Online Tally Test | Participate and win Cash Prize

Online Tally Test on our blog are very popular and these exams help our users how to learn Tally online and Tally basics We are on way to make it more attractive and to help you to monetize your Tally expertise and tally knowledge. So, we are starting the online tally test in  a  never before way.

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Online Tally Test | The way to enhance your tally


By participating our online tally test, you will be able to learn tally practically as the question will be based on the real accounting and at the end of the test, you will be able to see the correct answer as well as the wrong answer. The result will be declared immediately and you will be able to see the complete result, correct answers as well as wrong answers. We believe you will be definitely benefited by participating to our online tally test.

Online Tally test! how to take part

Currently, we are registering the students for the online tally test. Only registered students will be allowed to participate in the exam. The tentative date for  the exam will be scheduled in the month of June subject to change.

Those who wish to participate in the exam may register themselves at the below link

Register to participate in the online Tally Test

We will close the registration as soon as we receive the desired number of hurry up to register yourself.

You must mention your correct and full details while registering yourself. Incomplete and false details will result in rejection of your registration and further to above, you will not be able to get the prize which is assigned to the winner in the exam.

You must specify your correct Facebook profile URL while registering yourself because at the time of live exam, it will ask you to specify your Facebook profile, If it match with the one which u had mentioned at the time of registration, only then you will be able to start test and able to see the question paper.


Once you submit your registration form, you will not be allowed to change any details. However in case if you feels there is some typing error, you may request us to modify your details. but we wanted to discourage some fun-loving people who generally put their name as ‘abc’ etc. Such kind of forms will result in permanent ban.

Online Tally Test| The prize

The first winner who secures the higher % of marks will receive a cash prize of Rs.1000.00 (INR Rupee one Thousand Only).

The prize will be distributed by us within 2-4 weeks of completion of the tally test.

If there are more then one winner then the result will be determined by a lottery system e.g. through etc.

In any case, the decision by the admin will be final and no disputes will be allowed in any way.

Those who once won the exam, will not be eligible for the prize in the next exam because we wanted to encourage real Tally interested people and does not want the benefits to be limited to some particular person.

Also, those people who are associated with Tally business or with I Vision Infotech/  in any way, will not be eligible for the prize or to participate in the exam. We request all them to avoid to participate in the online Tally test and let the exam be limited to the genuine Tally users/interested people.

The participants will be allowed only one trial and the passing score is 70%. You will get your result with % secured in the exam immediately as soon as you submit the whole Exam paper but the winner for the prize will be declared at a later stage by us.

The online tally test will be scheduled for a specified date and time only and it will not be available before and after the scheduled time and date.

The scheduled time and date will be informed to all through our site as well as at our Facebook page


Disclaimer : We are not authorised Tally training institute nor we are associated with any authorized institute. By participating our online exam, you will not receive any certificates because there is no value of any such certificates. The  Tally exam we are conducting purely to help you to enhance your Tally experience, knowledge and to encourage you to learn Tally more deeply.