After a very impressive response to my post on how to print cheque for Axis bank in Tally.erp ?, I am posting today cheque configuration for ICICI bank. on request of so many tallynine readers

First of All, If you don’t created any bank account then you will need to create a bank account as explained in the screen shot. To, open the a new bank account go to Accounts, Ledger, Create and type the name of bank under the group Bank Accounts.Fill the necessary details such as account number, address , BSR Code(though not necessary but mandatory for using TDS module in Tally.erp 9).

Now go to Main menu of tally.erp 9 and press F11 and select Accounting features

Go to other features Set enable cheque printing to Yes

Set/Alter Cheque Printing configuration ‘yes’ and you will find the screen to set the cheque printing dimensions.Fill it as per the screen shots shown here and its all Done.

I recommend to use printer HP laser jet 1020 for a perfect Cheque printing.

Mail me if you find any difficulty.

enabling cheque printing config

account creation

cheque printing cofiguration

banlk format for setting parameters

Similarly you may set dimension for printing cheque of HDFC bank, Punjab national bank, SBI, BOB and many more.

You may download cheque printing configuration for other leading India bank from our support forum.

At the Support forum you may also discuss various issues on Accountancy, Tally, Vat, HR etc.and can ask your question

60 thoughts on “How to Print ICICI Bank Cheque in Tally 9 ?

  1. Hussain sayyed says:

    Will u please send me the link, how to print cheques in tally 7 and i have various bank, which setting differ from each other.
    Plz send me the link

    1. I don’t understand about which link you are talking,
      If you have different bank accounts, then you have to take bit trouble yourself. take a scale, take actual real hard copy of your cheque, measure the same in mm dimensions and set it accordingly in tally.Its just simple.

      1. Dear Mahendra

        Is it possible to change cheque font in tally erp.

        1. Muhammad,
          Yes, If you know the TDL, you can change fonts!

  2. Gajendra V Korde says:

    Resp. Sir,

    I use Tally 9 ERP for my school accounting. We have 3 bank account & cheques are differant sizes. So please help me for printing setting for different sizes

    1. Dear Gajendra,
      Please contact me on google buzz or Gtalk

      1. vishnu baradhan says:

        pls send me the cheque printing in tally ERP9 dimensions imme…. Requirement….

        1. Dear Vishnu,
          Every bank has different dimension of cheques. One set up of a particular bank will be useless for printing of cheque of another bank.
          I will appreciate very much if you people at least take care to write with few more details exactly what you requires

  3. Thanks for repply Sir, actual I have dimention but not proper cheque printed.
    so please give me dimention, Please help me.

    1. Dear Swati,
      Okay, Please let me know which field is not getting printed correctly ?
      Also please do let me know the tally version and release you are using ?

  4. jayesh patel says:

    plz send to me chque printing details in my id

    1. Please send your query to support center through your tally.erp 9. select new service partner and select I vision Info tech. after that send your queries

      best regards,
      I Vision Info Tech
      Authorised Tally service Partner

  5. digital infotech says:

    i want HDFc bank cheque dimension for tally 7.2

    1. Plz contact us on Gtalk /gmail : mkr2005

  6. sushil sakpal says:

    i cant see the cheque printing dimension for tally 09 properly. so pls make it clear. thankyou for free learning tally

  7. sir, i have a school and would want to know how i could use tally,erp 9 to manage my accounts. if you could help me with which ledgers to create. i would be using tally for the following situations.

    1. recording of school fees payments
    2. recording of expenditure
    3. recording of other revenues
    4. depreciation of fixed assets
    5. payrol (teachers and staff)
    6. Bank transanction with the school
    7. recording of donations

    i dont know where to start. please help.

    1. Sammy,
      Please do contact me over Gtalk to resolve your problem

  8. nitin gupta says:

    Dear Sir i use tally erp 9 can u send me the cheque printing configuration for bank of maharashtra cheques

    nitin gupta

  9. pls. give me the dimension of cheque printing for kotak

    1. Purvi,
      Pl. read my response to Mr. Naresh just above

  10. let me know the cheque dimension setting for punjab national bank.

    1. Naresh,
      All major banks cheque dimensions have been uploaded in under download and installation section by Mr. Manoj Garg.
      Please download the file from there

  11. BharatChavda says:

    i cant see the cheque printing dimension for tally 09 properly. so pls make it clear.

