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Do you need support on Tally.erp 9 ?

For any business After sales service is the most important thing and this is more true when question comes to purchasing of a software or a service. For service Industries it is widely known as Support and not after sales service. An user of a software always requires support  in many cases no matter how well he is  experienced or intelligent.

It is undoubtedly crystal clear that only genuine users of a software can get free and authentic support which a  hacker or cracker can never expect. A hacker has to seek for support  in a secret way with a feeling of guilty of doing something wrong and so can’t ask the vendor of the software/authorised Service partner of the vendor company. It is same thing like consulting some unqualified doctor for some of your health problem and it is needless to explain you the risk of the same.

If you are a genuine user of Tally.erp 9, than you can get free support on your Tally.erp 9 related problem or some procedure like how to enable TDS/excise/service tax etc. You can raise a support ticket in favor of any Tally service provider of your choice through out the country and you will definitely get a response. However if you are not a genuine user of a software, one day you find yourself hanging around to look for support here and there in some secret way.

However you can not expect that the software vendor company or the Service partner teach you your day-to-day  accounting! It is expected from a buyer that he/she should have some legal/accounting knowledge before using a software. Software companies are not there to teach you the legal or accounting principles. If you are not sure for accounting/legal compliance, than you should Tally academy professional courses or can join our premium membership

I have seen so many queries like ” sir please send me chart of account for a project company, or send me all entries of branch accounting etc…. This is childish request and something like going to a clothing merchant than requesting him to deliver you all the sizes of clothes from zero to largest and you will select whatever fit to you!

If you have to ask such kind of queries than I would suggest you to resign from your job as you are just playing with the books of account of the company and  you are definitely not eligible to do accounting. No one will help you for your such unrealistic query. I would feel pity for the business units who employ such unqualified people to keep up their account. Not knowing something is not your fault however you need to know how to present your query in a decent way even if you really don’t know ABC of Account.

I have seen many people are posting queries here without using some common sense. and I don’t want to deal with such kind of time-wasting stuff. Let me explain how to ask for support!

Sometimes, ago, some one from a reputed company requested me to send him all the entries related to branch accounting!!! how horrible. This kind of questions from a person working in an accounting department create doubts in my mind  for the capability of the management of such company. However we can not expect every one to be intelligent yet, I expect  a question or the query to be posted  in  a meaningful and decent way than I would definitely help the person.

Suppose, If I don’t know anything about branch accounting and I want to know how to keep up branch than I would ask some one in the below way.

” Hello My name is xyz and I am working with ABC company….

We are using Tally.erp 9 Serial number xxxxxxx, release 1.2, stat version 128,

We have a head office at city A and a  branch office in City B

Now my query is that our Head office had sent us goods to us on  against Form F than how I can post it in Tally ?

My further question is that we have issued  a cheque of Rs. 30,000 on date 3rd January, 2010 to supplier X on behalf of our HO, than how I can post it into Tally ? ”

This kind of query will give a complete idea to me what is your need and how It can be solve and above all, I will have a great respect for your common sense for raising the query in a decent and meaningful way. I will really help all such queries.

So, guys if you need the free support than first of all, don’t forget to mention your Name, Company name

than your Tally serial number and the release etc. Be sure, your Tally serial number and your company name never be published on the site by us.We keep it secret and use if only for our ad ministerial purpose as well as to give our feedback to Tally Solutions Pvt Ltd for the types of queries a Tally user face and any possible improvement, fixing bug in the software etc.

Further give as much details as you can rather asking in one liner  ” I am facing problem in TDS ” you can ask it in ” when I try to deduct TDS for supplier xyz, for Rs. 450000 k, It does not calculate TDS automatically ” If  you don’t have enough time to ask properly than This is a not a right place for you to post your query. You may search Google, Bing and yahoo and no need to waste mine and your time.

but if you posting your query in the way, I have explained than you are most welcome here. You may also post your query in favor of I vision Infotech

If you wish to buy tally products from us, than you can buy it online www.tallynine.com/buy


  1. PC

    Dear Sir,
    I am an Accountant. My work as an accountant greatly deals with using this software and I have this insalled in my computer. Sir, I have never gone any training for Tally and I seriously need help. It would be very kind of you if you can help me out.

