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67 thoughts on “How to look up the existing definition in TDL?

  1. I was struggling for how to find default definition. This chapter has been cleared my doubt regarding finding of default definitions. Thanks you very for your great efforts.

    1. Hello Rahul,

      Thanks for the positive feedback. Appreciate your time and efforts in providing the feedback. Feedback help us to check if we are going in the right or a wrong direction ūüôā

  2. Balaji Arumugam says:

    Here i have issues that, we don’t know which one is report, which one is form, or part … so that we can amend or write any addition on it…. Please elaborate this
    if you can……

  3. Balaji Arumugam says:

    In this chapter you have given an assignment, where i’m unable to find the part name [example when we add DOB and facebook id in Contact details (#part ledcontact) likewise we need to know the name of the part] which we need to add the serial no and edition…

    1. Hello Balaji,
      That’s what I explained in the chapter. First, you need to find out where to add code.
      Say you want to add a code in a ledger master now look up the position and the text of words which are available in the default Ledger master in a Tally.ERP 9

      Activate bill wise details in Tally.ERP 9 through F11

      Now you will see the text “Bill By Bill Details ” in your Tally.ERP 9 ledger master screen if the ledger belongs to a sundry debtors or Sundry Creditors

      Now, Go to the IDE and press Control +D and search for Bill by Bill text and hit ok
      It will open up the Ledger.500 files.
      This file contains all the default definition from Report to Line Level

      Now you got the words “Bill-By-Bill Details look up its line by scrolling up a little bit to upward you will get the associated line which contains the bill by bill text value.

      So, you got the line name Now copy of the name of this line name and then again find in the find Control + F and paste the line name definition and hit upward search. It will take you to the part level

      You need to look and study the file ledger.500 there is no short cut. Once you understand and read this file you job will be quite easy.

      If you still face confusion then I will help you to find it quickly through Team Viewer or AnyDesk but first, you try it yourself

  4. Balaji Arumugam says:

    Thank you so much, i have created the code.

  5. narendra jain says:

    in above assignment it is given to change serial no and edition to blue lines, but in my tally this two lines are not showing

  6. narendra jain says:

    ;; raju jain

    [#Part: MST LED InvisibleFields]
    Add: Line:serail no,addition
    [Line: serial no]
    Field: medium prompt, serial no
    Local: Field: medium prompt:Set as: ” serial no”
    [Field: serial no]
    Use: numbers
    Storage: serial no
    Color: blue
    [Line: addition]
    Field: medium prompt, edition
    Local: Field: medium prompt: Set as”addition”
    [Field: addition]
    Use: name field
    Color: red

    i tried this
    when i opened ledger its error no description
    whats wrong in it

    1. Hello Narendra,

      Please review your code
      Compare it with the given codes in the chapter

      See in your code Local: Field: medium prompt: Set as‚ÄĚaddition‚ÄĚ here you missed to put : between set and “addition”

      Same way, please review each and every line

    2. Also, you assigned a field name edition at line level but you defined field addition which isn’t assigned anywhere so it is showing error or no description. So the difference is due to edition and addition Please correct all these mistakes and let me know.

  7. narendra jain says:

    [#Part: MST LED Explode Sundry]
    [Line: SERIAL NO]
    Local: Field: MEDIUM PROMPT: Set as: “SERIAL NO”
    [Field: SERIAL NO]

    Color: RED
    Storage: SERIAL NO
    [System: UDF]
    SERIAL NO: Number: 10010

    Color: BLUE
    [System: UDF]
    SOTWARE EDITION: String: 100100

    1. Hello Narendra Jain,

      Please add a field at line level [Line: SOFTWARE EDITION]
      Like Field : Medium Prompt, SoftwareEdition
      You didn’t added any field here in this line section.

  8. saravanan vembu says:

    sir, i couldn’t able to upload answer for question#2. it shows security check failed. so i will put it in my drop box saravanan vembu

    1. oh, I am sorry, Thanks for drawing my attention. I will check it why that happens

      Ok No issue. I will check your codes and let you know soon. Probably by today evening.

