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Remote Access in tally.erp how can you benefit ?

We had already seen some Advance features which are to be launched with Series B of tally.erp 9 however today, I will let you one very advanced and a must to use features still a very few people know about it due to lack of knowledge and set up. This is the Remote Access Features . I had already write about how to access data remotely. Today I will let you know the detailed benefits of remote access

Trusted Remote Access in Tally.ERP 9
The concept of ‘remote’ arose from the limitations on business
owners and staff from traditional software systems that seriously
restricted what could be done, when it could be initiated and by
whom, from outside their offices and factories. More often than not
when a business closed for the day its data was effectively locked.
(The same effect when the owner went home or traveled outside
the city.) The revolutionary Remote Access in Tally.ERP 9 makes
regular functions available outside the physical confines of the

How tally.net work “?

The below picture is a self explanatory. By using the tally.net your data remains safe and confidential which will give you a peace of mind. No outsiders can access your data.

Manage business from anywhere.

This is most advanced feature in tally for which I have been looking for a long time. The reason is that being in F & A department, Its hard to arrange a long leave from office as I have to be in touch with management for accounting matters. However now I can plan for long holidays without worrying for my tally data as I can access my tally from anywhere in the world and whenever management want some information, I can pass the same immediately.

Business on the move.
As said earlier, now your absence from office does not affect the visibility to business anymore. Access your business data from a laptop, cyber cafe or even computer in the hotel where you are staying. Stay connected to your business without being involved.All you need is a PC a net connection and an Active TNS

Enhance response time to customers
Gone are  those days when field sales  staff  pinch the accounting staff to access the updated outstanding position of customers. by Virtue of remote Access now sales staff in the field can access customer’s outstanding statements for immediate reference or discussion. Also before booking a new order or promising delivery dates, a sales person can check the stock status and availability of goods by using Tally.ERP 9 installed on the customer’s computer or at laptop of the sales person..

Chartered Accountant can access your business data sitting in his/her office

The remote access facility in tally.erp 9  has changed the traditional method of auditing.During the process of audit, chartered accounts constantly ask for latest back up of your data. Now you can grant them remote access facility and I am sure your CA won’t bother you anymore  for need of back up. A C.A. an execute a pre audit check sitting at his/her office before starting physical verification of the audit.

However I am sorry to release that many C.A are still not aware this wonderful facility and still rely on the traditional method of audit. If C.A. can adopt this new facility then it will definitely save a lot of time of the audit staff and will speed up the audit work

Enable remote access to the Chartered Accountant to save time and money in receiving expert advice. Chartered accountant and his/her article clerks can access your business data and provide tax computation, compliance and audit advices without having to visit your office. This can help you with continuous compliance. A client can terminate this facility at any time.

A Tally expert can resolve your support queries remotely

Every alternate day, I am getting queries from the readers of tallynine.com about different problems they are facing in tally.erp 9. Though most of the problems arise due to the lack of proper knowledge of tally.erp 9 software and improper accounting entries.

While some of them are of technical nature and complex which need to access the data of the user.Without accessing the tally data, no one can provide a solutions.  In case you have such complex problem then you can relax now. all you need is just grant a temporary remote access to your tally service provider he will access your data and will solve the same on the spot.

Provide one time access to a Tally expert or a solution provider to fix your product, customization or any other support issues instantaneously. This can save your business the delay in problem resolution.

• Maintain personal account at home which can also be accessed from your office.
The Tally.NET ID is the user’s Identity, Tally.NET servers Authenticate the user as being a valid user; you decide what the user is authorised to do.

Next What  ?

This is not the end of the development and updating. Tally R & D is making sincere  hard efforts to provide more and more advanced technology to its users. REMOTE EDIT FACILITY IS IN QUEUE and it will change the scenario of Indian Accounting software.

Meanwhile do let me know are you using this facility ? Please do share your experience on the same to your fellow readers. I will love to have your views.


  1. Kashyap

    Regarding this I have one question. can we upgrade our tall9.0 sowftware as we want? Becuase in our comapny there are Two banches. One is in Bangalore & another one is in Delhi. Untill now everthing we did A/c from bangalore only (like expenses voucher & every thing). Now we want to divide. Is this possible to make suprate A/c for bangalore & Delhi under one license.(means every thing should be suprate,through remote access Delhi can access only Delhi part & Bangalore can access both).

    Is this possible?

    Waiting for your reply


    1. Kashyap,
      You can upgrade Tally but I am not sure what you mean by “as we want ” up gradation can be done only when it is offered by the product/software supply!
      When the data is stored in local system, one do not need remote facility to view it.
      Do you mean u r going to create two different company one for Bangalore and another for Delhi ?
      Whatever it is, you can use security and control feature to grant/disallow functionality of features.

  2. pk.saravanan


    we are using tally Erp 9.0 gold in three locations,using remote login we can only view the data n it cant be edit r not saved in server system.our system admin trying to offed firewall n both systems and antivirus but problem not solved pls help me

    1. Hello Sarvanan,
      Thanks for contacting us.your problem Is not due to firewall.you need to grant permission to remote user to edit data through security n control option

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