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Reconcilation in tally

Today I will explain you the concept the reconciliation. In accounts reconciliation is very important and tally makes it much easier job

In Accounts reconciliation is done for the following kind of transitions

1) Bank Reconciliation
2) Party Statement reconciliation
3) Tds challans Reconciliation

In business receipts and payments are done through bank/cheques etc.

Now whenever a firm issues a cheque it is accounted in the books of account of Issuer Company immediately however the same may not be entered in the books of account of receiver party or the bank itself due to many reasons.

It results in mismatch of balance between the books of accounts of related parties on a particular date.

Let’s assume Red & White Bros have issued a cheque of Rs. 50K to its suppliers m/s Anmol brothers as on 30.04.2009.

M/s Anmol Bros. receives the cheque on date 2.5.2009 and deposit it to their bank account which is credited into their account on 5.5.2009.

If the Red & Bros. Prepares a trial balance as on 30.4.2008, its bank balance will show a less balance of Rs. 50 k comparing to its actual bank balance while Rs. 50K is still lying in his bank account

Here it is needed to reconcile the bank statement with the ledger account

The format of bank reconciliation is as follows:

1) Balance as per books of account of the company as on date XXXXX
2) Add : cheques issued however the same is not XXX
3) cleared by the bank as on date
4) Less : cheques deposited into the bank which is not cleared as on date XXX


In another meaning, debit the bank accounts for whatever the bank has credited to your account and credit the bank for whatever the bank has debited (charged) to your account

The same way reconciliation is done for transaction with suppliers and customers and other third parties

Finally to avoid mistakes in accounts and finance there is a very famous quote in Gujarati Business
(1) “ Lai ne lakh “ : means first receive the receivables/cheques/cash /materials etc and only after then account it
(2) “Lakhine Aap” : Means first account a transaction before you hand over the cash/cheque/payment/issue of materials etc.

These quotes are very important to avoid any mistake in accounts and there is a vision behind the quote.


  1. Mamatha.hd

    Very good and it helped me a lot in my work…

  2. kumar

    how to reconcilation in bank a.c for the march the data spliet in another data

    1. Dear Kumar,
      To reconcile, go to bank ledger account, Press F7 select the month for which you wanted to reconcile,
      now press F5
      it will ask you to set date of clearance of cheque by the bank. just fill up date as per bank statement and its all done.
      for data splitting, please read my articles on how to data splitting. it is available on the home page of my site

      1. nisha

        we spilit the data 15april this reason all the cheque is not clear in our bank in the next year the unclear cheque is not show why ?

  3. Vishwanath

    In tally 9 how we can restrict bank payment upto particular amount?

    1. Vishwanath,
      It can be done through customization which is a chargeable service

  4. Renuka

    How to reconcile party accounts if the pay in advance and invoice raised at later date?

    1. Renuka,
      please post your query in forum.tallynine.com.

  5. Harish Sundriyal

    if some cheque issued in month of march and these cheques not presented in bank till 31.3.11 and these chs stand in reconciliation of 31.3.11.
    now new books of f/y 2011-12 how reconcile it because books is diffrent.

  6. sandeep

    how to mail emil in tally 7.2

  7. Anand

    My bank balance is tallying while viewing through ledger accounts in Tally for whole year. But in the balance sheet it is not tallying.

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