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TurboCASH Free Accounting Software

If you are looking just for simple accounting software you may give a try to TurboCASH Accounting software which is available for FREE. Any software which can be download and distributed under the General Public Licence (GPL) can never charge Fees. and so such software are distributed free.  personally I do never like to use a free accounting software for commercial purpose. I will use it only for learning purpose but again choice differs from person to person.

Accountancy is a global term and Accounts and business are  of each other and we can’t imagine one without other. Computerised system makes accounting maintenance simple and yet complex esp. for  people who don’t have a commerce background. In many cases people just jump to start working on an accounting software without understanding the basic of accounting. sooner or latter they find the system incapable to their use and they consider that other system is better than the current! actually it is not the fault of an accounting software. Every software have its own pros and cons and every business has its own unique requirement.There is no ideal Accounting software which can be FIT for each business!

In modern commercial age, Accounting software are turning into ERP solutions that is getting more and more complex as the ERP software provider tries to offer as much facility as it can be done which makes the system more complex and an extensive training is required to manage such ERP software.However ERP/advanced Software is not everybody’s cup of tea considering huge investment for installation of the same as well as need of trained manpower. Here free Accounting software like TurboCASH comes to help to small business units who are incapable to invest such big amount.

TurboCASH is an open source accounting package that is free for everyone to download and distribute under the terms of the General Public Licence (GPL) . It is one of the world’s first fully featured open source accounts packages for small business.

TurboCASH is and always will be Free. However this is free as in libre not as in gratis.  You do not pay any licensing fees. (We do give you the option of taking the multi user as a licence) You can download, use and share TurboCASH  with your friends, partners,  business associates, customers for absolutely nothing.

Link to download TurboCASH. after downloading don’t forget to register with the site to get your unlock key. registration is also free.

Will you ever like to use a free software under GPL like TurboCASH ? Do share your experience if you are using any such free software.


  1. lalit

    i want to know that how to make serial no. column in sales invoive in tally9.

    1. Lalit,
      We provide support only to our clients who purchase Tally software from us.
      You should ask for support to your TSP

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