    1. Bharat,
      You can download it from downloading and installation section of support forum.
      There is an excel file containing all major bank cheque printing configuration

  12. I want to know detail procedure in tally 7.2 to print cheque please help me with it as my bank is IDBI bank and shamrao vitthal co-op bank and Bank Of India please replhy me soon and waiting for your guidence

    1. Sorry Sachin,
      We do not provide support for tally 7.2 or any earlier version.
      All supports are only for tally.erp 9

  13. pls sent it PNB bank printing configuration

    1. Karthik,
      You must mention your Tally Serial number to get support from us.

  14. Sir
    I am working in ERP 9 and i m using Bank of Baroda cheque so please provide me details of how to configration Bank of baroda cheque printing setting.

    1. Prakash,
      I am sorry but I do not provide support to people who do not provide their Tally serial number.

  15. sharma L.N says:

    dear sir, can you suggest me how to take cheque print in “landscape” format for any bank….please let me know on my email

    I am very thankfull to whom who will suggest me for above one on my mail ID,

    1. Hello Laxmiji,

      If I have to print cheque or any other paper in “landscape” than I go to printer set up than paper type where an option is available to print the paper in “landscape” or portrait”

      However, I am not sure I am a suitable person to suggest something in a proper way so better you please consult some expert as I don’t want to give any wrong idea to anybody.
      Thanks and yes, welcome back with warm regards

  16. HI SIR

    Hope you are well , i just wanna clarify one thing i set the dimension of hsbc cheque today, i just select the enable cheque printing option in the f11 feature yes set/alter cheque printing configuration yes & accept it then when i come back to f11 feature the only enable cheque printing option showing ‘YES’ & other is ‘NO’. what will be the problem sir just let me know & How to give cheque print.

    An urgent response is highly appreciated.
    Thanks & Regards

  17. amar Singh says:

    Dear Sir,

    plz send me the detail in breaf becase have input all required filled in tally 7.2 than F-11 and enable to cheque printing than Yes and after that how can i get the printing on cheque,

    1. Amarsingh,
      We do provide all free support only to our clients.
      Thanks for contacting us.

  18. but whr is the option ch.print

  19. gopal.bagadi says:

    Sir can you please send the cheque printing dimensions for the Andhra Bank, HSBC BANK, PUNJAB NATIONAL BANK, AND AXIS BANK.


  20. Janak Bhavsar says:

    I m Using Tally ERP 9 Rel 3 Let Me Know Chq Printing Settings For Axis Bank Pls.

    Wiaiting for your fast reply

    1. Janak Bhavsar,

      No support to any body unless Tally Serial number is mentioned with the query

  21. Kamal Madaan says:

    Hi Mahendra,

    i need dimension for HDFC bank, my tally serial no. 7xxxxxxxx, please do needful. thanks

    Kamal Madaan

    1. Hello Kamal,
      Thanks for contacting us and specifying your query with Tally Sr. Number,I will send you the dimensions by evening to your mail ID as leaving office early right now

    2. Hello Kamal,
      I just sent you the HDFC bank cheque printing configuration through Tally Support Center.
      it will be delivered to your email id in case if you don’t receive it than please revert back.

  22. Please give the axis bank cheque dimension.

  23. rajeev paul says:

    Plz tell me HDFC BANK CHEQUE PRINTING configuration.


    rajeev paul

  24. dear sir

    Plz tell me icici BANK CHEQUE PRINTING configuration

    1. Rajeev Kumar says:

      Plz send me icici BANK & Bank of Maharashtra CHEQUE PRINTING configuration

      1. Plz send me icici BANK CHEQUE PRINTING configuration.

  25. it to good.
    i have one ? that if i don’t want a/c payee on cheque print than…..

  26. plz. give me kotak bank configration.

  27. chirag sevak says:

    hello me laxmiji hw r u? my name is chirag sevak i would to know how can i put my cheque in printer and then i see in print preview which i select it portait or landscape pls help me sir

  28. Please provide me the cheque printing dimensions of HDFC Bank.

  29. MD SHAMSHER ALAM says:


  30. please give the dimenson of Syndicate Bank URGENT

  31. Gurjeet Singh says:

    Plz help me tell how to print in tally in landscape ?

  32. Dear Mahendra,
    In tally ERP9, (Banking Moudle) in cheque printing i want to change the date format to dd mm yy. In the configuration menu date styles are available only as dd mmm yy and dd mm yyyy. Help me to add the date style as dd mm yy.

  33. Shah Nawaz says:

    Plz send me icici BANK CHEQUE PRINTING configuration.

  34. Ghanshyam Mishra says:

    Plz tell me HDFC BANK CHEQUE PRINTING configuration.
    Thanks & Regards

  35. NIRBHAY PANDEY says:

    Plz send me icici BANK CHEQUE PRINTING configuration TALLY9

  36. Hello sir I want icici bank and canara bank cheque dimensions

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