How to set Voucher Entry Configuration in Tally ?

In tally or tally.erp 9 voucher entry configuration is very important. Tally user has to set/change the default voucher entry configuration as per his/her requirement and some changes in configuration is generally requires for a fast and error free posting.

Voucher entry configuration will help you for speedy receipts and payment entry

However if you haven’t created any company in Tally, then you should create a company

To change the default voucher entry configuration the procedure is :
Go to main menu of Tally
Press F12
Select voucher Entry

You will find the screen as per shown in the below link :

Now set yes or no as per your requirement

for e.g. I always prefer to pass fast entry for vouchers so, I always set configuration as :

skip date field in create mode  “yes”

it help me in faster entry of all vouchers as it will bypass the entering date for all vouchers whenever I need to change the date, I prefer to change it by pressing F2

for speedy and error free entry of payment vouchers I set it as :

Use single entry mode for payment/Rcpt/Contra         as “yes”

also, set use payment/receipt in contra as “yes”
you will be able to make cash withdrawal/cash deposit or inter bank transfer entry in payment mode instead of contra.

If you do this only then you will be able to PRINT CHEQUE FOR SELF (cash withdrawal)
If you always confuse between To and By entry in Tally then set it as:

use Cr/ Dr instead of To/By during entry as “yes”

Similarly so many important para meter there are which is very beneficial to average user of tally.


  1. chander m says:

    i want to sip voucher numbering in printing of tally cash book/journal/ledger, but do not know how to ???????? please avise.

  2. Ashok says:

    Sir I want to know how to lock one particular day lock
    in tally i.e.. expl sunday is our off than i want that nobody can do the entry in tally

  3. Ramesh Kumar.s.s says:

    whenever i open tally the configuration is in default one. i want to change it for once for all. my tally folder is in E:\ directory. pls advise.


  4. Jiggy says:

    Hellow there!

    In voucher configuration I want to change the verification signature column of Authorised signature & receiver’s signature to Manager and Accountant. Could you please help me how to change signatory word on payment or journal vouchers

  5. yogendra singh says:

    dear sir,I have proble in tally 7.2 ,I save the the printing parameters by pressing f12,but i exit from tally ,setting changed to old default,

  6. k r .kumawat says:

    i give to example

    our have A party goods sales as per inv no. 2 amount 2500.30
    chq received rs 2500.00

    now i want to entery in bank a/c and set. .30 paisa without deposited in bank i want to transfer in rebate a/c
    in single entery
    how do this entery in receipt voucher, with bill balance amount cut

  7. Anand says:

    I am able to entry the sale/purchases with multiple Vat Rates
    Eg: my stock items have 14 % 5% & 2 % Vat Rates I have created the vat ledgers respectively. But when i use them in my sales/purchase the input/output vat is calculated with both the vat rates how do i do this ?

  8. Amol Pingale says:

    dear sir,I have problem in tally 9 ERP ,I save the the printing parameters by pressing f12,but i exit from tally ,setting changed to old default,why?

  9. Sirajul Malik says:

    how to clear outstanding purchase tally erp 9, at the same time displaying in forex currency display

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