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Now, as most of us knows that Tally.EPR 9 is a desktop app. but many of us needs a PHP to Tally Integration.The reason is that cloud computing concept is growing around us and we should be able to do our jobs anytime from anywhere and Tally, being a desktop software, without an integration won’t work.

But Thanks to Tally Solutions  for offerring the powerful features of Integration of Tally to 3rd party applications as well as with Websites and web based services.

A desktop app runs in a local computer and it saves the data locally in the same system or can be using the data in another computer which is connected through the LAN.

Now, if you have a computer at home and a computer at the office, or you are travelling and having a laptop then you can’t access your Tally data which are storing in the office or in the home laptop system.

So, a desktop app or a software is having such limitation and it will force you to use the data locally only.

Today’s is the online era and we can no longer restrict our business within the geographical limit of the office/home data storage unit.

Our data must be available for read, write, manipulation or even for editing/deleting/printing to us any time from anywhere.

And here the Web Integration comes into picture.

I am developing a module for the online sales order and I am sure, you will find this module amazing!

Now, there is the  scenario of the web integration.

You have your own staff/team/sales person who will be adding orders online for you.

They visit  a web address, logged with the userid and pw provided by you.

The below image represent the pending Sales order in my demo website at Tally on Mobile

PHP to Tally Integration,

and in Tally same are fetched perfectly.

PHP to Tally Integration,

They raise the order online through their cell phone, laptop etc anytime from anywhere.

The orders submitted by them are being stored in the database.

Now, your accounts team which is in your office they start or Tally

They will hit a button import Sales Order and all the orders submitted by your sales team/other staff will be imported into tally in no time!

PHP to Tally Integration

Conditions of the PHP to Tally Integration project

You will need a website or an online store

your customer or you raise an order or a sales invoice online.

masters must be crated in Tally and item master must assigned to a pre defined Sales ledger.

This Integration will capture the pending Sales order from the website.

PHP to Tally Integration Video

and if you are interested to know how the Tally Integration works then I have prepared this amazing you tube video.

If you are interested to learn Tally TDL you are welcome to join my online TDL course

10 thoughts on “PHP to Tally Integration : Online Sales Order Processing

  1. rajendra mithari says:

    what is cost for this web base sales order? is it live in any company ?

    1. It is not live it. It is still under testing mode.
      We are expecting it live by end of September. However, if you wish you can book the book order in advance.

    2. Silambarasan says:

      I need this logic to my customer..

      My customer requirement:

      Sales staff may execute the order or quote from the mobile app or web.

      That entry should sync to Tally and it may be converted into sales by the user if the Tally..

      QR code generation while purchase is required. That same the sales staff will use while entering estimate / quotation entry in Mobile..

      I hope you understand this requirements.

      I’m ready to learn tdl course with you.. and also expecting the solution for this..

      Pls reach me at 9840912793

  2. This tdl will only import Sales Order? What about expenses, sales, cash etc? Can you do it from wordpress to Tally

  3. My thoughts are we practice what is good for your business is good for Tally.I really appreciate the insight here in this post and confident it’s going to be helpful to me and many others. Thanks for sharing all the information and tips.

  4. This is amazing and good information to work Tally on the go.

  5. Hello Mahendar, hope you are doing well. I was fetched the data from tally using XML and php, but i’m unable to rendering the data to the User interface, i was tried many way but unable to get it. So Please help me.
    Thank is advance.
    Note: i’m ready send my source file to you.

  6. Hello sir,

    I have my web application for managing my business. It includes purchase and sales, invoices etc. I would like to integrate my PHP bases web application with tally erp. Can you please revert on this.
    shiva R

    WhatsApp 9970986889

  7. Chaitany Sharan says:

    Can I sync my inventory with woocommerce website with this tel or any other

    1. No, this will need customisation.
      I never did WC Integrations but it is possible.

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