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How to create a payment Voucher Class

What's in my bag(s) - July 5th, 2008
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Today, I will show you how to create a voucher class in tally.

I will give example of cash payment voucher class

by creating a cash payment voucher,while posting any cash payment voucher, you don’t need to specify a credit(cash Ledger) account. just enter the debit (expenses/recipient ledger) account, type the amount of voucher, date of voucher and narration and its here how to make speedy entry in tally

it will help users for speedy and error free posting of entries in tally.
hope you will enjoy it.

more such important features I will let you know in future

the link for downloading the screen shot for voucher class is :

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Mahendra Rana

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ramesh - 6 years ago Reply

I want lot of examples to try.
Please provide exercise to try.

Mukesh - 4 years ago Reply

i want to import xml file of different dates of vouchers ……………….bt it takes only 1 and 2 date of a month please tell me how i add vouchers of different type of dates………….

Sachin kumar - 3 years ago Reply

ledger and voucher heads learning

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