Ledger Grouping in Tally | How to Group Ledgers in Tally.ERP 9

Sometimes back, I wrote about basic groups in Tally.ERP 9. Grouping of the ledger is very important for  finalisation of accounting reports. If you want to learn an ERP Softwre like Tally.ERP 9, you must understand basic of accountancy and how to create a ledger.

A balance sheet is nothing but a summary of various ledger balances on a given date which is grouped properly to give an easy understanding of the financial position of the origination.

Here is a rough idea about which ledger should be grouped under an appropriate category.

Below in BOLD is the name of group account and it displays which ledger should belong to it.

Capital Account: Consist of Owner/partner/share holders account

Loans Account: They are classified into secured and unsecured loan account.
Secured Loans are those which are secured against the mortgages of Assets/FDRs/investment etc. and a loan which is not secured is Grouped under unsecured loan account

Current Liability: It consist of sundry creditors (From whom a business unit purchase Goods/materials or avail services on credit), Advances received from Debtors is  a kind of liability

Provisions: The approximate amount of expenses that needs to be provided on a Given date is grouped under this account

Fixed Assets: It contains all assets like land, plant, machinery, equipment, vehicle, furniture etc.

Investment: FDRS, investment in share of other company, bond etc.

Deposit: Deposit with Telephone Department, Electricity board, bank or any Kind of deposits are grouped under this head

Sundry Debtors: It consists of advances made to Sundry creditors, goods sold to Customers on credit etc.

Loans and advances: Other kinds of recoverable in cash or kind such advances/loans given To staff, money recoverable from sundry creditors, advance tax paid etc.

The list is not exhaustive and it contains only some main group of the Balance Sheet.

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After creating a new company in tally, you may view the in built default basic groups in Tally.ERP 9 by the following way

Go to the Main Menu

Accounts Info



you will see the list of groups in Tally.erp 9

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