    1. PC,
      Definitely I help all Tally users if they are using genuine (Licensed version ) of Tally
      So, if you need help, do let me know your Tally serial number else please forget it

  2. Chandrashekhar Parmar

    Dear Sir,
    Can i customize Invoice in tally myself? and can import price list from excel to tally

    Tally ERP9 Sr.No.7xxxxxcx9

    1. Hello Chandrashekar,
      Thanks for presenting your query with your Tally.erp 9 Serial number.
      Yes, you can customize Tally yourself but you need to learn it and it’s a not so easy to learn as there is no systematic materials available.
      Everything you have to sort out on your own through the Source codes which are available for free.
      If you just want to improve the price list from Tally, than there is a Free Tally TDL is available and you can use that TDL. It works fine and you don’t need to customize your software for this purpose.Also this TDL is FREE

      Further, please note that your TNS is expired and you should renew it at the earliest to avail the latest Release 3
      If you renew your TNS through us than you will get our free support at any time free of cost else we provide limited support to Tally users who are not our clients.

      1. Rohit

        The tdl on the website has been taken down. I had the old one downloaded, but it does not work with the latest version of tally. It gives an error message. So now we are not able to import price list into tally. Could you help us in this regard ?

      2. PrabhaKaran

        Hello sir,

        I recently bought tally erp 9 silver.

        I want to customise my invoice my self. how to do that. Is there any decent tutorial for that. Thanks. Happy New year

        1. @PrabhaKaran If you want to customise your invoice for free, then you need to learn Tally TDL and if you want to spend money, then please hire a developer. He will definately help You. Thanks for new year wishes, we wish the same to you

    2. Mohit

      posting for reply how can i modify in refrence in sale invoice

  3. ritesh rana

    Respected sir,
    I am teaching tally in reputed institute. i want to know more & more about tally erp 9. now i m using BPB publication books Tally 9 comprehensive guide.so please suggest me any refrence book for more details.which is the best for tally erp 9.it will be very helpful for me.my institute using educational version so i m unable to provide serial no. to you. please give me help sir thankyou.

    1. Ritesh,
      I am surprising and feels pity for the institute for which you are teaching Tally as the Institute is not using Genuine Tally license. I don’t know how you manage to teach students on an educational version. May be just wasting time of yours and your students. Instead of suggesting you any book, I would recommend you to join in Accounts dept which have a genuine Tally license. This is the best way to learn Tally rather than Spoiling career of innocent students. Hope you will understand it


    Respected sir,
    I want to know the co. name & address on the printing of Trial Balance & Balance Sheet.Sir, please reply me.

  5. veera

    is it help the above software

  6. veera

    i want tally9 reference manual original ,Are you help me ? please send this file my email id . i have a problem how to prepare completely excise sales invoice,excise purchase invoice ..my email.id is xxxxxx@gmail.com

    1. Ganesh,

      In reference manual original there is no classification like original and duplicate! you can get the reference manual from the Tally’s official site.
      I don’t send any files to any mail ID except our client’s and premier members

  7. veera

    how much time required your response.i dont now your email.i now tally erp 9 it is very useful , very well but my organaisation is old hence my company people maintained old version of tally 9 i trouble back again.

    1. Ganesh,
      If I were you and my organisation is old and maintaining old version than I would definitely love to leave it mercilessly no mater whatever handsome salary they offer. I firmly believe those company or organisation who can not keep pace with changing time, there is no future of people associated with them

  8. veera

    i think you are very busy now , bye please contact or sms
    ganesh prasad

  9. veera

    the twitter is also very waste network,there is no immediate response.ok

  10. MSV

    Kind Attn to: Shri.Mahendra sir,

    Dear Sir,

    I am a accountant. i am accounts job through Tally7.2 version. Due to some reasons, i am planning to do the same job at my home by using the Tally 7.2 version. The serial no. 7*******4. Is it possible and whether is it a original software. can i able to save all the entries and produce the backup copy? can you help me sir???? Please.

    1. MSV,
      We will need full serial number. only than you can expect a response!

  11. stonegabi

    please i am using tally.erp 9 but after setting my company and passed some entries it keeps on hanging often and often please what could be the cause? because i have tried the resolution as well as rewriting the company’s file again but still the problem keeps on coming

  12. ankit jain

    HEY, I WNT A HELP!!!!
    E.g. paper cover price 150rs. per 1000 pcs……
    so pls help!!!

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