How to Print Axis bank RTGS form direct from Tally

"print option in Tally"

Axis bank RTGS form printing is a TDL developed by us for one of our client.

By using the  this  TDL a user do not require to prepare a manual RTGS form for axis bank which is a time-consuming job.

All,you need is to pass a bank payment entry and it will print the RTGS in as easy steps as cheque printing. This TDL works on the same ground as cheque printing system and will work only with Release 3 and onward. If your TNS is expired, you can renew it through us

Axis bank RTGS form the concept

One of our client have to prepare 10-12 manual RTGS form to Axis bank often for payment processing of its suppliers. They were preparing  RTGS form in MS Office manually which was a time-consuming job and have to post the payment entries again. Also chances of mistakes were high. So,We had developed a special TDL for them and  now they no more requires to prepare the manual RTGS form as the Tally system in itself print the RTGS form for every cheque payment voucher.

How it works :


It’s simple! just pass a bank payment entry from Tally.Now Give print command of the said payment voucher. It will first ask as usual for Voucher print. Skip it by selecting no and now, it will ask to print the RTGS form. Hit it and you can preview the RTGS form and can print it.



"print option in Tally"


"rtgs print in Tally"

"RTGS form printing in Tally"


Axis bank RTGS Form  | How to get it?

If you need this TDL (Without the source Code), than please contact us through comment section and we will help you with further steps

All our clients who are banking with Axis bank can get this TDL free of cost from us. Our clients are requested to mail me, if they need this TDL.

Do share your experience how you process RTGS form? if you want, we will develop the manual RTGS form for your bank. All you need is just contact us through the contact us page section.