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How to enter forex transaction in Tally.erp 9

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Recently, I have asked tally support for guidance relating to forex transaction as I was not able to get the desired result.

In response to above, Tally team sent me the screen shots of entire manual for recording forex transaction. Though my problem was bit different. However For general tally user this manual is very important and those who are not familiar with forex transactions in tally, they can now learn and can enter transaction properly.

reader can view and download the entire manual at the following link :


Further following reading is also suggested for a better understanding and in depth reading :


  1. Nujuma Ayoob

    how to study about tally and transaction and bank reconciliation tds, tax etc

  2. Ramesh Pokhrel

    How many Delivery Note can be taken in single Invoice in Tally 9? Sometimes doesn’t accept more. Is there limitation of delivery note? and how to see the pending delivery note in screen of single customer? Thanks in advance for reply.

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