  9. Hanif shaikh says:

    Its Hanif Shaikh
    Below prog gives Incorrect storage at snum1
    [#Part: MST LED Explode Sundry]
    Add: Line: SNO, ADDNO
    [Line: SNO ]
    Field : Medium Prompt, SNUM1
    Local: Field: MEDIUM PROMPT: Set as: “SERIAL NO”
    [Field: SNUM1]
    Use: Number field
    Color: RED
    Storage: SNUM
    [System: UDF]
    SNUM : Number : 100099

    [Line: ADDNO]
    Field : Medium Prompt, edino

    [Field: EDINO]
    Color: BLUE
    Storage: EDINUM
    [System: UDF]
    ;;SNUM : Number: 100099
    EDINUM: String: 100100

    1. Hello Hanif,
      Programming is not just about coding. In fact, is a solution of a problem. In programming, we need to do lot of testing

      When something doesn’t work then try to change your code. for e.g. in your code, I disabled the storage for both the field by putting a comment to them

      [Field: EDINO]
      Use: NAME FIELD
      Color: BLUE
      ;;Storage: EDINUM I disabled this storage to test the code

      Then I realised that medium prompt for both the field are working fine and it is showing as expected
      That means there is something wrong with the storage /udf definition
      So I changed the index number for both the udf here is the final working codes

      [#Part: MST LED Explode Sundry]
      Add: Line: SNO, ADDNO
      [Line: SNO ]
      Field : Medium Prompt, SNUM1
      Local: Field: MEDIUM PROMPT: Set as: “SERIAL NO”
      [Field: SNUM1]
      Use: Number field
      Color: RED
      ;Storage: SNUM
      [System: UDF]
      SNUM : Number : 100099

      [Line: ADDNO]
      Field : Medium Prompt,EDINo

      Local: Field: MEDIUM PROMPT: Set as: “SOFTWARE EDITION NO”

      [Field: EDINO]
      Use: NAME FIELD
      Color: BLUE
      Storage: EDINUM
      [System: UDF]
      SNUM : Number: 99
      EDINUM : String: 97

      This file is also available in your Dropbox folder name is srno.txt

      Index Number above 100000 is not defined by the TSPL yet so you can’t use them. I have written a separate chapter for the range of the Index Numbers to be used in the TDL.

      Hope it will resolve your concern.

  10. Hanif shaikh says:

    Thank You Sir,
    I have corrected Index No and it is working fine
    henceforth I will be careful in giving index no.
    Eager to learn about it.

  11. Natesh Babu DR says:


    The data of the second UDF does not save. Couldnt figure out what is wrong. Pls help me to troubleshoot.

    NateshBabu DR

    [#Part: MST LED Details]
    Add: Line: TSlNo
    Add: Line: Ted

    [Line: TSlNo]
    Field: Medium Prompt, TslNoFld
    Local:Field:Medium Prompt:Set as: “Tally Sl No:”
    Local:Field:Medium Prompt:color:RED

    Use: Number Field

    [Line: Ted]
    Field: Medium Prompt,TslEd
    Local:Field:Medium Prompt:Set as: “Tally Edition:”
    Local:Field:Medium Prompt:color:RED

    Use: Name Field
    FullWidth: Yes

    [System: UDF]
    TslNoStore : Number : 10001

    [System: UDF]
    TslEdStore : Name : 10002

    1. Hello Natesh Babu,

      Please use string for name type of fields in the UDF
      [System: UDF]
      TslEdStore : Name : 10002

      I have put the full code in your dropbox folder with some other minor modification. The file name is natesh.txt please check and let me know

  12. Hanif shaikh says:

    Sir I have submitted the quiz please approve the same

    1. Hello Hanif,

      It is a bad practice to write coding in a .doc file. I believe I have mentioned somewhere that the code must be written in a simple .txt file format and in the Tally Developer Network IDE

      Please re-submit your test/codes in a .txt file only so that I can check

      The reason is that when you write any codes in a .doc file format the word software adds some extra characters to the code which are invisible and compiler fails to compile the same

  13. Hanif shaikh says:

    Sir I have written that code in Tally Developer Network IDE only at the submission stage *.txt files rejected than I converted the same into doc and send .

    1. It won’t reject for the .txt file I had seen other students had uploaded the .txt file.

      If you have such issue please take the screen shot and do let me know.

  14. Johar Chhil says:


    I have uploaded file please check it I have also drop in my dropbox


  15. Dear Mahendra

    Awaiting your grading on my quiz submitted for your evaluation.


    1. I appreciate such a keen interest to learn and I really encourage guys like you. The quiz is cleared by you successfully.

