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Know your Tally Service Partner (TSP)

Tally.erp 9 is a product from Tally Solutions Pvt. Ltd which is famous  as India’s Microsoft. A company which delivered high value complete ERP software at a throw away Prices and giving more and more updates and advanced technology benefits to its users.

No other software company have such capacity to offer such an advanced ERP Accounting software with so many features to users which any one can use easily without need of any high skill or special need. Further to above, Tally’s support to its user is unbeatable

Tally is having  a perfect channel of its partners to help tally user. This channel consists Tally Partner (TP), Tally Service Partner(TSP), Tally Integrator (TI) and Tally Extender (TE)

When we use an ERP or some other software, many times situation arise that we need support of some technical person as technological field in today’s age is constantly changing and it’s not everybody’s cup of tea to get updated skill in this matter.Tally.erp 9 is also not exception to this rule and many time, you face a situation whereby you need support of some technical person to solve your problem related to Tally.erp 9 / Accounting.

As a tally user you should know your partner as it will help for a quick fix of your problem as no accounts department can afford to postpone day-to-day accounting entries on ground of such some technical problem.

Generally people  buy a software from person without having a check whether it is authorised or not to sell the tally products and such ignorance latter on put the tally user in difficulties.

If you have purchased a product, from an unauthorized vendor, then at a later stage  when in case  need of a support, you find it hard to solve your problem. Recently, one of tallynine.com reader contacted me from UP as tally had stopped working in their system. I solve their problem remotely but it raise a question in my mind that why need support from me as they might can get this issue resolved from their Tally Service Partner.

The reason is that tally user are not aware whom to contact and when to contact so, today, let me introduce how to get best support if you are a genuine user of Tally.erp 9. It will be also possible that they might have purchased tally from some unauthorized tally vendor.So, today’s let’s understand the Role of a TSP (Tally Service Partner) who is your first and closet Tally support partner.

As discussed above and the Partner name suggest TSP is Tally Sales and Service partner who give you best support in case of need. So, when you are in trouble, contact your TSP immediately.

The Tally Service Partners (TSP) are certified, high quality, dedicated Support and Service centers and within your reach.

The TSP extends installation, implementation, training, data migration, data support, on-site and off-site services and maintenance contracts to you. Tally clinics and workshops are conducted as per your requirements. Apart from this, TSPs provide support through mail and telephone.

A TSP will have access to the systems and processes of Tally and will be an integral part of Tally’s support system.

With Remote Access in Tally.ERP 9, the TSP can login to the product installed at your location, diagnose remotely and resolve issues, without the need to install, configure and train you on the use of other remote desktop software. Special debug tools will assist the TSP in debugging and solving occasional issues. These tools can be executed either remotely from the TSPs office or by TSPs using their Tally.NET ID at your location.

Recognition from Tally as a TSP and visibility on the Tally website, will give the TSP a branding of an authorised service partner. As the TSP can get access to and share resources across members of the Tally Integrated Network (TIN), the TSP can also provide various services to other partners in the network, as well as seek services to deliver support to your other locations.
Recognition from Tally as a TSP and visibility on the Tally website, will give the TSP a branding of an authorised service partner. As the TSP can get access to and share resources across members of the Tally Integrated Network (TIN), the TSP can also provide various services to other partners in the network, as well as seek services to deliver support to your other locations.

A TSP enjoys the benefit of a huge Tally customer base, a dedicated TSP partner support group, training on the product and visibility on issues and queries that comes from customers – to help the TSP deliver quality and prompt services.

Tallynine.com as a TSP, daily solve 10-15 queries raised by our readers, tally users through our site www.tallynine.com, our exclusive support forum where any tally user can post his/her query and can get a perfect solution for the same,as well as those users who posted query from their tally.erp 9 software inbuilt support center. We solve query through email, chat and remote login/remote access.In addition to above, We posted more than 145 articles on different issues  related to tally.erp 9 accountancy and so many other topics.

We also provide remote support through team viewer  limited  to and exclusively for our customers only who have renewed their TNS license through us or purchased tally product from us.

So, never buy Tally.erp 9 or any other software from any unauthorized vendor just to save some bucks if you want to get full value of your money spent.


  1. vikas baheti


  2. Shabeer hussain

    i want to learn tally accountin program.

  3. sunil

    I want to do printing set up tally.ERP, PLs tell me how do printing set.

  4. One of my clients was planning to purchase Tally and wanted to know when is the next version of Tally being launched. As Tally 9 has been in the market for quite a while now, a newer version of Tally is expected to hit the markets soon. Any Idea when would the same be launching?

    1. Hello Batraji,
      Glad to see you here
      Latest version of Tally as on date is Tally.erp 9 Serial A Release 3.1 next will be Series B may be launching in coming 2-3 Months.
      BUT your client may get the Release 3.1 at any time and will be able for free upgrade to Serial B without any hesitation.
      If need our assistance than please let me know. I will be glad to help your clients

  5. svita

    how in get your help pleae


    I am Accountant & doing accounts of other firms on part-time basis. I require in puchase entry to one of my firm. The Stock Items are billed on MRP & discount will be given thereon some %, later on CST 2% is added on net value (i.e. MRP-Disc. given). But during purchase entry CST 2@ is not being calculated by default on net price taking directly on MRP rate.
    Please tell me the procedure.

    Thanking you sir,


    1. Samptah Kumar,
      Thanks for contacting us.
      But we do help only to those Tally users who post their queries with Their Tally serial number else the query will be ignored

  7. Rakesh Srivastava

    we are using Tally Erp9 from last 8 years in our company xxx GROUP OF COMPANY but we still searching a good Tally Support vender who can solve our regular problem facing by our users we have 9 licences Tally Erp9 software in our different locations in India.

    Thanks regards


    1. Hello Rakeshji,

      Glad to see here on the board. We appreciate your dedication to Tally.erp 9.
      Please let me know in case you need any support or help. All you need is to post your query here in the comment section and we will resolve your problem at the earliest.
      The serial number is just for our administration purpose and it will not be published on the site anywhere or will not be used for any other purpose. We respect confidentiality of clients data,
      Else, you can also send me your serial number to my mail in case you feels it more comfortable

  8. jhanvi

    hi i want to know about B-series in Tally ERP-9

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