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How to Generate TDS Certificate in Tally

TDS certificates in Tally offers simplification of Statutory compliance related to Tally. I still remember those hazardous days where we prepare Manually TDS data, TDS certificates and so on. Thanks to Tally team for enabling the TDS in Tally.erp 9 and making TDS simplest Task to manage. A detained Step by Step guideline with Example is also available at TDS certificates in Tally

How to generate TDS certificate in Tally

To print TDS certificates in Tally, you must first of all, Enable TDS features to yes, in F11, then set TDS masters for ledgers wherever TDS is applicable. set Advance entries in Ledger master yes for TDS option.


Also make set up for Expenses ledger master and enable TDS to yes.

TDS in Tally How to account Voucher Entry

After setting up necessary master set up for TDS, you should take care while passing a journal or a payment voucher and ensure that while passing the Entry, TDS is automatically deducted without your manual intervention.


Once you, do it in auto mode then make a payment Entry for TDS payment, and fill up the Challan Reconciliation Date

How to Generate the TDS certificates Form 16a

After after the above, steps, its time to print the TDS certificates.

Go to Display , Statutory Reports, Form no 16A, Select ledger and fill up out the form.

Ensure you select the old format and fill up the Quarterly Return Acknowledgement and just print the TDS Certificates

Do, you like the TDS features in Tally, post your feedback in comments here and we will be glad to have your feedback


  1. teekam rai

    please issue me a form 16a & form 16 in excel of word formate

  2. shwetha

    I wanted to know how to make the TDS Certificate in Tally ERP.9. Can you suggest me the procedure of preparing the TDS Certificate in Tally ERP.9.

    Thanks and Regards

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