  16. kedar.wattamwar says:

    sir i am not able to understatnd storage,when to use medium prompt system udf.please clarify in detail

    1. When you want to store user input you need to use Storage
      as the name suggest it stores the information/user input in the database

      and when you use a storage you need to use the system udf to identify the storage name, its type and the index number.
      Medium prompt is nothing just a default field name in Tally
      There is no rule when you should use field x or field y

      we used the field medium prompt in the ledger contact details just to aling it properly because in the ledger part all the fields are of the same type.

      If you use a name field for the DOB field it will give a different look to your field comparing the other field within the block

      Try by using any field and see the difference

  17. kedar.wattamwar says:


    [#part:mst led details]
    add:line:line1,line2 ;;TWO LINE SO LINE1,LINE2 ADDITION

    [line:line1] ;;DEFINE LINE1
    field:medium prompt,text2;;FIELDS USED FOR LINE1
    local:field:medium prompt:set as:”serial no”;;MEDIUM PROMPT FIELD




    [line:line2];;NOW WE DEFINE LINE2
    field:medium prompt,text4;; FIELDS TO BE USED FOR LINE2
    local:field:medium prompt:set as:”software edition”;;SET THE MEDIUM PROMPT AS DISPLAYING

    [field:text4] ;;NOW WE DEFINE TEXT4 FIELD
    use:name field ;;USE OF THE FIELD AS



    1. Hello Kedar,

      I believe I resolved your issue through TeamViewer
      Hope you got the clear idea of the concept of UDF and storage

  18. dvakharia24 says:

    i have submitted the assignment
    kindly review and share the feedback

  19. Giridharan Varadharajan says:

    Giridharan Varadharajan

    gone through the demo.
    Understood one way of locating the default in Tally.
    Understood the narrowing of search as to DEFULT, SRC,MSTR.
    in the demo since the line found out is LED contact, scrolling up we got the Part as LED Contact.
    Some times say most the Part name may not be the same as that of Line.
    in that case how to find out the part name
    How to navigate to the immediate previous definition.
    We have a downward search that is if we click the field name in line definition the it goes to the field.
    How to go reverse.
    From Field definition I want to go up and find the line, part, form and even the report definition.
    is there is any method. if so please educate?
    Giridharan Varadharajan

    1. Hi, the Developer mode in Tally allows us to find the default field name and the form number.
      So, once we get the field name we have to copy that field and then Find in Fields(Ctrl+F) and search that field name in the find in previous (previous, next). By that way, we can reach to the line name which contains that field.
      once we get the line name we can reach to the part name in the same way.
      Only the experience help in such matter to get the needed things faster so it will take around 8-10 months and after that it won’t take much to find the most of the stuff.

  20. Giridharan Varadharajan says:

    Giridharan Varadharajan

    I have uploaded in my folder at tally mentors, the following
    1. Output of exercise
    2. Coding
    Giridharan Varadharajan

  21. Sir
    i have uploaded the image
    and also uploded the code in drop box



    i have uploaded file & image in my folder at tally mentors.

    Shiv Narayan Sharma

  23. Santosh Shrestha says:

    how can we find the part of any line from developer. I means to say that suppose i know line name, now i want to find out on which part it was associate then what will be easyiest way to find

  24. Mohd Mahmood ali khan says:

    sir, Please check this below codes. it’s not showing in tally, maybe something wrong…….[#Part: MST Parent]
    Add: Line : after : LED isBillWise : Serial Number

    [Line : Serial Number]
    ;;Field : name field, My field, Fld
    Fields : Short Prompt, My slno, edition

    Local: Field : short prompt : Info:$$LocaleString:”my Serial Number”

    [Field : My slno]
    Use : number field
    Set as : $$Value

    Storage : My name
    Format : “no comma, no zero”

    [System : UDF]
    My name : Number : 1002

    [Field : edition]
    Use: name field
    Set as: $$Value

    Storage : my edition
    [System : UDF]
    My edition : String : 1003

    thanks sir,

  25. Mohd Mahmood ali khan says:

    Thanks sir,

    to support by team viewer, next time i will do my level best….

