally does’nt give me the due date option and sometimes it give me the due date options, please help me

Mahendra Rana - 6 years ago Reply

First you should need to read my response on other queries raised by other people.
I am repeatedly telling people Don’t post any query without mentioning your Serial number still every day people like you and many other starts askking without mentioning the Serial number.
I dont’ know why you guys apply some common sense before raising your query?

ELIZABETH RANI - 5 years ago Reply


Dhanya - 5 years ago Reply

Dear Sir,
In my office we are using Tally ERP 9 and have splitted up the same company form (01.04.2010 – 31.03.2011)and (01.04.2011 – 31.03.2012) as for year ending and v r handling the datas of both invoices and the receipt for the invoices that we are raised so now it s difficult to enter the receipt for the before invoices that is from (01.04.2010 – 31.03.2011).and the Receipts are posted in the same date (31.03.2011),the date s not changing and the error s showing as (DATE ABOVE CURRENT PERIOD 31.03.2011).Please Help me!!!

RAKESH KUMAWAT - 5 years ago Reply

am trying to split company data.But it shows the error “Incorrect due date of Bill No. ’31′! What can I do Now?Please help me.

my mobile number is 096xxxxxxxxxx

Mahendra Rana - 5 years ago Reply

Instead of mentioning your cell number, you should mention your Tally Serial number to get support on the issue

Rakesh Ranjan Rath - 5 years ago Reply

after split company data, my loans and advances opening balances which maintained in cost centre wise with cost catagory does not bring forward to the new financial year. is there any help

Girishkumar - 5 years ago Reply

I have received a message at the time of splitting the data ” voucher total do not match”, what is the remedy for this problem? Give your help

khyati - 5 years ago Reply

At the time of splitting of co..there is an error that multicurrency does not exist..although i am working in rupees only..wat 2 do?? plz help..

Dush - 5 years ago Reply


I am using tally 6.2, i am trying to split a company, but it is not splitting. The process starts and verifies the balances and then goes to second phase and nothing happens there and after waiting for 30-40 seconds at that screen the process goes away and screen comes back to main splitting screen. Please advise.


BIJENDRA - 5 years ago Reply

How to split tally data?

Jyothi - 5 years ago Reply


I am Split the Company data 2010-11 & 2011-12 But 10-11 Closing Stock Amount to be Opening Stock of 2011-12 but before splitng data the stock value is correct but after spliting the data is sum of stock & value is change why & how to change that plese reply me

Thanking you

Mahendra Rana - 5 years ago Reply

You need to contact your TSP, I am sure they will help you

sudha - 5 years ago Reply

I am trying to split data of our company from 1.4.10 to 31.03.11 and 1.4.11 to till date but am getting error message as Currency’Rs’ as exits, i request you to please help me in this matter.

Thanking You

Hari Rai - 5 years ago Reply

I am using tally 9 in my office since August 2010 Therefore I splited the company data for new financial year 2011 that is from August-11. I was succeded to split data but in the second company it is not accepting the data from August. It shows error message. What shall I do would please tell me sir?

VISHAL SHAH - 5 years ago Reply

while splitting the company from 2010-2011, i am getting error with due date for voucher number …. is not correct….as per your above info i have inserted all credit period & in the payables i cant see that entry pending….please help me

Mahendra Rana - 5 years ago Reply

It looks like that you have not read our comments policy.
Please read the same and post your query again. otherwise the query will not be resolved

Mahendra Rana - 5 years ago Reply

Hello Hari Rai,
Please read our comment policy and post your query accordingly if you need a resolution.

Ashish Fogla - 5 years ago Reply

at the time of splitting i m getting an error  incorrect date for bill “64’…what to do for this?
plseee help me

kunal - 4 years ago Reply

how we bring forward continuous company in tally p

Tushar - 4 years ago Reply

I am trying to split data for 10-11 from 11-12 & current period. However error I am getting is – “The Cost Centre ‘0’ does not belong to the category ‘Common’|”

I tried to search and rectify all vouchers of this Cost Category called ‘Common’ but could not found any cost centre entered under the said Category which does not belong to the it

Kindly help me to find the solution at the earliest.

Thanks in advance.

Annie Prakash - 4 years ago Reply

Dear Sir,
How to do the due dates in sales ledger in the Tally9?
whenever i prepared the invoice, i got only current date instead of due date. please advise me…

Jitendra - 4 years ago Reply

I have 2 companies first is Katni Tile works Pvt. Ltd. and 2nd is Mahakoshal Refractroies Pvt. Ltd.
when I split the data of Katni Tile works Pvt. Ltd. the problem occurs ‘Proper ref. name Mahakoshal refractories Private limited does not exist’
please solve the problem.

Mahendra Rana - 4 years ago Reply

Hello jitendra, Go to Katni tile Works Pvt. Ltd then Display statement of accounts Receivable of payable where the ledger of Mahakoshal is available
Now see the bill wise reference and find out the ref name starting with Mahakoshal refractories

Alternative use Filter button F12 and search it. Else go to accounts books, ledger, mahakoshal ref and one by one check all bill are properly referenced or not!

Shaileshkumar Maisuria - 4 years ago Reply

Our Accounting year is from Jan to December, but we have created accounting year in tally as from May to April. can we split the data in correct accounting year i.e Jan to Dec. please reply

aliasgar - 4 years ago Reply

Facing problem tracing last year data after splitting from April current year… everything was working fine just before few days all is changed suddenly..all party accounts got by default bill wise details NO.. so coz of that all of last year entries got on account

Arpit shah - 4 years ago Reply

so many incorrect due date voucher so pls any other option to disable to this all due dates error.?????

sabari - 4 years ago Reply

tally spilt the company if error pls tell me answer

Nirmala - 3 years ago Reply

I am trying split data i am getting error Incorrect Due date for Bill OB.

Kindly help me solve this problem!

Thanks in advance

raunak - a couple of years ago Reply

thanks it healped 🙂

rahul - last year Reply

Thank u this splitting information is good it works

RAHUL - last year Reply

sir when i split company in tally9 just msg show MRS problem?
split not done. what i do.
pls. help me

Mahendra Rana - last year Reply

Hello Rahul,
If you using latest version of Tally.ERP 9, then Data spliting will generate an error file which will tell you the cause of the problems. Generally there is an option of fixing the error at the splitting page itself. Again it depends on the version of your software.

Mohammad Ishaq Ali - last year Reply

Dear Sir,

Greetings from NIT Creative Solutions Bangladesh. when i try data split erp9 4.9. It’s looks voucher number cannot be left Blank!. Please give me solutions.

Mahendra Rana - last year Reply

Hello Ishaq,

Please verify your data before splitting it.

RAHUL - 11 months ago Reply


RAHUL - 11 months ago Reply

Dear Sir,
If we split the company & we have some transactions of payment & receipt left for 31/3/xx. If we update the same in last data than is there any process to synchronize last data with new split data so that all ledgers are updated to new. Regs,

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