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how to enter different alt unit in tally ?

Sometimes ago, I have write about inventory ledger creation and how to record inventory vouchers in tally? Recoding inventory in tally is very easy however people get confused when they have to use an alternate unit. Say sometimes item comes in 1 Nox. box which may consist 5 KG!

In such cases, we have to specify the alternate unit and by setting up an alternate unit, you can easily manage your inventory in tally in two different units.If the ratio between the default unit and the alternate remains constant, then it does not have much problem however when this ratio changes frequently, people like me get confused how to record such transaction in tally.

Let’s assume an example  that is one time you get 1 nos = 5 kg, then second time, you get 1 nos. = 6 kg, then how you will resolve it ? I too was not aware iyf in tally, it is possible! Thanks to Mr. Bharatbhai of Satelite Computer, Rajkot (Master Partner & TI of tally) who teach me how to resolve this issue in tally and it is so easy that I feels shame on my self that why I couldn’t find such a simple solutions which is available in tally so far!

Just set up an alternate unit in your item master ledger as described below.

Say 1 Nos. = 5 kg

after setting the alt unit make the voucher entry. here if the alt unit is different then the default one which we set above then type it as 1n = 10kg and it will capture the same

Now you will get the below complete screen after setting the alt unit as described above.

you can also view the reports of default unit and alt unit in Inventory reports


Do, share your experience in inventory management in tally. If ever you learn something from others then do not shy to give proper credit to others who helped you in finding out a solutions.


  1. Sir,

    If we have to delete the ledgers which are of no use, what is the best method? How to delete multiple ledgers?

    NB There are no entries in those ledgers in this financial year

    Thanks & regards,
    Venkatesh R

    1. Venkatesh,
      To delete a ledger, just go to Accounts info, ledger, alter and then press Alt+D

  2. piyali jati

    Dear sir,I am working in tally 7.2.I work in a manufacturing company.how can i calculate wages of a labour per hour of a week(consist of 6 days a week and a day consist 8 hours) in payroll of TALLY ERP 9.PLEASE GIVE ME STEP OF THESE CALCULATION.

    1. Piyalijati,

      You must mention your Tally 7.2/ERP serial number to get support on the same

  3. vikas gupta

    we cant see the pictures in post “how to enter different alt unit in tally ?”
    please correct it

    vikas gupta

    1. Thanks Vikash,
      For drawing the attention. It is very much appreciated.
      I will fix the problem soon

  4. karan36768

    how to enter more than one alternaitve units for a single stock item.

    please reply

  5. Harsha Reddy

    Sir, how to alter the alternative units in stock item alteration. please inform me its urgent.

    Thanks and Regards
    Harsha Reddy

    1. Hello harsha Reddy,
      You need to delete first all entry which you have accounted for the item for which you need to alter. After that you can alter the alternate unit.

  6. Shakkeer Ali

    Hello sir ,
    I am working in a plywood Company. I am facing a problem that, while entering Sales & Purchase, I want to show three multi units in Sales and Purchase, like Sheets, Sqmt and NA (Notional Area). Is it Possible?. Please .help me how to do it

  7. Chakshu Jindal


    Is it possible to have 2 units as primary units for a single item.
    Because when I use alternative unit, it asks for conversion, but my conversion rate is not fixed.

    Thank You

    1. Yes Tally offer that facility. At the item master you set the conversion rate 1:1
      Then in voucher you type 1b=9k
      The letter are the first alphabet of your unit name

  8. Radhe Shyam

    sir, i want to sale/purchase a single item in different packings . now i want in single stock item i can define the weight and pcs.
    e.g. I sale three bags of rice 5 kg, 10 kg & 15 kg now total weight is 30 kg & total pcs are 3.
    now i want to pass entry in single stock item “Rice” in which i put 30 kg weight & 3 pcs.

    1. Hello Radheshyam,

      To Achieve your requirements, you will need customisation in your Tally Software.
      We have received developed one such project for one of our flour Mill If you wish we can show you the demo for the same

  9. jeetendra


  10. Akshay

    I am receiving an error
    Could not resolve “Unit” Name for Company.
    Formal Name was Meter and symbol m

  11. Ridzy

    Hello sir,
    When I pass an entry
    1.Right process:-
    Laptop. 10 Nos. Rs.3,00,000 =3,00,000

    But I pass entry is Wong units of measure use.
    2.wormg process:-
    Laptop. 8.5 kg. Rs.3,00,000 =3,00,000
    How to change in Nos.

  12. Manoj

    how can i add or alter alternative unit in already created stock items

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