    Thanks once again

  26. Krishna Shetty says:

    Hi Mahendra Sir,

    Please check my below coding and advice the correction, as it is not working
    [#Part: MST LED Explode Sundry]
    Field:Medium Prompt,SlNo
    Local:Field:Medium Prompt:Set as:”Serial No”
    Use:Number Field

    Filed:Medium Prompt,EdiNo
    Local:Field:Medium Prompt:Set as:”Sowftware Edition No”
    Use:Name Field

  27. Hello friends
    Do yourself first then read comment… it take my 1 day to find to understand it and work fast for next time.
    Now i am able to find understand it how to find existing definition in TDL

    Look code both fields are working…

    ;;;;;;;;;;Work Hard Keep Smile;;;;;;;;;

    This is coding of adding two fields in Sundry Creditors and Sundry Debtors of left side where ledger group is show
    we add two fields 1st Serial number and 2nd software Edition
    Work Hard Keep Smile
    ;[#Part:MST LED Details]—–;This line work with all ledgers, All groups and also P&L Accounts
    [#Part:MST LED Explode Sundry];—–This work only with Sundry Creditors and Sundry Debtors
    Add:Line:after:LED IsCostCentred:SN No,S Edition;—-I add Serial No(SN No) and software Edition(S Editon)

    [Line:SN No]
    Field : Medium Prompt, SN NoF
    Local : Field : Medium Prompt :Set as :”Serial No?” ;; ? will show you in place of :
    ;Local :Field :Medium Prompt :Color :Blue ;—For color to Line “Serial No”

    [Field:SN NoF]
    use:Number field ;; number files only of number value
    Format:”No Comma,No Zero” ;;—Remove comma and Zero from Field of “Serial No”
    Width:18 ;;—i use width
    Color:Blue ;;—for field value color

    ;;;———-Second Details for S Edition (software Edition)———
    [Line:S Edition]
    Field : Medium Prompt, S Edition
    Local : Field : Medium Prompt :Set as :”software Edition?”
    ;Local :Field :Medium Prompt :Color :Blue

    [Field:S Edition]
    use:Name field ;;I use Name field
    ;Format:”No Comma,No Zero” ;; no need in name field

    ;;–End of This–;;

    1. Wonderful Job, Neeraj
      I appreciate your learning passion and the way you are learning.
      Really perfect way to learn things and make ourselves an expert in our field.

  28. Thank you so much Sir ji ūüôā
    you motivate me after i read your this Comment


  29. dear sir
    i am completed module 4, unit 1,
    but i am not able to insert fields below inventory values are effected
    [#Part: MST GrandParent]
    ;;[#Part: MST LED InvisibleFields]
    ;;[#Part: LED CommonInfo]

    Add : Line :tallyslno,tallyedition

    [Line : tallyslno]
    Field :medium prompt,tallyslnos

    Local :Field : medium prompt : Set as :”Tally Serial No.”

    [Field : tallyslnos]
    Use: number field
    Storage :tallyslnumber
    Format :nocomma,nozero

    [Line : tallyedition]
    Field :medium prompt,tallyedition

    Local :Field : medium prompt : Set as :”Tally Edition.”

    [Field : tallyedition]
    Use: Name field
    Storage :tallyedition

    [System : UDF]
    tallyslnumber : Number : 10010
    tallyedition : String : 10011

    1. The project you are doing is online assignment for which help is not available.
      you have to try it on your own. Whatever you can do, please do it and submit your assignments.

  30. Ozair Ahmad says:

    I see that there are about 20 comments about the quiz. People are asking a lot of questions. The coding I’m giving here is only giving the exact result at a time.
    I would like to tell my colleagues to read each chapter carefully because each chapter and all the videos are very well explained.
    Whether it’s about the field or about the value of the field. Whether it’s about a data type or a TDL structure, everything is explained very well.
    I would also like to tell my colleagues that since I started studying for the course I have chatted with Rata Sahib two times only, I am strictly following the instructions Rana Sahib gave me.
    I also want to tell my colleagues that as an exercise I write on the first copy-book and then I type it into the IDE.
    So far, I have practiced DOB exercise 20 times in a copy-book.

    ; Name: Ozair Ahmad, Email:, Cell: 7007427343
    ; Date: 19-Jan-2020, 01:05 am

    [#Part: MST Led Explode Sundry]
    Add :Line :TSPSerialNumLine
    Add :Line :TSPSoftwateTypeLine

    [Line: TSPSerialNumLine]
    Field :Long Prompt, TSPSerialNumFld ;;<– Field Name is defined here to store serial Number (nine numbers)
    Local :Field :Long Prompt :Set as :"Serial Number"
    [Field: TSPSerialNumFld]
    Use :Number Field
    Set as :$$Value
    Color :Blue
    Storage :SerialNum
    Format :"No Zero, No Comma"

    [Line: TSPSoftwateTypeLine]
    Field :Long Prompt, TSPSoftwareTypeFld ;;<– Field Name is defined here to store Software Type (Gold/Single)
    Local :Field :Long Prompt :Set as :"Software Edition"
    [Field: TSPSoftwareTypeFld]
    Use :Name Field
    Set as :$$Value
    Color :Blue
    Storage :SoftwareType

    [System: UDF]
    SerialNum :Number :12010
    SoftwareType :String :12011

  31. Sir, I tried to fetch the value of serial number and edition by using the following code, but it was not fetching the serial number and edition

    [#Part: MST LED details]
    Line : Led sno, edition

    [line : LED sno]
    Field : medium prompt, Lsno
    Local : Field : medium prompt : Set as: “Serial Number ?”

    [Field : Lsno]
    Use : number field
    set as : $$Licserial
    Format :” no comma, no zero”
    Color: blue
    Storage: mySno

    [Line : edition]
    Field : medium prompt, edition
    Local :Field : medium prompt :Set as:”Edition ?”

    [Field :edition]
    Use : name field
    Set as :$$Lictype
    Color :blue
    Storage : edition
    [System :UDF]
    mysno : Number : 10001
    edition : String : 10001

    1. Hello Jagrit,
      The code posted by you are not to fetch the serial number/edition from the Ledger master.
      These codes are only to create 2 new fields in the ledger master and to display/store the value input by the user.
      Please do not confuse yourself.
      This is the first step. So, ensure that you are able to input the 2 fields value in the ledger master or not.
      Once you are sure that it is saving the value in the ledger master, after that the next chapter comes into picture to fetch these value in the voucher entry screen.

  32. seema kasliwal says:

    hello sir
    i upload the file for serial no what is the mistake in that

  33. BANOTH RAVI says:

    Hai Sir,
    its showing error,

    error in Tdl
    Field:Serial No
    (could not find the description) plz he me sir

    [#Part: MST LED Invisible Fields]
    Add:Line:Serial no,Software edition
    [Line:Serial no]
    Field:medium prompt,Serial no
    Local:Field:medium prompt: Set as:” Serial no ”
    [Field:serial no Field]
    Use:number field
    Storage:serial no
    [System: UDF]
    serial no:Number:120001

    [Line:Software edition Field]
    Field:medium prompt,Software edition
    Local:Field:medium prompt:Set as:”software edition”
    Field:name Field
    [System: UDF]
    software edition:String:120002

  34. KISHORE KUMAR B N says:

    Thank you sir Your Exercise make us to go deep… and find the default definition,

    [#Part: MST LED Explode Sundry] ;;default definition

    Field:Long prompt, SrlNoFld ;;long prompt is default definition
    Local : Field : Long Prompt : Info : $$LocaleString:”Tally Serial Number?”

    Use:Number field ;;number field is default definition
    Format: “No Zero, No Comma” ;; keyword for comma and decimal
    Style:normal bold


    Field:Long prompt, SftEdnFld
    Local : Field : Long Prompt : Info : $$LocaleString:”Software Eddition?”

    Use:name field
    Format: “No Zero, No Comma”
    Style:normal bold

    [System:UDF] ;; for user defined value

  35. Hi Sir
    I am not able to identify the Part Name. I located the string “Maintain balances bill-by-bill? and found 3 options and selected the line “DEFTDL:src\master\ledger\ledgerreport.tdl”(2070): Local : Field : Long Prompt : Setas : $$LocaleString:”Maintain balances bill-by-bill?”. (I didn’t get .500 files in my results) After that I tried to locate the relevant Part name and tried these –
    ;[#Part: LED CommonInfo]
    ;[#Part: MLEDLIM Body]
    ;[#Part: MST LED InvisibleFields]
    It was not working.

    Then I went through your replies in comment section and saw ;[#Part: MST LED Explode Sundry] is used. I tried and it worked. I could not find out where I am making mistake. Pl help how to find the correct Part Name.

    1. If you study the default Tally(yes, studying the default Tally software -not the TDL)is the best way to understand TDL codes
      In Default Tally there are options like advanced features,then Ledger groups etc etc. So all those things are optional part
      most of the things are easily can be indetified through name like if we are creating party master then the group will be Sundry detbors/sundry creditors
      if it is an misc. assets then we have to look for part misc assets

      definition names are self explanatorry and can be easily find out if you check your Tally carefully.

      You haven’t done any mistakes it just experience. Such things we can find out only through experience and a little struggle.

      MST led explod is having around 10-20 optional part which applys based on Tally settings thats why it is confusing.
      but it was a good idea to go through Comments sections.

      1. Thank you. Your reply was reassuring. I have submitted the assignment for your review.

  36. Sridharan Rajannan says:

    Sir, The below code does not work. Plz help me.

    /* SSSVK
    ** Student Name : Sridharan Rajannan
    ** Student Mail ID :
    ** Student Whatsup No. : +919524553378
    ** Student State : Tamilnadu
    ** To add a line in Stock Item Master
    [#Part: MST LED Explode Sundry]
    Line: SriMSTLED_01, SriMSTLED_02
    [Line: SriMSTLED_01]
    Field: Short Prompt, SriSerialNo
    Local: Field: Short Prompt: Info: “Serial Number:”
    [Field: SriSerialNo]
    Set as: “3565989”
    Color: Blue
    [Line: SriMSTLED_02]
    Field: Short Prompt, SriEdition
    Local: Field: Short Prompt: Info: “Software Edition:”
    [Field: SriEdition]
    Set as: “Gold”
    Color: Red

    1. Can you tell me in what sense it doesn’t work?
      Almost 90% of the students have done it without any issue in their first try only and without any help.

      Instead of unncessary confusing you need to check your code again and again and go through the chapter again can help you to undersand it much better.
      This was one of the mos simplest excercise. if you can’t do it on your own then you can’t learn it.

      Becuase 90% have done it in their first attempts without any accuse so you too can do it. just pay a bit more attentions.

      I can solve it and can help but then how can you learn it? won’t you depend on me for each and every problem?

  37. Sridharan Rajannan says:

    Is it Okey…. Working….

    /* SSSVK
    ** Student Name : Sridharan Rajannan
    ** Student Mail ID :
    ** Student Whatsup No. : +919524553378
    ** Student State : Tamilnadu
    ** To add a line in Stock Item Master
    [#Part: MST LED Explode Sundry]
    Lines: SriMSTLED_01, SriMSTLED_02
    [Line: SriMSTLED_01]
    Fields: Medium Prompt, SriSerialNo
    Local: Field: Medium Prompt: Set as: “Serial Number:”
    [Field: SriSerialNo]
    Set as: “3565989”
    Color: Blue
    [Line: SriMSTLED_02]
    Fields: Medium Prompt, SriEdition
    Local: Field: Medium Prompt: Set as: “Software Edition:”
    [Field: SriEdition]
    Set as: “Gold”
    Color: Red

  38. Sridharan Rajannan says:

    With Long Prompt:

    /* SSSVK
    ** Student Name : Sridharan Rajannan
    ** Student Mail ID :
    ** Student Whatsup No. : +919524553378
    ** Student State : Tamilnadu
    ** To add a line in Stock Item Master
    [#Part: MST LED Explode Sundry]
    Lines: SriMSTLED_01, SriMSTLED_02
    [Line: SriMSTLED_01]
    Fields: Long Prompt, SriSerialNo
    Local: Field: Long Prompt: Set as: “Serial Number:”
    [Field: SriSerialNo]
    Set as: “3565989”
    Color: Blue
    [Line: SriMSTLED_02]
    Fields: Long Prompt, SriEdition
    Local: Field: Long Prompt: Set as: “Software Edition:”
    [Field: SriEdition]
    Set as: “Gold”
    Color: Red

    1. It is still not okay.
      you had set the serial number and edition dynamically.
      It should be use input value

      Please add storage to fields and then define the sysem udf for those storage and remove the set as

      and you will be able to store the user input values for serial number and edition

  39. KIRAN HIREMATH says:

    Hello sir,
    Its big task to find the definitions. But its wonderful. Finally Completed.
    And I have a doubt , Why cant we Store two field values in one TDL ?

    1. We can store N Number of store of values.
      Each field can store only one value.
      So if you want to store multiple values you will need multiple fiedl with different storage.

  40. Dear Sir,

    How to incorporate newly added UDFs in Report ???

    Thanks in advance

    1. I think you are not a registered student of our course.
      You can contact Tally Solutions for help related to tdl.

  41. Mohammed Karjatwala says:

    Unable to view the above video even after several attempts

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